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Furi Asian 3 Piece Knife Set $65 (Was $269) Delivered @ Myer


Was looking for some new knives and came across this.

Similar deal as previously posted on https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/647440 but now back in stock.

Edit: Need to add to cart got get $65 price.

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    Shows $130 for me

    • extra 50% off in cart.

    • 50% off at checkout

    • Pretty stupid on Myer’s part to put the non-discounted price there. I bet they’re losing sales because of this.

  • Bought, no local stock for click n collect.. hopefully arrives before Christmas I guess

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      I've bought a few things online from Myer in recent weeks… delivery times have varied between about 5 and 15 days to Canberra.

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        Ah we're getting smashed in Vic with lockdown and strikes/pauses for parcel deliveries

        • Quite a few of my Myer parcels have been dispatched from a Melbourne warehouse, a couple from Parramatta. The longest delay I've had has been about 22 days for Sheridan to send me something from Melbourne.

          • @waverleypark: Im hoping that's the case :) I also meant it's going to be a Christmas present, hence hope it arrives before Christmas comment hehe

  • Thank you, bought one.

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    Bought one with free shipping.

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    Santoku 2pc set also again available for $50:


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      Bought that set. Very satisfied with it since it is super sharp. Just not sure about how effective the sharpening tool though.

      • It's ok. No good for blunt, but just a wipe through before use is enough.

        • You are right. Tried with a blunt knife and it did nada. Using it on an already sharp knife as a top-up seems more suited for its use.

    • doesn't show as $50 when you add it to bag. No further 50% off i guess.

    • +1

      That one's showing as $100 for me

    • how did u get $50 shows as $100 for me

  • Purchased, "This is the Way"

  • +3

    Only just received the set from the last deal a week ago..

    Good knives though.

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    Not even bothering this time.

    Last time, Myer sat on my order for 3 weeks and then decided to randomly cancel it.

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    To be fair, they’re never sharp.

    • +3

      They were really sharp for about 2 weeks and then went pretty dull

      • Really? mine is still sharp after 2 years.

        • Like its still sharp but its reduced noticeably, ive made sure to dry it instantly and what not but yeah maybe just needs a good sharpen

        • Like depends what you think is sharp, I sharpen my knives to cut like butter.

      • I'm no expert but apparently the cutting board you use can affect the sharpness of your knife. Might want to look into what you're using.

    • +1

      60 is about what they are worth. RRP is fake news. Either way though any knife will need regular sharpening.

  • Thanks OP, purchased a set.

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    Great deal. Still haven't forgiven myself for accidentally throwing out the global bread knife from the 7 piece set. Put it in an empty whisky cardboard cylinder to bring to picnic. Ended up throwing out the cylinder thinking it was empty

    • Yeah I've lost one knife from a 7 piece wusthof set at a gathering - probably in someone's old mismatched knife collection now. Or maybe not. Annoying.

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    Are these made in Japan or made in China?

    • +31

      Pretty sure this is an Aussie brand headed by people trying to copy or imitate a Japanese sounding word to make the company seem higher quality than what it probably is.

      Similar to Musashi protein or Superdry Japan clothing. Both have absolutely nothing to do with Japan

      • +4

        Don't forget the umlaut. It's German and Japanese!

        • +3

          Engineering meets precision!

      • +2

        Superdry… wow. No wonder i didn't get anywhere with my japanese crush

        • She probably understood the nonsensical Japanese writing all over your clothes… Apparently most of the writing they plaster all over them is Google translate at best.

    • China

    • +6

      I second fuzor. I respect everyone's opinion on this form, so please read this as my person assessment. I bought a pair from last sale for $50 and that price is ok. I won't pay a single penny more. The knife had rough blade out of the box. It will never pass a paper test. It is poorly balance and defy good knife design principles. It wouldn't slide through the food, so needs to be lifted while chopping and slicing. It is an Aussie brand, trying to market the knifes as a Japanese product. p.s. nothing is Japanease about it, not design, not steel and definitely not craftmen's ship. It is more of a, get a factory in China bulk manufacture it and market it as a upmarket product.

      Would I buy it again? No. Do I regret spending $50 for 2 piece set? No

      • Thanks for the review.
        Do you think it was a defect with your set of knives?

        • He says " It is poorly balance and defy good knife design principles". That sounds more like a design not a quality control issue.

    • It says Japanese steel but probably made in China.

      I wouldn't touch them.

  • Thx OP. Bought for Christmas present

  • Nice pickup, bought a set

  • +1

    Made in CHINA.

    • +7

      FACKELMANN Housewares

      so theyre a chain china conglomo really

      what do they say about steak knives??? $269, then $119 and now $65.

      They were made in china for like $20.

      I'm not saying they're bad but just that's what global supply chains is like.


      An acclaimed international entrepreneur & inventor, Mark first established Furi in 1996. A specialist engineer holding Honours in knife materials & cutting edges, Mark brings world-class technical knowledge to knife mechanics.

      while we were playing games he was literally studying the blade!


      • +3

        Mark Henry the wrestler?

        • +4

          if i was to guess, this guy doesnt exist

          he's a made up front man with a mugshot from getty images but i am a cynical bastard

          • +3

            @tonyjzx: He's on the cutting edge of cutting edges.

  • +1

    Bought this in previous deal and messaged them after 3 weeks of no movement, they cancelled my order. So if they didn't cancel it I would have had it? Anyway, paid with a coles/Myer gift card and for refunded with Myer only gift card. Now in using that returns card for the same item. Hopefully this goes through cause I don't usually buy from Myer.

  • +1

    Been happy with other Furi knives for the past year or so, bought a set. Cheers OP!

  • Thanks mate, grabbed a set :)

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    Got these from the last deal. Considering the price, they are not bad, but if paid above $100, i would be pretty disappointed.

    The size/design of the knives are quite big. The handle is chunky and I found that the blade is no where near as sharp as a Global branded knife.

    If you're looking for a long term nice set of knives, this is not the set for you. In saying that, if you are happy with mid range knives then they fit the bill.

  • What does ‘25 year guarantee’ mean?

    • +25

      Myer guarantees not to fulfil your order within 25 years.

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        Myer most likely will not be around in 25 years time anyway.

    • +1

      After 25 years, they ensure the knife still looks like a 'knife'.

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    Over 6000 clicks in under an hour. Hmm… I think the hazy days of $9 printers for all ozbargainers is well and truly history

    • +1

      Speaking of $9 printers, found couple unopened boxes while cleaning the attic the other day.

      • Mine had been in the garage used sporadically as a scanner. But a few months ago I actually put It back in use as a printer after finding cartridges on clearance for a few bucks each.
        Still blows me away that they not only honoured it but they sent me a significant upraded model. The duplex printing was average but the duplex scanner is sensational. No doubt it was just unsold stock they wanted to clear but still…

        • Are you talking about the v525? If so didn’t know anyone still had these Lexmark ink cartridges left lol.

        • It' because they are selling the ink, not the printer.

  • Strange that my order is not showing in my Myers account. Hope it goes through.

    Edit:. It just came through. Cheers OP.

  • I think I bought this last time, very sharp!!!!

    Bought again 😂

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    Hmmm over 100 votes and still in stock….anyone forsee cancellations?

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    ok did some more research, these are junk knives, wanna cancel my order and save myer some money but there's no option to cancel. Guess i'll just return at the store

    • +1

      Amazing how a normally 50% of item goes to 25% and catches all the fish lol .

      • i was going the ozbargin way, buy first. think after. The only people I feel sorry for is Myer, they need a cancel option.

    • I guess you can’t simply return it saying you change your mind. Because it is a clearance item.

      • +1

        oh no! lol oh well, someone's getting a shittie house warming present …

        • Don’t worry. At least it is a good gift, you can give your friend as a present like when they move a new home? The knife doesn’t have expire date anyway.

    • +5

      What did you end up reading that made these trash? I had a good experience with these knives but I would like to know more. 🙂

      • +1

        "Furi Pro are reportedly very soft, about 52 HRC at best. Since they're made with "Japanese stainless steel", and with that kind of hardness, they're probably 420J2. Basically $10 supermarket knives with fancy handles."

        My basic understanding is and for anything to be decent, it needs to be HRC around at least 56-7

        • Thank you! Good to know and i will take that into consideration when I expand my kitchen knife collection in the future!

    • Call them. A few years ago I called straight after ordering to cancel an order and it was not a problem.

  • Looking for sets of spoons and glasses, if anyone comes across a good deal.

  • Wow 8000 clicks in about an hour. Just after Woolworths has stopped selling knifes and scissors hmm

    • That really was a stupid move.
      Very poor management .

  • Thanks OP! I bought a set too. Good deal!

  • Had a horrible experience with Myer online recently - cancelling order, customer service no response for weeks, being on hold over an hour and when resolved, order sat processing for weeks and only finally resolved via their Twitter rep after all other avenues exhausted (well after the birthday the items were for)

    However, can’t pass up a deal and I missed out on this one last time, cheers OP!

    I didn’t use my Coles Myer card after the warning above that they refund with a Myer One card, lots of good tips here

    • Sounds like a standard Myer experience

    • I bought from both Myer and Target during this lock down and the returns process has been so painful. Target's chat is broken and always cuts you off when its your turn after waiting for 40minutes, and you will be on hold for 40mins too if you call. There are no exchanges or returns for faulty products until stores are open. Myer say they can't cancel an order but you have to return your order when you get it by post (at your own cost unless you paid by paypal or return in person when the stores open. Then they complain and cry that people are buying from Amazon and other online retailers. Amazon can take my money any day over these clowns.

  • Fast and the Furi

    • Tokyo drift

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