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Free Microsoft Ignite 2021 Event Long Sleeve Shirt Delivered (Company E-Mail Required) @ Veeam


Got a ad for this free long sleeve shirt. Microsoft Ignite tends to be a good event and I've seen Veam in the past.

Corporate email required to register. Ships in 6-8 weeks according to my emails.

My first deal post so please go easy on me.

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    As far as I've seen from the drama previously, they don't honour requests that are linked through OZB.

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      Accurate, but I imagine 90% of ozb traffic were just after the free shit, and the few that were legit were interested in the product, not the freebie.

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      I've received quite a number of free Veeam freebies, like the shirts and mini RC cars. Shipping times obviously weren't great (more than 2 months), but they did arrive. I guess YMMV, and you have to be a bit lucky too probably.

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        Same experience here - 2 x shirts and 1 mini RC car. About 2-3 months wait for each.

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        Yeah always got one if I used business email. No @ozbargaun.com.au is not a valid email

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          That's because you typed a U instead of an I.

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        Yeah, received a number of free shirts from these guys. Though I use a business email as others have mentioned

      • likewise, got the t-shirt, long sleeve & RC car.

        RC Car didn't have any blinker fluid though :(

        • How often does one have to change the blinker fluid?

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      I must be lucky. I've received shirt, RC car, and $10 amazon GC

      • Does your work organisation have any dealings with Veeam?

        • Dunno. Work in local gov.

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      I've received both shirts, but I have an IT industry email address.

    • I got my one last time (The T-Shirt)
      Maybe it depends on your work email address?

    • I got my veeam t-shirt

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    still haven't gotten the last thing from veeam but gave it a go anyways

    • Did you use your business email or a free gmail last time? Use your business email should be alright.

      • I used a business email still doesn't work though

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    Ships in 6-8 weeks according to my emails.

    Nah, more like 6-8 months

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      Yeah, mine took between 3-4 months, definitely wasn't the fastest. I forgot I had ordered it until I received it because it took so long.

      • Lucky!
        Mine still has not arrived…

        and, collectively, events from random Microsoft / vendors seemed to have supply chain distribution issues that result in many packages never arriving

        (have not successfully received any of the swag shirt packs in the last two years)

      • One thing to keep in mind is that you're not ordering anything, you're providing them with your personal details and there's a chance they might send you a freebie.

    • More like 6-8 years, so I am due for about 4 things so far, still waiting

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    Like everyone says, these are hit and miss. But the last long sleeve I got from this was not terrible, good for around the house.

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    Received a serious amount of spam mail after putting in my work email (I hadn't used it in any other external online sign-up forms). Recommend being prepared to deal with the spam emails or to use a dummy email altogether

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      Sounds like you have a bad spam filter. I got almost no emails and 1 free tshirt on the last offer.

      Weirdly I am wearing it right now.

      • Unfortunately I mean spam, not just jump mail. I question their data security and who might get a hold of your email so they can try to sell you Hot Singles In Your Area or Half Price Viagra 😂

    • Create a rule to filter it straight into junk. Or I'm assuming theres a unsubscribe button later.

      • There is, so I didn't receive much spam after the confirmation email. You unsubscribe early, you don't get much/any spam.

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    I've gotten all the freebies from Veeam so far but I have been using my business email

  • Thanks OP

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    I've already gotten 2 of these 'T-shirts' (they're rather thin long sleeve shirts, not T-shirts) from the past freebies, so I don't think I need any more lol. The quality is ok (won't keep you too warm), you can't expect any really high quality merchandise when it's free.

    • Mine was a t-shirt - very thin like you say.

      This deal is saying t-shirt too??

  • Veeam may share Personal Information with our worldwide partners (e.g. marketing, education, distribution, and reseller partners, online marketplaces, data hosters and other service providers to or for Veeam) to perform one or more of the functions or purposes outlined above on Veeam’s behalf.

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    Signed up twice, never gotten anything.

    By the time they sent the link, all the stock was gone. So I've given up

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    Signed up to previous promotions and never received one.

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      Now they have your email address and all your details, which they will sell it off to the guy in Mumbai, who will call and try to scam you.

    • -11

      Cry me a river

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    I love the previous green t-shirt, yep took a while, but it's a nice surprise when it arrives..

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    Have 3 of these already, fingers crossed for a 4th. I find it quite comfortable and have been wearing them regularly.

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    I would avoid this company at all cost.

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    These offers are intended for Veeam customers and partners. So if you're not one don't be surprised if you don't get it.

    Veeam itself is an excellent program for business/enterprise. Great for VM backup and instant recovery if something like HPE SimpliVity is wayyyyy out of your budget.

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    Have received all their freebies so far

  • if anyone missed out previously, i have a few which i will ship out for free if you pay shipping :)

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    Never got the previous ones.

  • great find for 1st post.

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    Signed up to previous promotions and never received one.

  • i received a green T shirt in the past, however the quality wasn't great, i don't even want to wear for sleep,

  • Got shirts from previous deals, got lots of toys. Didn’t get honored promised gifts from surveys. Still ok to get a shirt. Thanks for sharing OP!

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    Signed up to the previous one and never received it.

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    Signed up for two and have received both. No spam mails at all in my experience.

  • Signed up to this deal, followed the instructions in the email but in the end saw a 404 page not found error.

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    Signed up for both and received on both occasions. Can confirm this isn’t spam.

  • Thanks OP

  • Signed up for one.

    Waiting for the email to fill in my shirt details.

    • Waiting for the email to fill in my shirt details.

      What do you mean by this? Don't you choose your shirt size on the website before you order it and put your address in?

      • Expect about 4 emails, minimum, for this promotion.
        1. Email to ask you to create a password.
        2. Email to confirm that your account has been created.
        3. About 60 to 90 minutes after #2, an email to ask you to enter your shirt details and shipping details.
        4. After filling in shirt and mailing details, an email to confirm that your shirt order has been received.

        NOTE: The only information that is genuine is my shipping details (duh) and my phone number. My phone number will be answered by Lenny.

        I have received around three shirts and the RC car. YMMV.

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    Never received it from previous deals

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    Never received in the past.

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    Signed up and received my personal link but then its showing me page not found 404 error when I clicked on it.

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    Never works

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    Never received, scam for personal information

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    Scam, they harvest your data and never post anything

  • Don't have a business email :( any workaround?

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    I got everything I've ordered so far. Used my work email.

  • I had requested the last 2 t-shirts including this one. It takes a couple of months but you get the free t-shirt.

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    I am still waiting for my four T-shirts, haven't received anything, complete waste of time, Veeam should be banned from Ozbargain

  • great first post OP, regardless of the negative sentiment on this forum this isn't a scam and ive received all the freebies from them in the past albeit the long ass wait time. it was so long i forgot i even applied for it in the first place, but you do get it "eventually"

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    received all other freebies which took a while, already got my data now so might as well continue to get more freebies

  • thanks OP, ordered while wearing my veeam black shirt from previous deal

  • Never received from previous deal.

  • Got one of these t-shirts from the last offer. Not something i'd wear out proudly, but it's a good house shirt to be honest

  • Thanks - hopefully this actually turns up!

  • Thanks - never had issues in getting freebies from previous deals. Just takes a very long time but eventually turn up. Currently wearing the green tshirt as I type!

  • I think it's just a honey pot for data collection. I've not received the free t-shirt nor the free towels.

  • +1

    I have not once received any of the free items they claim to be giving out. Plus the frequency of their emails are annoying as all hell.

  • To all those that didn't get thier swag, I wonder whether they check whether they think your company is a candidate customer??
    Would be interested to see whether people working in companies with substantial IT departments got thiers??

    I got the t-shirt, and a stream of emails. Maybe I'll be blacklisted now for unsubscribing??

  • Signed up with work email but didnt get their email about the shirt or anything.

  • I got the last free T-shirt…. Worn it once. Not really worth the time unless you really need a cheap shirt in 2 months

  • Got multiple things from Veeam in the past including shirts, remote control cars, grab bag with gadgets in it.

    For me it's always been legit and arrived.

  • Well you get to be a human billboard for the price of a shirt. Only wear it to bed? Well your a human billboard for at least one. Yourself.

  • Jumped through all the hoops to sign up, verify and create an account. Got the email to claim the shirt, but unfortunately when you get to the website and select a shirt size, it says "This promo has ended."

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    Someone had posted how to create a fake company / organisation email within a similar Veeam T-shirt thread (probably a couple of months ago).
    I have been searching everywhere for that comment. If you find it, could you please link it here, or a future Veeam thread. TIA.

  • My shirt arrived yesterday. It's the same design as the one previously (which is a shame as I don't like the design at all) but better fit for this somehow and makes a good wear at home during the colder months.

    For reference, I clicked through the link posted here to incognito, signed up using my legit company details.

  • My shirt arrived today.

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