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[Pre Order] Pixel 6 128GB $499 Upfront with Telstra Mobile Plan 80GB $69/Month for 12 Months @ JB Hi-Fi (In-Store Only)


Google Pixel 6 128Gb for $499 Upfront on a Telstra $69 plan for 12 months (80GB Internet, unlimited Calls and Text)
Min Cost $1327 over 12 Months. Deal expires 27/10/2021. In-Store Only

Customers who pre-order a Google Pixel 6 will be emailed a coupon for a bonus Google Nest Audio. This coupon and instructions will be emailed after the Google Pixel 6 has been picked up or dispatched, after it's release.

Note: Pixel 6 and 6 Pro only comes with a USB-C cable. USB-C 30W wall charger and Pixel Stand 2nd Gen wireless charger is sold separately.

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  • -2

    In store only, means VIC misses out again
    Damn you Dan !

    • Aren't stores open in 2 days and this goes until next week?

      • +5

        Restaurants are open on Friday. Retail stores don't open until around 28th October or early November.

      • +9

        Replying to myself - just checked and nope
        - schools and restaurants open - but not retail until 80%. Man these rules are confusing.

    • +1

      Melbourne misses out. Regional is just fine!

    • +1

      Call JB sales line usually can signup over the phone 13 52 44

  • +2

    Any pro deal?

  • Do you get the Nest Audio too?

      1. Customers who pre-order a Google Pixel 6 will be emailed a coupon for a bonus Google Nest Audio. This coupon and instructions will be emailed after the Google Pixel 6 has been picked up or dispatched, after it's release.
  • Can you go in their store if you are not fully vax?

    • +8

      They will give you half the deal if you have only had 1 shot

      • as a ozbargainer maybe i should ask for a deal from my GP to get the it done asap, in order to preorder my new phone

      • Not only half the deal but also half the phone

    • +2

      You'll only get max 2.5G connectivity.

    • Nope, only click and collect I believe

  • +2

    Ends Sunday 27th of OCT… LOL

  • Sucks it's in store only, don't have a local JB's.

    • Yeah, same. Closest JB is 180km's away. In the past they used to be able to complete the process over the phone, so not sure what's changed since then.

  • +1

    Do you need to port in or can you be an existing Telstra customer?

    • I'd like to know too however I have a feeling it's for new customers only.

    • Only for new port in customers from another (non-Telstra) carrier no less than 30 days after porting out from Telstra.

  • Wonder if you'll be able to get $10 port in credit..

  • Unfortunately not available in Melbourne Metro due to current pandemic restrictions preventing in-store shopping.

  • @op should add to description also get Nest Audio as preorder bonus

    • Added onto the post

  • Anyone know where to get a well priced Pixel 4a?

    Saw officeworks had for $400, but no stock.

  • +1

    According to the other deal, if you already have an eligible Telstra plan you can buy this phone for $800 (no nest audio), so this deal only really works out like a $300 'gift card'

  • i called my local JB, if you want to switch to Telstra and get a pro, it will be $500 off just like what we have seen many times before, nothing special but not bad.

    • Not bad. You get the nest audio too. If you can get a $10 port in credit, even better.

  • Do you get 5G with this JB/Telstra plan? I think not?

    • Yes they do.

    • You get 5G on plans $69 or more.

    • 69

  • +1

    Only if they ever add international calling to these plans. I will be the first one to jump of this.

    • Yeah, I feel the same. I read in another thread that these deals leave international calling out so that Telstra can sell the as budget plans and keep selling their over priced plans to plebs.

  • Based on similar deals in the past, does the monthly invoice split the $69 into a set amount for the device and the mobile service? Or is the device considered "free" and is excluded from the monthly bill?

    • huh? you're getting the phone off JB and the plan with Telstra. Telstra account shows it's just a normal $69 monthly plan.

    • Not sure, but it looks like it's only adding $4 per month to the cost vs their normal SIM only plan for $65.

  • Did I read this correctly that it doesn't come with a charger? Does it at least come with a USB cable??
    I do have a USB charger but it's not fast charging.

    • +1

      USB-C cable only. Wall charger and Pixel stand wireless charger is sold separately.


      • +1


        Definitely need a new charger and I dunno what's so special about Google's one at 45 dollars that they couldn't supply one. I've compared it with a samsung USB C fast charger at JB for 29 dollars so definitely a premium. More money for them I guess.

        Hopefully this trend doesn't translate to laptops lol

        • +1

          30W Google charger will charge slightly faster. Samsung charger is 25W.

  • Does it have to be from non-Telstra to Telstra or it can be from Telstra (old plan) to Telstra?

    • non Telstra port in only

  • Where did you find this deal posted? I can't see it anywhere on their site

    • +2

      From a JB email.

  • Wonder if I could "upgrade" to Telstra's XL plan for $65 later…

  • Do we know if the tensor chip is better than Snapdragon 888 yet?

  • +3

    Update: I went in store yesterday and signed up to the above deal. Created a new number and attached it to my exisiting account. Called up Telstra and they were able to deactivate my new number and move my exisiting number across and terminated my old plan ( 2 weeks left)

  • Did anyone who pick this up via this telstra port in offer get the code for the Google nest audio??

    • I am also waiting for the code

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