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Ovela 5 Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Airtight Lids $35.99 (Was $79.99) + Delivery ($0 with FIRST) @ Kogan


Was looking for a new set of bowls and had seen these before, but figured I would jump on them when I saw them on special

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    I actually bought these for 35$ before the price hike a few years ago. (Not sure if they were on special at the time)
    Would recommend! I would say not to put the lids in a hot dishwasher cycle as they can deform. But other than that solid bowls to mix stuff in, but I rarely use them to store food in.

  • Currently using these and can't fault them yet other than they're a little bit thin walled for my liking. They've survived the dishwasher well though.

    For reference I got these when they were $34.99 and when Klarna were doing the 25% off special on Kogan.

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    They might be smaller than you think.

    16 x 9.5cm, 18 x 11cm, 20 x 12.5cm, 22 x 13.5cm, 24 x 14cm
    1.4, 1.9, 2.8, 3.8, 4.7ml

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    You better off buying 2 sets of these Pyrex mixing bowls for $36.40 will last you a lifetime.

    • I'd argue good stainless will last longer. At some point, someone is going to drop them =P

      The qualifier here is "good" stainless. Stuff like kmart stainless will start rusting after about a week lol

    • I'll take stainless steel mixing bowls any day IMO. Got some Pyrex for free but switched anyway and the weight difference is enough to never go back unless its for something I probably want to microwave.

    • Those are great and have their place in a kitchen but nothing like having stainless steel bowls that you can use and abuse without worrying. Whether these Kogan ones are that good is separate question

  • Great find!! Advantage of not shatterung when dropped like pyrex but I suppose can't be microwaved, but not a massive issue!!

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      Yeah, I prefer these over Pyrex for most things, not as heavy, and with 3 kids… glass is always a big risk

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    Bought some, thanks OP!

  • I bought these from Amazon 6 months ago and was very surprised at how good the quality was. Set of seven and these have rubberised bases to stop them slipping around on the bench and the lids fit tightly. I have hand washed them. OOS now, but were $49.

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