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[PC, Epic] Borderlands 3 $29.68 ($14.68 with Coupon) @ Epic Games


Been cheaper on PS4 but I haven't seen the PC version any cheaper than this.

Original Coupon Deal here.

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    Jedi Fallen Order Deluxe is like $12 as well

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    Same price on steam without a coupon (Borderlands 3)

    • I'd much rather pay $14 AUD with the free coupon, than pay $30 on Steam.

      • I mean your choice it's, either way, a massive company takes its cut. It's still $30 AUD spent by you.

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          I'm not sure that's how coupons work..

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          no.. it's $14 spent by me. Is that you Patrick?

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            @gizmomelb: Sorry, gotch I am just dumb. Great Deal!

            • @ColdFusion: It would be for everyone who's been assigning their Golden Keys to their Epic account.
              Not so good for people who have been attaching them to their Steam accounts.

              Normally games are heavily discounted & sold as a complete, Game of the Year edition 12 months after launch. BL3 is over two years & the full version is still $70 :'(

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                @BinaryPirate: Honestly, if you like the shoot and loot genre; its worth the $70. I never regret owning it.

                From the cameo by Penn Jillette, to the shotgun that plays Doom music; its a fantastic experience the whole way through.

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      Not important for most, but the Epic version includes Mac support. Steam version doesn’t.

  • Very regularly below $30. Would recommend you check this website before purchasing any games isthereanydeal.com. Here is the Borderlands 3 page. There are all legit code retailers that don't profit from stolen codes. Humble Store, Green Man Gaming and Fanatical are all ones I've personally used. Never had any troubles.

    • Thanks for the website, I've put it in my favorites. I appreciate that the full price isn't a good deal - I just wanted to highlight to people who still have the Epic coupon that they could get it for $15 - which is a pretty good deal.

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    Just my opinion, but the Super Deluxe edition which is currently $49ish (before coupon) might be worth springing for. It has the initial season pass and me and my friends generally enjoyed the added story missions, although they did vary in quality a bit. There’s a decent amount of extra story content there and areas to visit.

    There’s a season 2 in the Ultimate edition and I’ve found that second season to be far less enjoyable and probably skippable. Arms race isn’t especially great. The biggest draw card might be the extra skill tree which is unfortunately locked behind the DLC, but there’s enough variety in the existing skills that I think this can be skipped.

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      Thanks @smigit I did look at that, but season 1 of the DLC has been cheaper than $20 recently (I picked it up last month for $15) so it's probably better value to just get the base game for now and keep an eye out for sales on the season pass separately.

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    was considering getting this, but I still have 2 and pre sequel to finish

    got Death Stranding which came down to $21 after coupon on Epic. fantastic game

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    Found Outer Worlds to comes to the same price. Lowest historically was $21. Its on Gamepass pc as well. I personally rather own the game though.

  • If you buy it on Epic, can you still play with people who have it on Steam?

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      Yes you can.

  • two season passes, what?

    • Yeah ist for a year of DLC releases

      • Never seen a game with two. Usually one or just an expansion pack with a bunch of DLCs that may or may not be included in said expansion pack….

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