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Optus Prepaid $300 Mobile SIM Starter Kit - 365 Days, 300GB, $225 Delivered @ Optus (Online Only)


Hi OB,

See the deal for Optus, 300gb for $225 per year, works out to be $18.75 per month.

Usually $300 for 300GB but now dropped down to $225!

If you're looking for a prepaid option for a low price point, this works quite well! Limit 1 per customer.

Hope it helps,


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  • $225 p/m?

    • per year, so $225 per year for 300gb for 365 days.

      • Your post says otherwise. Thank you!

  • Does this let you connect to 5G or 4G only?

    • Coverage: With 3G devices, you can access our 3G (UMTS 2100 MHz / 900 MHz) network. With 4G devices and a compatible plan, you can access our 3G network plus some or all of our 4G Plus network. Our 4G Plus network uses multiple frequencies (LTE 700 / 1800 / 2100 / 2300 / 2600 MHz) to provide coverage. Coverage availability will vary depending on your device and location. Check coverage at optus.com.au/coverage based on your address and device.

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          Well good to know about options, but as OP said, some people prefer Optus as the carrier company than a MVNO on the Optus network. Plus, I though the network owners prioritise their own traffic over MVNO?

          • @kevorulez: " I though the network owners prioritise their own traffic over MVNO?" - Yes they do :-)

          • @kevorulez:

            some people prefer Optus as the carrier company

            Optus owns Gomo.

          • @kevorulez: Those people are fools.
            Choosing the faceless, careless, megacorporation when you have a choice of a friendly local support team? Its insanity. MVNOs on Optus have the full terminal login; they have the same power, just, friendlier Aussies.

            Also, as someone who used to negotiate contracts for an Optus MVNO, they do not.

            Telstra do; thats why the operate 2 networks. But Optus does not.

            • @MasterScythe: Do all MVNOs have the same "features" (for want of a better description)? e.g. a feature I wouldn't like to give up now is voicemails arriving as playable SMS/MMS messages. I don't think I could bear to go through the slow navigation of the 321 menu ever again..

              • @noz: You can't blanket statement and say they ALL do, but the vast majority do.

                • @MasterScythe: Thanks for the info, (I said "All" because I assumed that Optus would either allow the functionality to all MVNOs, or to none. I am not familiar how the features delegation works.)

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                    @noz: The structure for features is fee based; but its tiiiiiny; it comes down more to if the mvno wants to enable it, and therefore provide support for it.
                    VisualVoiceMail, and voicemail to mms are usually pretty easy things to check.

                    For example; Vaya absolutely do send them via MMS, MooseMobile However uses the older mailbox system, however offers unlimited free MMS across all of Aus.

                    Since every sms I send tends to be an MMS, because pictures are common now, it was a worthwhile trade off.

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      They’re sneaky though, that $15/60GB price is 1st month only if you read the T&Cs!

      It’s normally $35/30GB as follows:

      $35 Discount offer: Get SIM and first $35 subscription for $15. New customers only. Limit of one per customer. $35 SIM price will apply at end of offer. Offer available online only until 30/11/21, unless withdrawn earlier. Subsequent subscriptions charged every 30 days at standard in-market price of $35, or as otherwise advertised.

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        Now that is misleading advertising on the GOMO website. They are relying on the good old hey you gotta read the t&c's…… doesn't quite work that way if your website clearly shows $15 per month. I can already see this turning up in ACCC's radar in about a month or two's time lol.

        • Its not just in the T&Cs at all. On the page with the different plans it says it in quite large text.

          "$15 for the first subscription, then $35 ongoing"

          • @ScruffTheJanitor: You got me to look into it more closely haha =)

            To actually find that info, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the $35 SIM PLAN under the bottom menu heading "Mobile Plans".

            If you view the main page options where it is in large, clear text saying "60GB $15 per month", and then click on the "Buy a SIM" button, it takes you straight through to payment.

            • @Ultraman: It says it on the main page for me. Like directly under where it says "60GB $15 per month".

              Ah I think this is a mobile thing. On desktop it says this directly under where it says "60GB $15 per month" but on mobile it does not.

      • Just saw this and you beat me to it. Still $15 for 60 GB is a good deal.

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      ? The first month is $15, after that it is $35 a month. So actually that is the terrible deal. Optus is much better.

  • Doesn’t come with free international calling to “select destinations” like Telstra or Boost prepaid.

    • only if it had 5G I would have jumped from Boos, but no its a waste.

      • +1

        Only Vodafone prepaid has 5G, and Spintel as well, iirc.

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    Does it support eSIM?

  • No deal , as other have said Boost is the full package only thing is missing 5G else its not bad for $300 as well.

  • -1

    Not a great deal sorry. GOMO is cheaper; but their rep can be up and down.

    You also have the only 5 star customer satisfaction provider;
    $16.80 for 20GB from MooseMobile.

    Both of them are also Optus.

    • Circles.life were doing 8GB for $8 for 1 year, dont know if it has expired got that for the wifey.

      • Has she ever had a spam call?

        There's rumor of Circles.Life selling contact lists.

        For reference; ive had 1 in more than 20 years on Virgin, then Moose.

    • GOMO isn't cheaper. The $15 price is only for the first month. Then its $35 for 30gb

      Gomo - $35 for 30gb = $1 for 1.19gb
      Moose - $16.80 for 20gb = $1 for 1.18gb
      Optus - $18.75 for 25gb = $1 for 1.49gb

      So how isn't it a great deal?

  • Thinking of moving to this from Optus month to month sim plan, anyone know of I’ll be able to keep Optus sport?

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