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[Pre Order] $200 off Google Pixel 6 & 6 Pro Device Repayment with Monthly Plan (from $55 40GB) @ Telstra


Sounds like Telstra will fund $200 worth of Telstra Plus Points (70,000 points), if you pre-order a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro!

"Get the new Pixel 6 from just $799, thanks to Telstra Plus. Simply add this device to an eligible plan. Offer ends 27 Oct."

Pre-order offer details
Just pay the monthly dollar cost, we'll cover the points cost for you!
Read more about Telstra Plus member-exclusive benefits and must-have rewards.
Eligibility Criteria Apply to join Telstra Plus

Note: Pixel 6 and 6 Pro only comes with a USB-C cable. USB-C 30W wall charger and Pixel Stand 2nd Gen wireless charger is sold separately.

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  • +3

    Unlike most Telstra deals there is no direct outright purchase option, but may be able to go on plan and cancel, though it does reduce the savings…

    • Come on there is no reason for T just give you $200 off for nothing, it's not even released yet.

      • Well they're not, from what i'm reading. You pay for it but they give you $200 worth of "points".

    • +3

      can some legend ozbargainer find out the ETC and report back..thanks (from lazy fellow ozbargainer)..

      • Not gonna bother calling as tbh it just eats at the discount too much. The note about device discounts not applying to payouts is a little concerning.

  • does telstra issued devices have bloatware?

    • +5

      Like on the Sony Ericssons or the one.tel phones? Yeah, I hate that, that's why I got my blackberry, no bloatware and it has fast GPRS!!

    • +4

      not the pixel line at-least.

    • I purchased a Telstra-issued Pixel from JB once.
      The device was unlocked and Telstra bloat only appeared after I put a Telstra SIM into it.
      Being a 'pure' android phone though, I could just uninstall the app.

    • Typically the only bloatware they tend to have is maybe a boot screen. On prepaids they tend to have their own stuff loaded onto it if they're network locked, but none of the postpaid hardware is ever network locked these days.

  • +2
    • hmm.. seems risky but might be worth it.

      Comes to $799-(100-65) = $764 assuming you cancel in the first month.

      Probably a credit check too.

      • +2

        Not worth the risk for extra $136 I reckon

        Was hoping for some amazing deal they wrote about

      • Whats the risk?

      • Would it still require a credit check if you already have a Telstra account and existing service?

        Edit: yes does require a credit check.

      • That's cheap at $764, anyone tried this?

        Even at $854 for phone plus minimum $55 plan is not bad but not the best.

        I'm thinking of doing, cancelling the plan, then go back to using my Boost prepaid.


        • needs to be a medium min plan

          • @dasher86: Yes thanks I meant if I didn't want to risk not getting the $100 gift voucher!

      • I think there is $55 cash back from shopback

    • Just got this to work with my pre-order/plan move.

  • +5

    So $799 then $55/month for 12months is the cheapest in this deal.

    Better off just get it off Google directly and get $160/year Woolies plan

    • +8

      also the Telstra $55/month plan only provides 4G access. A bit cheeky from Telstra giving this is a plan, not pre-paid.

    • How much etc is you cancel early?

  • +2

    Just confirmed with a Telstra rep on live chat that the phone isn't locked to Telstra, can be added to an existing service and that the MRO can be paid out at any time. Basically if you have a friend or family member already with Telstra they can order the phone for you on their account and pay out the MRO immediately effectively buying it outright at a $200 discount.

    • so you can cancel the plan after 1 month?

    • So if you already have a plan this seems like $200 off for nothing, whether you pay it off in 1 month or 36 months (although you might need to pay it off before porting out for your next jbhifi port in)

      6 Pro is $200 off too

      • As far as I can tell. Very convenient if you're like me and not on Telstra but have a missus who is.

    • So just buy with a plan and cancel through the chat to pay the outstanding balance of the phone?

      • Or go get a plan from jbhifi, then get this phone..

        • I want just the phone, not the plan from Telstra or JB.

          Buying from Telstra is the cheapest right now at $764 (requires a credit check though).

          • +2

            @3zzy: Im a little confused ,how can you purchase from telstra for 764?

  • +4

    I am waiting for a GOOD JB-HiFi + Telstra Deal with 500 Gift Card.

    • I think it will end up more expensive than buying with the $150 credit and getting a cheaper plan.

      Depends on your data requirements and if you want 5g though.

      • -3

        JB Telstra plan also has 5G right?

        • +3

          The $55/month "Small" plan is 4G, the rest of the more expensive plans are 5G.

    • +1

      So basically this?


      Equates to $500 off phone, same as a $500GC if P6 is what you want. Plus I assume the nest audio bonus still

    • I think this phone will be too cheap for that kind of deal anytime soon. Maybe around the new year? Or a month or so before a 6a is released?

  • I struggle to understand the 'deal' aspect of Telstra coveringt the 70k points. Marketing hack.
    Basically get $200 off in lieu of a bonus gift with others, and you're committing to a rack Telstra phone plan

    • The phone plan is month to month so you can cancel at any time (even after first month) and just pay out the device cost.

  • -3

    You really need this replacement cover - Google's hardware support sucks.

  • I added the pro to my BYO Sim plan. Does that mean I'll still be able to get the bonus points?

  • Quick note regarding the post title - you do not need to be a Telstra Plus member to receive this deal.

    • Do you know whether i can return the phone and get a refund if i don't like it..?

  • Do you get the Nest Audio mini with Telstra as well? Unsure if the whole Nest thing is from Google or from individual vendors.

    • +2

      I believe that is a JB-HIFI deal, this one makes no mention of a Nest, nor does the straight Google.com preorders

  • The 70,000 points bit has seemed to disappear off the site. Did anyone manage to take a screen shot?

    • I think people got confused and they decided to remove it. they put in 70,000 points instead of saying $200 off.

      • Thank you! I felt so confused.

  • +1

    Just placed an order for Pixel 6 + Medium plan as per the BlackHawk Network $100 gift card offer. Will cancel the month to month plan the second I receive the phone. Let's see if it works???

    • Good luck mate!

  • Just got off a chat with a Telstra rep, they said you can cancel the plan and you'll only have to pay for the first month. I'm going to get the 256gb 6 Pro with the $65 a month plan so it should come up to $1314. Hopefully I can get the $100 gift card too. I reckon this is the best option for someone like me who doesn't want a plan or any store credit or a free nest home.

    • Hey I'm probably gonna go through with this too, I'm assuming the payment plan (for the phone) doesn't really matter?

      Also wondering what you were talking about with the $100 gift card.

      • +1

        I don't think so regarding the payment plan. They told me as soon as the plan activates when I get the phone I can cancel it.

        https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/657781. This is what I'm talking about regarding the $100 gift card. If you sign up for the $65 or higher a month plan there's an offer for a $100 gift card. I'm not sure if I'll get it but for what is going to be $10 difference between the $55 and $65 a month plan I'll try my luck.

        • Oh sweet, I'm gonna go for it too. Hope for the both of us it works out lol.

        • Would it not be worth getting the 180GB $65 (from $115) plan just for the hell of it if youre planning to cancel the second it activates? At the very least you still get an extra 100GB worth of ¯_(ツ)_/¯ data to spend?? D:

          • @17cjono: I did get that plan in the end, will be cancelling regardless but like you said extra 100gbs I guess

        • FYI the Large plan is the same price @ $65pm for 12months for 180GB.Can cancel after a month if needed

    • Have you been able to cancel yet? I'm being told now that if you cancel early you don't get the discount and have to pay out the full amount

      • Nup, my Pro 256GB has been delayed due to stock issues. I have saved my chat with the rep saying that I will just pay the discounted price + first month of plan.

        • Mind chucking that up on imugr or something? As long as there's no personal details.

          Have spend the last 5 hours in the chat telling them they told me that and they are refusing to honour it

  • This 70000 points would be alright if there were colesworth gift cards in the store
    What are you planning to do with the points if you get this deal?
    Was thinking of getting something then trying to sell it but dunno what to get

    • What points? It is $200 off the phone. They don't give you 70k points as well.

      • From the original post:

        Sounds like Telstra will fund $200 worth of Telstra Plus Points (70,000 points), if you pre-order a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro!

        Pre-order offer details
        Just pay the monthly dollar cost, we'll cover the points cost for you!

        I'm confused then on this offer… If it's $200 off + one month contract I'm in for sure

        But if it's points in unlikely

        • Yeah I just bought the deal. They give you 70K points for free which you then instantly redeem to get a $200 discount on the phone cost over the 12 months. So my repayments on the phone drop to $66.58/m ($798.96), instead of $82.25/m ($999)

          So I guess if you cancelled after the first month it is a $135 discount on the phone.

          • +1

            @universe: Awesome thanks very much

            I just chatted with an online agent and they confirmed it was $864 if cancel in the first month

            Sounds like a decent deal to me if you get the gift card $100 off so $764 for a pixel phone is pretty good.

            Gonna cancel and continue to use my prepaid after :)

            • @cha059: all good. what colour did you pick? I got sorta seafoam myself.

              • @universe: Got black :)

                Got a message saying it was dispatched then checked the status and said was waiting for stock.

                Cool some of you have received it

          • @universe: Is yours dispatched yet?

            • +1

              @fidelio: yeah today it shipped

              • @universe: Mine's due for delivery today… waiting eagerly

                • @higherdestiny: yeah got it this morning. Now ill have to pick up the case and screen protector tomorrow as jb hifi refused to give it to me today (fair enough). Feels so much more premium than the 5.

  • I just received it!

    I'm just waiting for the cases to release tomorrow from JB

    • Cool did you get your $100 gift card if you went for the $65 plan?

      • No,I didn't receive anything as i was already on a BYO Sim Plan (the $65) so,I don't think that I'm eligible.

  • Anyone got their phone and $100 voucher yet?

    Mines coming today, not sure if I should wait a few days after getting the voucher before cancelling.

    • I have received my phone today. Yet to receive the voucher, was told it would receive via text within about 7 days.

      I did note though, in the Telstra app it shows the cost of cancelling as the full RRP less one month of device repayments. Anyone else's discount not showing up?

      • Under device repayments, I've got $765.67. I believe that's $799 minus first month paid in advance at time of signing contract.

        • Thank you. Seems as though I need to take this up with Telstra then.

          • @Plava: I've got the same. 6 Pro shows full device cost.

            They are also refusing to honour the discount as advertised. Being told if you cancel you pay the full RRP.

            • +1

              @ScruffTheJanitor: Disappointing to hear. I went in store today and the bloke reckons once my bill is issued (I am already a Telstra customer so billing gets aligned on existing cycle) then the discount will show. Hopefully this is the case but less confident after hearing your experience there.

              • @Plava: Spent about 3 hours in chat to one guy who straight up refused to budge saying the $200 discount is split up over 12 months. If you cancel now, you lose the discount.

                Then the next guy said the discount should appear on your bill in 1-2 billing cycles.

                So I dunno anymore. Guess wait and see what the bill says.

                • @ScruffTheJanitor: Hi, im still awaiting my phone due to stock issues, even though i did pre launch order. But ive notice this on the telstra page.

                  Device Payment Contract:
                  You must have an eligible Telstra Mobile Plan in order to have a Device Payment Contract. If you cancel your Device Payment Contract early, cancel your mobile plan during the device payment term or move to an ineligible mobile plan during the payment term, you’ll need to pay out your device, in full. Device discounts do not apply to cancelled Device Payment Contracts.

                  Now wondering whether its worth waiting and seeing if im stuck on an expensive plan for 12 months or just cancel and hopefully a different reduced price is on offer.

                  • @gdbaker81: I ordered my P6P 128GB through pre-order. My device payment is showing the correct discounted amount.

  • I just got $100 voucher via SMS.

    • Still no voucher for me - and it's been almost two weeks now. Currently waiting for livechat to give me an update. Not holding my breath.

      • Did you cancel the plan with Telstra already? I was holding off to make sure I get the voucher first. Planning to cancel before the 2nd month starting.

  • Got gift voucher after chasing customer support.
    Applied voucher credit to Amazon.
    Payed out phone cost and cancelled plan, no problem.
    So effective cost of phone is $765, sweet.

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