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[Pre Order] Pixel 6 128GB $899.10, Pixel 6 Pro 128GB $1169.10 Delivered with Student Beans Coupon @ Google Store


Pixel 6 Pro

10% off via Student Beans

Discount working at the time of post

Note: Pixel 6 and 6 Pro only comes with a USB-C cable. USB-C 30W wall charger and Pixel Stand 2nd Gen wireless charger is sold separately.

$150/$100 Google Store Credit for Pre-Ordering a Pixel 6 (from $999) or Pixel 6 Pro (from $1299) at Google Store

[Pre Order] Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro & Get 3 Months Free Kayo and Binge Subscription @ Google Store

Mod: Do not ask for codes in the comments, use the Code Request Megathread to ask. If you have a spare code, please consider giving it to a user who has requested it there.

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    • You can add AfterPay to your Google Pay account.

  • +1

    Anyone have issues verifying student status?
    Been trying and no emails coming through to student email

    • Same here :(

  • Anyone know if one can sell store credits?

    • You can buy something with credit and sell that

  • Was going to wait for BlackFriday - but this is good to let go. 10% + 150$ cashback works!

  • Anyone else see the pro models in black and white as sold out?

    • Yeah - it keeps going in and out of stock for me

      • Ah yea it seems to do that. I managed to get a black pro.

        Must be a marketing thing. Fomo

    • Same here not know if its a glitch or people order then cancel. I saw the 256 black available added to cart then its out of stock.
      JB has them but u wont get $150 credit only a nest audio

  • Pro sold out except for Gold

  • An idea for some is to sign up to an eligible Google One plan (storage) and get an additional 10% back in store credit. I think my $2.49 per month plan includes it.

  • They're constantly updating stock.
    I'm waiting it out, 3 XL still going strong.
    100% my next phone though, that's for sure.

    • +1

      Got a 3XL as well. Still goes good but the 6 is probably the biggest update we'll see for a while.
      Plus I'd like to sell the 3 before prices go into the negatives šŸ˜‚

  • Once purchased when do you get the $100/150 credit ?

  • +4

    Only cumstain color left for pro

    • Stock goes in and out

  • Would 128 GB be enough on Google 6 Pro?

    • +1

      If u don't save your netflix or spotify tracks offline, ull be fine. But if u do, then u will need to actively manage the space.

      • But the camera quality on the Pixel 6 Pro has vastly improved, and if Google Photos becomes a paid service for more than 15 GB of storage, it would make sense to purchase a device >= 256 GB. What are your thoughts?

        • Pay for cloud backups of a certain service that is device agnostic and shareable with family members. The money will be better spent there.

    • With photos backed up online and everything else being streamed these days. I dunno what people use internal storage for.

      • Yes, that makes sense. Is Google Photos storage, on the other hand, going to become a paid service, or will it continue to be free for Pixel 6 Pro users?

        • That's a good point. They've had "high quality" free for pixel users. Hopefully that continues.

          I use Dropbox to sync my photos at original quality to my PC. But I do like having all my photos even if they're not original quality to view in my photos app.

      • +1

        Back when we could travel…. I would store a bunch of movies/series on my phones, and then take loads of photos/videos and even transfer photos from my DSLR to the phone for storage until we get to a decent hotel with actual reliable internet to upload everything.

        • Yeah, so 128 gigs on pixel 6 pro would fill up really fast with higher pixels

          • @Flyingbeast: Yea, 128gb would be the min of any phone I buy, but you are right, it would fill up pretty quick. I would be downloading higher quality movies/shows with the much bigger screen too

  • Have they resolved the quality issues in apps like Instagram and Snapchat yet? The quality of stories in those apps is abysmal and has been right up to the Pixel 5 which turns the stunning pixel videos and photos into potatoes on upload. I'm bedded in everything else Google but after 2 android phones in a row i'm ready to switch back to Apple, the main apps I use are sadly Apple biased.

    • +1

      Yes, snapchat will have stuff like Night Mode & HDR built in with Pixel 6

      • that's great to hear!

    • +1

      Apparently there have been improvements, but this is something I'm curious about too. Otherwise I guess the workaround is to just upload from gallery if it still sucks.

  • Can confirm the code no longer works :(

    • RIP

    • -1

      Jack was late to work. Saw 1000s of Ozbargainers used the code.

      • Unsure why Google is being accused of price jacking by selling their today released phones at a price lower than expected?

        They retracted a code never meant to work on it in the first place.

        • -1

          It's just a joke. Relax and have some fun in life.

  • +3

    Looks like it's been nerfed - the code works on other items, but not the pixel

  • Are the Google Pods included (as a part of a promo) in AU?

    • It says at the bottom:

      1Includes: Pixel 6 Pro, charging cable, Pixel USB-CĀ® earbuds, Quick Switch adaptor.

  • Student Beans Promo Code no longer applies apparently. Failed on both pro and non-pro versions.

  • Hope they dont cancel orders placed with this code that will be sad

  • They might have fixed the promo code not working on pixels - no luck for me though it applied to a case.

  • Who has the stock letter of complaint for when orders are cancelled?

    • +1

      Honestly, I am happy to let go of it if Google decides to cancel the order. Not really worth it without the 10% off RRP, as the store credits themselves don't carry the same real-world value to me.

  • Do you get unlimited promo codes from student beans for the google store?

    Ahh 1 every hour.

    • Too late anyway, they don't work on pixel phones now.

  • I just got a code but Google store doesn't accpet for Pixel 6 pro, looks like I missed out then.

  • With all the above credits and discounts, my final cost is just over $902 for the 128GB Black Pro. I'm happy with that. The credits will be good for Christmas presents.

    When I get it towards the end of November, I may see if I can flip it for a profit. If I can't, I won't. I'm pretty happy with my current 3XL.

    • Other than the op one what other codes were there?

      • Must not have taken into account the Google One sub cost.


        Or maybe taking Kayo/Binge value into account.

      • +1

        See fidelio's reply above

        • Ah fair enough.

          I'll use the $150 credit on a P6 for the Mrs which is good.

  • btw just confirming the google one credit, that's still a credit on google store right?

    • Yes, it says "Store credit earned: A$116.91" in the order confirmation page, and "Credit earned from this purchase will be added to your account 30 days after the order has been dispatched and can be used on the purchase of any Google Store device or accessory.Learn more"

      This is with Google One 2TB, Pixel 6 Pro 128gb.

  • +1

    The Pixel 6 Pro 512GB is back in stock today :-D

    But the StudentBeans discount is no longer usable. I'm just using the Google One 2TB subscription to stack an extra $150 in store credit in exchange for my $12.50. I'll probably just use it on the wireless charger once it comes into stock…

    Est delivery 13-14 Dec.

  • What do people think the chances of asking them for a different colour are? After watching some reviews I want the white one now.

    • I expect different colour options will become available later. Remember demand is extremely high, and production capacity is very limited. TSMC are building three new fabs this year, Samsung have a huge new one, there are some more being built in China for different process nodes. But these won't be online for two to four years - it will take quite a while before manufacturing capability catches up with even current demand, let alone what might happen with electronics in the next few years.

      But my point is, they're trying to manufacture as many as they can as quickly as they can, so to make that as easy as possible they will keep options limited until they get to a point where they are finally able to keep up with demand, which will likely be at least three months away. Look out for announcements around new options at and around CES in January I'd say.

    • +1

      Oh, you mean after you've ordered? Err, I doubt you'd have much luck with that… Cancel and re-order if you find the white one back in stock? You can cancel without penalty until it ships.

  • Did anyone else get a refund? I just noticed that the purchase record was removed from my bank account and the money I used to pay is back in the balance?.. šŸ˜•

    • Are you expecting a later delivery? It was just a hold pending on the card to make sure it existed etc. You will be billed when it ships.

      • I'm pretty sure the amount was deducted from the balance, it could have been "pending" which I've had before.. but now the transaction has disappeared and the balance has been increased by the purchase amount. Like it never happened.

        Oh well. See what happens. If it's cancelled then I'll jump on the nest audio deals.

        • +1

          That's what I described. Obviously while it's pending they don't want you to double spend three money, so it comes off the balance.

    • Same here. The money was taken on 22nd and its back to my balance today, but the order is still there. Hope its not cancelled.

      • +2

        They'll probably take the amount out again when it's being shipped. Happened before with other phones.

  • Has anyone who used this deal had their device shipped yet?

    • mine is expected 17nov, not cancelled or refunded yet.

  • I don't get why we pre ordered from Google when people can go into JB and get it 3 weeks earlier šŸ˜•

    • I don't get why people pre-order from JB when I preordered from Google I got it 1 day before the release date šŸ˜•

  • Delivery 1-2 Nov on the day I ordered, and after couple days it changed to 10-11 Nov. Now its 1-2 Dec.
    Disappointed. Have cancelled my order.

  • someone else had the pre-order delayed to be delivered by the end of November? I'm about to cancel and just buy one on the store

  • Sounds like those who used the promo code are getting their orders delayed. Did anyone actually receive their order in time?

    Kinda glad I cancelled mine and got it from Telstra instead.

    • Are they general delays or specific to this promo? Lot of people are reporting p6pro google store delays.

      • yeah, just can't tell if the delay has anything to do with the promo code (e.g. Google intentionally delaying or pushing back), or the general availability issue.

  • Got dispatched today. So should be fine.

    • Nice. What did you order?

      What it delivery date in line with your expected delivery date?

      • The cream colored one. The date kept jumping to and fro. But, I guess it's around a week's delay compared to the original promised date.

  • Anyone get their credit yet?

    • Nope. And I've had it more than 3 weeks.

      • I got mine on the weekend.

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