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Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Barbecue 57cm $269 + Shipping or Free with Club Catch @ Catch


purchased this yesterday at $300 which i thought was already a great price. Went to buy some accessories for it today and discovered this price drop.
Currently $319 at Kogan + delivery
$429 at mitre 10

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    NOTE: this is a grey import from USA and Australian 10 year Warranty from Weber is not provided.

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      Damn I knew it was to good to be true, thanks for the info. Btw if in 5 years the pot starts to rust or the wheels fall off does that mean weber will just sorry it's not covered ? I'm just wondering if it's worth paying the extra 120 and buying from mitre10?

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        Clean your Weber, get a cover for it and it'll last you 20 years. Check out the Weber forums, people still using the Weber they bought from the 70s and 80s. I got hooked when I purchased this same model from that Kogan deal. I've got the rotissirie kit for it and I'm buying a another stack for it, to turn it into a bonafide smoker.

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          Where are you purchasing the stack from?

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          Yeah these things are bulletproof

        • There have been reports of the quality not being the same as the ones made in the past though, but with a bit of TLC, you can certainly keep it for a long long time.

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          My old man's has never had a cover, rarely gets a clean and has sat out in the weather for 30 years and still works and looks great.

          The wooden handles rotted off 2 years ago. Sent them an email asking if I could buy replacements and they posted some out for free the next day.

          Unbelievable customer service!

        • Here's me wanting to buy a kamado Joe and you're giving me other ideas. Found my Weber roadside and been using it for smoking and they ain't bad at all!

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        They don't rust, sadly they overlive the owners these things. I bought one from 85 in a garage sale and no issues at all. I suggest anyone to look for second hand ones before coughing up for new

      • I left mine out the back of the yard, in vines and dust, mud, in the middle of a chicken coop, for 13 years. I checked it last weekend, it's great, even the wheels are good

      • Anecdotally, I had to replace the igniter on my Weber Q. Contacted Weber and they didn't even ask for receipt, they just sent the new one straight out to me. Might be a bit more stringent on larger warranty claims, but they seem pretty relaxed about the whole thing.

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      Plenty of people have registered these products with Weber, and had warranty claims honoured.

    • plus you'll have to cook your meat in F instead of C

      • At least it's not K

    • Since Webers are made in US, don't you think the quality will be of no difference? I would take my chances and pay less and just take care of the BBQ.

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        Absolutely no difference. Been using mine once a week, sometimes twice a week. It will outlive me with the way I take care of it.

  • Noting this grey import only has 12 month warranty under catch rather than webers usual 10 year warranty (5 on ash scrapers) if that matters.

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    Anyone else recommend a BBQ deal that is worth waiting for besides this?

    I am in need of a BBQ since we can't go past NSW..

  • Also doesn't come with the upgraded wheels or the charcoal baskets.

    • Hasn't been an issue and picked up the $20 Bunnings charcoal baskets.

      • Yeah, I ended up getting the official Weber ones but just worth noting. :)

    • Yeah but even if you bought them from Weber, it'll still be cheaper.

    • the AU one doesn't come with baskets either, it has an semi integrated charcoal holder in the bottom grate I think - baskets would be better but easily purchased.

  • Anyone know, where can i purchase the grill inside? i had similar one, but lower range, just the grill is rusty now.. any advise folks? Thank you

  • Ordered, thanks!

    Didn't realise it doesn't come with charcoal baskets (I think they are normally standard). Any recommendations on where/what to buy?

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    What's the best/easiest way to get charcoal lit? I have a chimney but find it slow and inconsistent (maybe I'm doing it all wrong!)

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      I use one of these, put the chimney on it, put my briquets or charcoal. Lit within 5 mins

      • I have one of those - safe to use? Worried it'll explode or something haha

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          absolutely safe. The chimney keeps the heat in anyways. If you're that worried, just use a heat gun then

          • @he11bent: I do something similar. But with a bbq side burner with the charcoal starter on top for say 5 to 10 mins.

            • @apu: Yep, that's perfectly fine as well. Plus you don't have to buy those small gas cartridges.

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        DO NOT DO THIS. I've seen a few posts on the ABA FB group from people who've had theirs explode doing this.

        Instead of using a firelighter try put some cooking oil on some paper towel and use that instead as it will give a better spread and get your charcoal lit faster. I also sometimes use an Ozito charcoal starter to give my chimney a kick along when I'm impatient - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/224373261074

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          I had to giggle at this:

          The charcoal starter will provide warmth up to 600°C

          Warmth. hahaha

        • been at it over a year and it's been fine. Just have the portable stove away from everything else and make sure the charcoal doesn't fall through the chimney.

          • @he11bent: Yeah it works until it doesn't. The metal on my chimney glows red when fully lit, doubt it would need a stray ember to go up. Also making sure no embers fall through is easier said than done when using anything but Heat Beads originals.

            • @Cheaplikethebird: Just gotta make sure the chimney has enough space between where the charcoals sit and the bottom.

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      you are def doing it wrong, get few fire starters light them up, put the stack on top for 20 min or so, never any issues

      2 of these will do


      • That's what I've been doing. But find it's not enough - need newspaper and other things to keep the heat there long enough. How many cubes do you use? You mean only 2 cubes gets it going?

        • My son spent an hour using the above method and couldn't really start the BBQ, end up using almost the whole box of firelighter. I later on found out from my sister who has more experience in lighting a BBQ that you have to use something like a cardboard to fan the air cirulation otherwise the briquets simply won't burn.

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          2 cubes in warm days, 3 in winter. The chimney needs air on the bottom to work so use the bottom grill. If the briquettes are moist that could be an issue. No need to vent with cardboard

        • I use 3-4 cubes of firelighters and also a few pages of newspaper, never had an issue with it lighting. It could be the charcoal you are using which is no good?

        • i have never used more then 2 cubes, not sure what the issue could be? maybe the cahrcoals you use? chimney ?
          I have Webber chimney and their charcoal too, winter, summer, rain, sun - never had issue

      • Use some paper towel soaked in cooking oil, way better than using firelighters.

      • I use newspapers or paper catalogues or paper towels with a bit of oil and they've been fine too.

    • u need the soft hands of a pianist or a surgeon, its annoyingly tricky

    • I did a spit roast over the weekend, and ended up using fire lighters and then the air compressor to accelerate the coals heating. Was both satisfying and quick

    • I use the ozito charcoal starter from bunnings and haven’t touched a firestarter since. Strangely it’s being pulled from the bunnings store.

    • Im not sure if its the best way, but I have been using this from Bunnings


      Review said it will break after around 5 times of usage but mine so far so good. (cross fingurs)

    • what chimney do you have? I had cheap Jumbuck chimney in the past, it doesn't works well as it doesn't have proper airflow even if I've used fire start.
      I switch to Heat Beads chimney and it works fine 15 - 20 mins.

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      I use some firelighters first with the chimney, then when it dies off I use a leaf blower aimed at the bottom of the chimney and it redirects air upwards the chimney. Never had an issue and lights up really fast.

    • Guys, this is way easier. Just need 3/4 cubes of fire lighter under this Chimmney starter and wait.

    • https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-2000w-electric-charcoal-st...

      Easily one of the best purchases I've made for bbqing. No more smoke on start. Just get a few briquettes started then add to the bottom of a chimney. And it's just fun to use.

  • Too much hassle to use compared with a Gas weber?

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      Well gas it's faster if you decide you want to grill at the last minute. With charcoal you need to plan and allow for fuel to be ready. The flavour is better with charcoal

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      But it's a completely different flavour profile. Cast iron pans on the stove inside have the same effect as a gas weber.

    • Night and day difference in flavor when using gas vs coal

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      Depends on your needs. I have a three burner gas weber from the early 2000s (still going strong) and a weber kettle. I use the gas BBQ for quick cook ups and the weber kettle for longer cooks that require smoking. The kettle is particularly well suited to 'low n slow' cooking. You really don't want to have your brisket sitting on a gas BBQ for 8 hours … but in the kettle, no problems using the snake method. I find value in maintaining both and certainly use both of them at least weekly. But we hardly ever cook inside using the stove or oven…

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        Pro tip. Use your smoker for about 2-3 hours. After that smoke won’t penetrate the meat. Then finish off in the oven, exact same result and you’ll save some fuel if that’s convenient for you. More of an effective method for say a pellet bbq but can still be applied to anything.

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          Especially if your using the Texas crutch method.

        • I only use the smoking wood for about 2 hours but also finish off on the weber. Also use the Texas crutch method once the meat hits the stall. Heatbeads are cheaper than running the oven and heating up the house for another 6 hours. An 8 hour slow cook really does not use that much fuel - roughly a third of a $12 bag of heatbeads so the cost is about $4 for an eight hour cook.

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            @pierrejb: Yeah fair enough. Why I mentioned it’s more for pellet poppers. Those little pellets aren’t cheap. There are other scenarios where it can come in handy. It’s just good to know there’s an alternate if you need to stop smoking suddenly for whatever reason.

  • Good price, it even comes with the Temp Gauge, i remember i paid extra for it when i bought it long ago.

  • Is this portable, eg. bringing to the park?

    How much space to store this when not using?

      92CM H X 65CM W X 78CM D
      107CM H X 65CM W X 67CM D

    • Most public parks have a ban on solid fuel BBQs

      • Not an issue in NSW, I regularly use a charcoal BBQ in council and national parks

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    Free pick from Kmart or Target.

    • I think they price matched. Showing now $265 for me.

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        $242.10 on Catch if you can get Student beans code. Extra 6% off with gift cards from Suncorp. Free pick up from Kmart or Target

  • Ordered, thanks OP! Free pick up at Kmart or Target was too good to resist!

  • Grabbed it! I have been waiting for it to come out around that cost. Thanks.

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    Any burgers included?

  • It's a bit hard to judge from the pictures, can anyone comment if the lid is hinged to the base?

    • it is not, but you can buy hinges for it

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    this price makes me cringe, I paid double from Weber on black friday sale and thought i got a good deal

  • Is it the same thing as in the previous $217 deal?


  • Bought with suncorp 6% off gift card, thanks, do not wait for the lowest price back in April this year ($217) as unsure if it will still be achievable.

    Any recommendation of good quality and reasonably priced charcoal and where from?

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      Nice! I did the same with Red Hot Rewards through my employer which is 8% off catch gift cards - so got it for $247.48

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        let's hope that the order will not be cancelled otherwise I am unsure what I am going to do with the gift card credit!

  • My Order was cancelled anyone else?

    • Nope! I ordered one at 2.40pm and all good so far!

    • Did they give a reason for cancellation??

  • ordered thanks op. no idea why but my account was showing a $10 credit. yay

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    I had appliances online price match this for me a couple of years ago and they use Australian stock.

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