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Extra $6 Quarterly Bonus Incentive Payout (Free Membership Required) @ Nielsen Broadband Panel


Now you can get an extra $6 quarterly bonus on top of the $30 installation bonus and $5 monthly bonus, also a chance to win $1000 in their monthly raffle draws!

The participation serves as a mini passive income! You can simply register, complete a telephone screening survey and connect the speed test device, that's all.

So join thousands of Australians in the Nielsen Broadband Panel to test NBN's performance and speed. This will help nbn to understand the key metrics of your internet performance, your experience and your needs. Ultimately this helps create a better network for all Australians!!!

Their FAQ, it said - "We combine the information that comes from our panellists with data and research tools from other sources. We use this information to perform research and to prepare reports and analyses. We will not be able to view what you are “looking at” or viewing online, i.e. we won’t collect information about the content viewed by you. We will only collect the results of network testing. This does not include any packet data, which means no data is collected that reveals what websites you are looking at or the content of your down and uploads. We do not collect any of your private information, such as account passwords or banking information. As part of the contractual obligations, we are not permitted to share specific details with our client about our participants."

Visit the Nielsen website for more information. Sign Up Link: https://nbn-nielsenpanel.com/?campid=1034&transid=1234

Referral Links

Beauty Panel: random (2)

Referrer and referee each get a $30 voucher.
Members earn gift cards & points from beauty purchases and referring people.

Broadband Panel: random (76)

Referrer receives $10 credit when the referee connects their whitebox. No additional bonus for the referee.

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  • +8

    $114 a year to let someone put their device on my network and an app on my phone? No thanks.

    • -5

      This ain't China mate

    • $84 after the first year

    • +1

      This, but you can definitely just put its on its own VLAN and let it go.

      • Confirmed this is a good approach.

        That’s what I did.

        But I did it to report how shit and unreliable the nbn is in my area mostly.

    • Free money. I'm already giving it to google.

    • Their website says there's no charge?

      Or by $114 you mean how much you'll receive?

  • I'm on the home shop panel for Nielsen. I cash my points out for gift vouchers

  • +7

    They took Amazon vouchers out of the broadband panel so I'm a little dirty on that - their regular web one (browser plugin on PC, VPN on mobile) still has Amazon though.

    With the NBN/Broadband one, you can put the device in as a slave device and VLAN it for privacy so it literally can't do anything but the speed tests if that's what you want - you don't have to follow their "man in the middle/double NAT" instructions that make you use it like a router

    • Beat me to it, this is what you should do if you are planning on using one of these boxes.

      • I have it just sitting there with no other devices connected to it. I don't know if it's just coincidence, but since connecting it, we've had a lot more dropouts.

        I think they've also removed the JB gift vouchers, so there's even less choice where to spend rewards now.

    • How do you put the device in as a slave device and VLAN it?

  • Do I need to do anything extra for the new free monies? Or doing nothing like I already do will trigger it?

    I love shouting how shitty NBN is with this device.

    • I believe you have to do two manual speed tests a month…

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