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[Pre Order] Pixel 6 128GB $899.10, Pixel 6 Pro 128GB $1169.10 Delivered with Student Beans Coupon @ Google Store


Pixel 6 Pro

10% off via Student Beans

Discount working at the time of post

Note: Pixel 6 and 6 Pro only comes with a USB-C cable. USB-C 30W wall charger and Pixel Stand 2nd Gen wireless charger is sold separately.

$150/$100 Google Store Credit for Pre-Ordering a Pixel 6 (from $999) or Pixel 6 Pro (from $1299) at Google Store

[Pre Order] Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro & Get 3 Months Free Kayo and Binge Subscription @ Google Store

Mod: Do not ask for codes in the comments, use the Code Request Megathread to ask. If you have a spare code, please consider giving it to a user who has requested it there.

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  • Mod: Do not ask for codes in the comments, use the Code Request Megathread to ask. If you have a spare code, please consider giving it to a user who has requested it there.

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    Thanks OP

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    OOS on 512gb p6pro real quick

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    No power adaptor included in box but still includes Pixel USB-C earbuds lol

    Gotta say I like that seafoam colour

    • Would bypass that french law about needing earphones shipped with devices.

      • Would make more sense (economically) to have them as an add on at the checkout but included as a "free gift" with French purchases.

        I'm assuming that's what everyone else does because there's not earphones with almost any phone these days.

        • Its more packaging. Have you see how apple packages iphones in france? A box with earphones encapsulating the retail box everyone else has.

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    do i still get $150 credit too if i order throw Student Beans?

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      • That

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      After entering the promo code it still has a blue note, "including $150 Google Store Credit".

      My delivery date has blown out to December, wondering whether to wait for review now.

    • I ordered using the student beans code and the google store and google one credits indeed still appear at checkout and in the order confirmation.

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    Can refer to skywalkerstudios's comment on stacking all 3 (Student Beans, Google Store Credit, Google One)

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    It's funny because most students are poor and would not be able to afford a high end phone

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      I see you may not have been to a uni recently. In my experience, many students have a reasonable source of income, but have poor spending control and would likely splash out on a high-end phone.

      • +7

        Exactly. That and how when I started working everyone in their first job added a car upgrade az their first gift to self. They don't teach expenditure control in school, you only learn that after racking up sizeable debt.

      • A phone with a decent telephoto camera would be useful for capturing slides that lecturers flash on the screen for 5 seconds.

      • an uni

        hanging out with the wrong crowd I guess

    • +1

      And this is why Afterpay is so popular

  • Can confirm, I can see all offers stack, at least on the order confirmation.

    Don't forget 10% credit if you have Google One 2TB subscription.

  • enter the promotional code during checkout to receive a 10% discount for all device purchases, excluding any Google Pixel phones. Available only while stock lasts. The 10% discount on all devices excluding Google Pixel phones will be applied at checkout.

    So the Student Beans discount is irrelevant?

    • Just worked for me.

      • So you got the $100 off for preordering, PLUS 10%?

        = $810?

        EDIT: I think I've misread the details, you get $100 Google Credits instead of a flat discount

        • +2

          It's not $100 off. It's $100 in store credit to be used later.

          But I got the RRP $1299 Pro.

          Hit to the pocket: $1,169.10
          Gains: $150 in credit

      • Worked for me too. Jack must have forgotten to exclude the new Pixel 6/Pro from the promo.

    • It works

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    Question now is: how to sell my Pixel 5?

    • eBay / Facebook Marketplace

    • OzB classifieds?

      Many users here would know a good phone when they see one

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      Seems like if it's in near perfect condition, should fetch around $500 or so

    • +1

      Yeah you'll have no problem selling it. Lots of people like the smaller size (I'm one of them)
      It was to the point a few months ago after new stock was unavailable that they were near retail on the 2nd hand market.

    • It's still useful for the unlimited photos storage on Google photos where you can transfer files to it

  • Amazing find. I just don't know which to buy. Love the colors on non pro model but as a power user I want to go with the pro model. I'm waiting for the review but the discount may not work by then. And the delivery is around 25-28 Oct. Anybody knows about the return policy with Google?

    • 14 day return, only pay shipping. Some reviewers (check MBKHD's review) suggesting Pro isn't worth the extra money

      • First impressions. MKBHD would be mad if he saw you call it a review :D .

        I'll just wait for the full review, plus only the 128 version is showing available rn for non black colors.

        • The non black colors only come in 128gb.

      • +3

        The Pro is proportionally less of a premium in Australia, so the MBKHD suggestion that the Pro is a hard sell is not as strong.
        In the US it if $599 vs $899, so 50 % extra. In Australia it is $999 vs $1299, 30 % extra.
        It's hard to know really until the proper reviews come out and not just a courtesy look at the device as currently sanctioned by Google.

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    I'm surprised it's working given that the terms state: "The 10% discount on all devices excluding Google Pixel phones".
    I wouldn't be surprised if the orders get cancelled.

    • Would be very surprised if they are cancelled honestly, I don't think Google have any sort of history of cancelling orders. It is either just an oversight or could be intentional but I would be surprised if they don't honour it as that would leave people with a bad taste.

  • -1

    Final prices:

    6 Pro 128GB $902.09
    6 128GB $709.11

    Just crazy for a launch day price!

    • How do you get this price?

      • I think he's including Google Store credit?

        • Maths don't add up. Maybe the 3 months binge and kayo too? How much are those?

      • Looks like they're assuming people are on the 2TB Google One plan which gets 10% in store credit

        eg 6 Pro 128gb:
        $1,299 * 0.9 * 0.9 - $150 = ~ $902

        • it doesn't work, I tried. Google only allows a 10% discount on either one.

          • +1

            @bbcw1980: Worked for me 30 mins ago. 10% student code to get $130 off checkout price, then 10% to arrive in 30 days for GStore cashback plus the $150 pre-order bonus.

            • @sirmemealot: sorry if it's already been answered. What is Gstore cashback? Can you please explain? I have managed to get 10% student code.

              • +1

                @sahilk: Apologies for the late reply. If you sign up to Google One 2TB plan (~$12.50 monthly), you can get 10% cashback (up to a certain amount) as credit to be used in the Google Store. This can stack with the pre-order credit cashback ($150 for 6 Pro).

        • +2

          anyone know if you can take the 2TB plan then drop it back once the deal is done?

          • +3

            @Mudflap: I believe so, just need to be on 2TB for at least 30 days until the cashback comes through.

    • Wow this price is amazing! How did you get it?

    • Tell us your secrets!

    • Jv, is it you trolling with new ID?

    • How did you get this price please? Thanks

  • +1

    I wish I had this much spare cash when I was a student!

  • Just got mine, cheers OP

  • Does the 10% Student Beans code stack with the 10% Shop credit on Google One 2TB

    • +1

      Yes. Helps if you read other comments to next time

  • Just to confirm, the t+c's state "To redeem your promotional code, visit store.google.com/au, add desired device(s) to your cart, enter the promotional code during checkout to receive a 10% discount for all device purchases, excluding any Google Pixel phones. Available only while stock lasts."

    Has the code worked for you guys?
    Any spare codes please :)

    • tried to use the code that someone posted here after 2 seconds and had no success…

    • It works, for now. Until Jack finds out.

      • Who's jack?

        • +2

          Mr. Jack Price, former head of eBay marketing

  • Canceled the order I placed with the delivery date of 27- 28 October, ordered another one with the code, delivery date changed to 10-11 November. Still saved 120+, thanks OP.

    • ordered it now and have delivery 27- 28 October

  • Could someone please share a screen shot of the black 512gb with 10 percent discount applied?

  • thanks OP. Ordered 128GB Pro for $1,169.10, got $ 116.91 shop credit and $150 store credit

  • Mod: Do not ask for codes in the comments, use the Code Request Megathread to ask. If you have a spare code, please consider giving it to a user who has requested it there.

  • +1

    at this price point, why not go for s21 Ultra?

    • Really bad user experience. I'll never buy another Samsung phone. The weather app has ads

      • Just FYI, Google products have ads. Gmail has ads, youtube has ads, search has ads, maps has ads, music has ads, assistant has ads, news has ads.

        • +1

          Thanks for letting me know. I guess google is just much better at it

          • @Arigato: Their primary business is tracking you and advertisements, so yea, they are fantastic at it ;-) Making hardware is just a way to get you to use their services and be subjected to ads.

            • +1

              @onlinepred: They deserve it then, to be able to do it so well and not upset me.

              • @Arigato: You like ads? The only reason you don't see them as much is because you are used to them perhaps? IMO I don't want ads on my phone, so getting a phone full of ads everywhere isn't for me.

                • @onlinepred: Nah the Samsung ad is full colour and takes up half the app and it sends me notifications to look at it . Very annoying . You bought a shit phone bro

                  • @Arigato: Oh you just have to opt out, easy as, that will solve the notifications, just uninstall the weather app and download the BOM one and problems solved!!! You can't opt out of Pixel ads unfortunately. I sold my shit pixel 5 and got an iphone…. no ads.

                    • +1

                      @onlinepred: You are almost as bad as apple fan boys haha, making excuses for Samsung. Samsung make expensive shitty phones, no better than poco phones. Save yourself some money next time ;-)

                      • @Arigato: I'm a phone enthusiast, not a fanboy. To be fair, I got a brand new S21 for less than the Pixel 6 at this price. Please grow up champ. The most expensive phones I bought was a Pixel XL 128gb, and a Pixel 4 XL.

                        Just look at the Pixel quality screen: https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/6BWvFDicMM9e9YjGiiWrVe_yp0Q=/0x0:2040x1360/1120x0/filters:focal(0x0:2040x1360):format(webp):no_upscale()/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/22936585/cwelch_211015_4802_0003.jpg

                        Curved screens…. A major reason I avoided some samsungs.

                        • @onlinepred: fanboy spotted lol… how can you like samsung phones.. I have a s21 from my company i never use it… its horrible, you start to configure the phone, you realize every applications are installed twice because of samsung apps. Store ? 2 STORES , 1 for samsung 1 for google. Best thing ? Samsung display a pop up every time you open the app about shitty legens or i dont know. SMS ? 2 Apps 1 , one for Google, 1 for Samsung … Why ?
                          Netflix ? i dont want netflix on my phone, why i cannot uninstall it.. .Onedrive ?? Why i cant uninstall Onedrive, i dont care….Samsung notes ? Samsung Pay ? Samsung track my phone ? Samsung Bixby ? Samsung Bixby routines ? AR Doodles ? AR store ? Samsung Themes ?? Game LAuncher ? Linkedin ? Samsung Share ? Samsung Free ? Samung members ? Samsung Pass ? Phone Companion ?? Samsung Health ? Samsung Security with Mc Afee ?? WTF do you want to keep all these apps on your mobile , unless you are a fanboy ???

                          Plus, you are a liar dude, there is not ads on Google Pixel 5, i own that phone since november 2020. I never noticed ads. But i think peoples noticed you say crap.

                          • @Nasser67: So I used Bixby a lot for phone control, which Google assistance can't do, nor can Siri. I guess I'm technologically literate, so I could manage my phone successfully even if there were "duplicate" apps. I uninstalled or disabled most, like I had to do on my Pixel 5 too. I never had McAfee though?

                            You need to calm down with the fanboy aggressiveness. I never said Samsungs were perfect. I moved away from Samsung to iPhone for a bit as I was getting sick of the state of android.

                            Anyway, hopefully someone can help you use your phones in the future? Perhaps ask IT or some techie friends to help you out.

                            • @onlinepred: yes no problem fanboy, continue paying for double installed apps. you look likes a grandpa who dont know whats in his hands lol … everyone is laughing at you

                              • @Nasser67: Huh? I literally said I bought a Pixel, and then an iPhone. Are you okay?
                                I also said "Curved screens…. A major reason I avoided some samsungs."

    • because the pixel is very good? the clean android is amazing, I prefer pixel to Samsung…

  • Is there even 256GB at all?

    • Looks all gone only the orange color left

    • Only on black i think. Pro is oos, check non pro black

  • Can you get a StudentBeans account as long as you have a university email address?

    • Yes

      • Hmm not really. It asks for more verification including graduation year. I have an email address as an alumni.

        • +1

          Not really, just enter anything as long as the email works

        • Nope. As long as you have access to the student mailbox you're good.

  • Is there an option to pay the phone over time on the website? Not able to drop the full amount on it now.

    • I think zip pay offers a single use card to be used online.

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