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Sofirn Flashlight Q8 Pro $98.39, SC31 Pro $39.99, BLF LT1 $90.64, SP40 $39.19 Delivered @ sofirn-au via Amazon AU


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This is from the Sofirn Flashlight AU group:
"Sofirn Au Deals!
Sofirn Q8 Pro 11,000 lumens flashlight arrived on Amazon Australia this month, good discount codes for this model and other FBA models has been set up as below. If you are interested in them or one of them, please purchase it directly with the discount code."

Q8 Pro kit 6500K: $103.19 $98.39
20% off with promo code PWAOPNQE
Update: Amazon Australia stock ran out quickly for the Q8 Pro. It has been added again but now ships from China by sofirn-au. 5% coupon and 20% off with promo code PWAOPNQE
Update 2: Out of stock at the factory too now. They're producing more and may have more next week. Please check the expected delivery timeframe before purchasing.

SC31 Pro kit 6500K: $39.99
5% coupon and 15% off with promo code UAVN5KA2

BLF LT1 kit with power bank feature: $90.64
5% coupon and $30 off with promo code VEOPT2RE

SP40 kit 5000K: $39.19
5% coupon and 15% off with promo code ICE3N48Q

SP36 Pro kit 6500K: $71.99
20% off with promo code XVEXG6QW

SP36A kit 5000K: $63.99
20% off with promo code 7LMSENBW

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • My Q8 die after not using it for months, won't turn on but still have the green light.

    • dumb question, have you locked it? or left it in moonlight mode?

      • locked it? or left it in moonlight mode?

        No idea 🙄 Q8 too complicated for me.

        • press it 4 times in a row

          • @Bargain4Days: Let me try, bought it year ago, I think it is the first gen which won't be able to turn the green light button off.

            press it 4 times in a row

            Just tried didn't work, no matter how I click it, just green light on button.

            • @superforever: hm maybe the e-switch is broken

            • @superforever: Is it BLF Q8 or Sofirn Q8 or Sofirn SP36 BLF or just Sofirn SP36? Is there any Pro anywhere? Can you check the battery voltage with a multimeter?

              You can turn the green light off on all of them but there could be two different UI involved - NarsilM or Anduril

              • @Sillen: It is just BLF Q8 bought from this deal July 2018 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/392606

                Can you check the battery voltage with a multimeter?

                Battery OK on another torch.

                You can turn the green light off on

                As I read not for the first gen firmware 1.0 unless update it which need hardware card to do it.

                • @superforever: I think Marco wrote this BLF Q8 manual:

                  From his review of the BLF Q8:

                  I'm a relatively new torch enthusiast (2020) and not an official Sofirn rep.

                  You could probably unscrew the driver, pull it down slightly, and check the continuity of the switch with a multimeter by pressing the switch and holding the probes against the wires for the switch.

                  Factory reset might help before going down the path of figuring out if it's a hardware fault…. I've only got the SP36 BLF as a reference. :-P

  • nice 1

  • +1

    Do you have any deals for sd05 and sd01 pro? Thanks op.

    • +2

      Maybe try the sofirnlight's website. Prices are in USD but even with exchange rates it is cheaper and no GST from the looks of things.

      I tried a code from here and got 10% off.

      • I ordered 2x IF22A from sofirnlight.com using the 10% new customer discount last week. I didn't want to wait. :-P

        Their official website can be great for finding parts and certain models with LEDs in different tints.

        For example:
        Sofirn SP36A (aka SP36 BLF) 5000K is AU$63.99 via Amazon Australia above.
        But you could get it in 2700K, 4000K or 5000K for about AU$60.08 delivered from sofirnlight.com with a 10% new customer discount.

        Vivi is the official Sofirn representative for Australia and Japan. I'm just a torch enthusiast. Happy to forward questions or provide her email via DM.

        Jackie will probably post codes on budgetlightforum.com to use in the Sofirn Official Store on AliExpress during:
        Black Friday 26th October
        Cyber Monday 29th October
        Singles day 11th November

        I once got an SP40 (without battery) for about AU$20 delivered from AliExpress using a US$5 code from Jackie. Those codes tend to get used up quickly (10-20 uses etc).

        It's also worth noting that there's a new SP40A model on sofirnlight.com

    • +5

      I asked Vivi (Sofirn rep for Australia and Japan).

      SD05 kit: $46.74
      15% with promo code HD56WQCJ

      It was 20% off last time $43.99:

      She's adding a listing for the SD01 Pro tomorrow morning but this one might be fulfilled by sofirnau from China rather than the other stock that's in an Amazon Australia warehouse.

    • +1

      Update: SD01 Pro will be added next month.

  • Hey OP, do you have a table or something showing the differences between Q8 and Q8 pro? Ideally with a nice graphic so I can show it to the wife to justify the purchase?

    • +2

      anduril 2 vs narsil UI, better sustained output (could be a firmware thing instead of a driver thing), built in usb charging vs none, higher output 10k vs 5k lumens but roughly half the throw/lumen ratio so it's roughly the same throw as the OG Q8 at twice the brightness (a con for me but could be a pro for you if you prefer floodier lights). higher cct (6500k vs 5000k), worse tint (3v xhp50.2 vs xp-l)

      that's all I can think of.. I personally prefer how the Q8 Looks vs the Q8 Pro too

      • +1

        Yup, I'm a torch tragic but haven't purchased the Q8 Pro.

        If bright floody cool white quad XHP50 is your thing, this torch will rock your socks.

        • +2

          I've already got the Sofirn Q8 and the BLF Q8. Trying to justify another one and you guys aren't helping!

          • +2

            @dust: When you turn the Pro on it plays a sound file galick_gun.mp3

            • @obi1: Hahaha if only! But maybe only on turbo mode.

    • I don't have any comparison table handy sorry.

      Review of BLF Q8:

      Review of Sofirn Q8:

      Review of Sofirn Q8 Pro:

      There's an extra Q8 to throw into the mix :-P

  • I feel like buying one because I keep seeing these deals but don’t know which one. I’ve got the cheap single Cree light like a few dollars
    Wanna get a more powerful one for walking the dog/bush walking? I think

    • IF22A might be a fun thrower to get from sofirnlight.com for walking your dog.

      Jacob, in NZ, posted an awesome review of the IF22A with drone footage:

      There are a bunch of different torches recommended on Reddit for different purposes:

      • so helpful. thanks mate!

      • OP. Not sure if you're still monitoring this, but in the reddit link above the recommended torch is the SP36 (LH351D version) - which is this one. The SP36 linked in the post is a different model that costs more, is the one linked here worth the extra and what's the main difference?

        • +1

          The SP36 Pro and SP36A (also known as SP36 BLF) are listed in this post. The one linked from Reddit points to the same listing as the SP36A.

          SP36 Pro has Luminus SST40 LEDs which will throw slightly further. The 6500K tint is a cool white. This comes with an updated version of Anduril 1 from early 2020.

          SP36A (SP36 BLF) has Samsung LH351D High CRI LEDs. They'll produce a floody beam. The 5000K tint is more of a neutral white. Colours may "pop" and appear more vibrant with these higher CRI LEDs. This comes with an older version of Anduril 1.

          Both have USB-A to USB-C charging.

          The SP36S has USB-C to USB-C charging and a simpler Sofirn UI instead of Anduril. There's a comparison table in the third image on this product page:

          Here's a review of the SP36 Pro that talks about the history:

          I have the SP36 BLF 5000K and like it. I wish it supported USB-C to USB-C but I still have USB-A sockets. As the review mentions though, if you want to charge the cells quickly then it's better to put them in a dedicated external charger capable of higher currents (e.g. 1A to 3A per slot).

        • Thanks for the link. The price comes up to $59.66 which is really good for the torch. Guess I will have to buy another one then/

  • Great prices. I can vouch for SC31 and LT1 for camping.

  • sorry for slightly off-topic. If I just want a simple torch that help me spot and pick up my dog's poo at night, any recommendation? thanks.

    • +2

      A $4.95 Arlec headlamp from Bunnings is good value. It takes 3x AAA batteries. The headband is pretty good and comfortable (it's better than the headband that comes with some headlamps selling for $50). The battery compartment clip is plastic so you'd need to be careful not to force it and snap it.

      Sofirn SC31T with battery is a simple torch and has a built-in charger:

    • +1

      Kmart $12 usb rechargeable headlamps are pretty good. Has red, mid white and cool white LEDs and an IR sensor if you want to turn it on and off with a hand wave.

    • +2

      this torch has been relatively popular on here, seems to have ok reviews: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/655149

  • thanks.

  • Thanks OP

  • Hey All, I was interested in the SC31 Pro. It says "5% coupon and 15% off with promo code UAVN5KA2" I put that code in and get 15%. What am I missing to get the 5% coupon?

    • I just bought this one. On the page you should see mention of a 5% voucher ("Save an extra 5% when you apply this coupon."): just tick that then add to cart, etc.

      • Thanks… I missed that, but got it now! I don't use amazon much.

        • All good mate.

        • Also need to change delivery to free while checking out if you don't have Prime. It keeps defaulting to $5.99 whenever I checkout and tries to upsell Prime.

  • Tried to add the coupon code for the Q8 then get this message: the promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.

    • I'll ask Vivi (store rep) if they ran out of Q8 Pro stock in the Amazon Australia warehouse.

      The listing currently says shipped by Amazon US and sold by Amazon US. Yesterday is was shipped by Amazon and sold by sofirn-au.

    • The listing has been updated to allow orders to be shipped from China by sofirn-au. Stock for the Q8 Pro at Amazon Australia ran out quickly.

    • Price reduced by another 5% by sofirn-au due to FBM (fulfilment by merchant) rather than FBA (fulfilment by Amazon). Shipping may be a bit slower. Shipping via FBM is probably as fast as ordering from sofirnlight.com or AliExpress. But it's now a bit cheaper.

      Out of stock at the factory too now. More are being produced.

  • Be sure to perform thermal calibration with your Q8 Pro.

    Here's a video by Sofirn for thermal calibration in Anduril 2 on the Q8 Pro:

    I.e. Tell the Q8 Pro what the room temperature is.

    You can also set the upper thermal limit so that the Q8 Pro will start reducing it's output to avoid getting too hot.

  • Man, I am really coveting a BLF LT1. $90 is pretty cheap for the new version. I already have 240Ahr of batteries, numerous Hella LED work lights, multiple duel fuel lanterns, heaps of torches and USB power banks with led lights. But still. I want to one

  • Back on stock at Amazon.

    • 15 more Q8 Pro were added today but they're shipped by sofirn-au from China. It may arrive sooner than waiting for more stock to arrive at Amazon Australia.

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