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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 128GB $719 Delivered (with $50 Sign-up, $200 Customer Loyalty and $500 Trade-in Bonus) @ Samsung


Managed to get this deal, presume it works on other models as well

$1499 - $200 (Loyalty Voucher) - $50 (Sign Up Bonus Voucher) - $500 (trade in bonus) - $30 (trade in phone value) = $719 Delivered.

To get $200 Loyalty Voucher:

To get $50 Sign Up Bonus Voucher:

Other promotions: half price SamsungCare+

Note: Confirmed with Samsung you can't use $200 Loyalty Voucher to purchase Bespoke version. However SamsungCare+ comes with no extra cost.

Happy with the purchase - plan to upgrade with $500 trade in bonus next year (if there is one)

Check out page https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DNuvIuoGATOCgYIEUuaXIYg3LcJ...

Also, [Code Request Megathread] Samsung Shop Vouchers

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    • Correct

      • Wow, not bad. I just paid for the SamsungCare+ for my phone though.

        Might upgrade next year

        • I assume you got your phone replaced by paying SamsungCare+'s Swap fee.

          Is the swap phone a brand new or refurbished?

          • +1

            @Bargain Fighter: Nah I meant i just paid for getting into the Care+ program.

            The swap phone is refurbished according to their website though

    • No the max for trade in value is only 180 i think

  • Anyone know when the Z Fold 2 will be back in stock?

  • I just wanted to know, if anyone tried using the Aurion App yet, do you have the same request for a photo of your Drivers License / ID which it never used to do?
    Just wondering if it is just me only? Also makes me question if I am comfortable with trusting Asurion with my drivers licence and potential fraud due to possible hacks etc. not knowing how secure your ID storage will be.

    • I think it's part of their second hand device trade licence - to stop people from selling stolen devices.

      • Thanks for the advice, they never used to ask for it, but I am just a bit concern to be honest; especially since security breaches will have all your personal info including a copy of your Drivers License, which could be used to apply for credit from anywhere and have no way of knowing how secure your details will be kept.

  • Ran the trade up app and it would charge me $205 for not sending the device back…. damn

    • -1

      That $205 should include $60 admin fee + $145 phone value.

      You get $145 + $500 discount when use your trade up code. If you don't send the phone back, they will take away that $145 discount and charge you $60

      • oh thanks for the clarification. that is not too bad then, might pull the trigger if i could get a loyalty voucher

      • are you sure they charge $60 if you dont send? previous deal thread says otherwise.

        • +2

          Ignore tc423. he doesn't know what he's talking about. I traded in when flip 3 launched without sending the phone in and never got charged the $60 fee.

          • @keejoonc: when you didn't send the phone in, did you already apply / get the discount for the trade in value for "sending the phone in" when buying the Flip 3?
            how did that work?

            • @yellowfever: Yes, that's the only way to get the trade in bonus. If you don't send it in, they will most likely just charge the value of the phone they deducted, but you don't lose the $500 trade in bonus and so far no one, as far as I know including myself, have been charged the $60 admin fee.

          • @keejoonc: Nice,so you only get charged cost of old phone?

        • They have waived the $60 admin fee for not sending the phone back.

    • Mark your phone as cracked so the value decreases

      • -1

        if cracked, the phone won't be eligible.

        • That’s not true lol…it depends if your phone is new or not. If you mark newer models as cracked it’ll still be eligible.
          I’ve done it many times.

  • -3

    I'm just going to continue buying the Xiaomi phones for 1/4 the price… and install the Pixel experience + ANXCam.
    Yes I know they don't have a clam today, but maybe tomorrow Mi 11 or Mix Flip .
    Well until our gov goes full <tard on China.
    Let's go Brandon.

  • Do you reckon they'll take an A20? my note 9 developed a mysterious crack shortly after my 4 year old who can do no wrong played with it… sigh

    • check the web page, it actually has a trade in value option.

  • +3

    You can make your own flip, I did it with 2 Ultra 512 GB phones, just gaffer tape the 2 ends together, no problems, my pleasure, thank me later.

    • Tell Vince I said Hi

      • Turtle likes you!!!!

  • Is this "$500 Trade-in Bonus" working for S21 ultra?
    I have tried with iphone 11 pro max and getting $550 trade in value with total amount to pay $749.00. In this case getting $350 bonus not $500.
    Can anyone please confirm? Thanks

    • +1

      Yes, its 350 for S21 Ultra.

  • -1

    Price went down too quick! I have paid close to full price at pre-order…..

    Can someone please PM a screenshot of the final price of $719? (to help with a price protection claim)

  • Does anyone know whether Samsung accepts grey imports for trade-in? Wife ended up with a NZ Samsung phone because Kogan are dodgy liars (reason I bought from Kogan was because I had $500 credit to spend). They said it's the Australian model, which is technically true in that it is the same model, but being a NZ phone it has no warranty and Samsung Pay does not work on it.

    • +1

      I downloaded the trade in app and got the code for my very inport s10e.so i assume yes. As the app validates imei

      • As the app validates imei

        I think the imei check is just to make sure it's not blocked by ATMA (or similar).

        It's unlikely they have a list of acceptable IMEIs, since they accept upgrades for a variety of manufacturers.

    • +1

      Yes, they do. Personal experience

  • Is there no click and collect? Are there any codes that can be used in store?

    • Is there no click and collect?

      There is - but it depends on your state. No c&c if the stores are closed due to covid.

      • Thank-you. Also whats the terms for the $200 loyalty voucher?

        • No idea about that - seems to be a good description in the original post.

  • Has anyone owned this and the s21? I am on the fence regarding upgrading from the s21 to this.

    • +1

      This is more like a new experience. so up to your personal choice.

  • +3

    Ummm 5-6 hour battery life???

    That is crazy terrible…

  • Lavender : Sold out
    How fast you are!

  • anyone experience trade in issue?
    "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment"

    • Need to input your credit card details when you go through the process.

      • I did, otherwise would not have had the trade in ID. Whenever I input trade in ID it pops red message like that

        • Make sure your cart is empty and no code already used in the cart item.

          • @fidelio: still failed :(

            • @webtherapist: @webtherapist there are 2 IMEI's. one is an IMEI and the other one is IMEI(eSIM). Make sure you input the one with IMEI alone. I also faced this issue as i did the same mistake.

  • Damn just made this exact purchase earlier this week but without the loyalty code…anyone know if the code can be spent on accessories / is there a min. spend?

  • I went through the process with this and only managed to get a $100 loyalty voucher with a trade in value of $25 for my S8+. In the end, it would have cost me over $900 to purchase the phone as from the comments, I'd get charged $60+$25 for not returning the phone back (it's still useful as a backup phone).

    Considering you can just buy this phone outright for $1149 from Becex Tech and the price of this phone will probably be discounted in the future, unless you really want the phone right now I'd say it's not worth it.

    • how long did it take to get a loyalty voucher?

      • +1

        I went on live chat to ask for the voucher. They asked me what phone I had and I said that I have both the S8+ and the S20+. Didn't ask for any further details apart from my email address. I tried pushing them for the $200 voucher instead of $100 but they wouldn't budge so I just got $100.

    • won't be charged that $60 admin fee.

    • is Becex tech trustworthy and is it Australia stock?

  • Anyone else have trouble checking out?
    … i keep getting this message:

    We are sorry but your transaction could not be completed at this time.

  • Can someone explain to me in simple terms how to get this deal. Sorry, it's just a little confusing how to get all the coupons.

    I have a Galaxy S5 and possibly a S9/Note10+ which I could trade in.

    • Try chatbot on Samsung website

      Select mobile and type in "voucher code"

      You will get detailed instructions

  • Tried requesting a loyalty voucher. Got asked what my reference code was from a chat with Customer Experience…

  • +1

    So if i trade in a working good condition s20 5g 128 fe. I get 285. So will i get 285+500 ? For trade in

  • +1

    The app is giving me $490 trade in.
    It says $190 fee if I don't send it.
    $170 fee if it is damaged.
    It's cracked on the back.
    What is the best play here?
    Will they charge me $490+170 if I return it
    And $490+190 if I keep my phone?
    If I say its cracked they give me $20

  • +1

    Wondering if anyone got recently loyalty voucher as no confirmation email received yet from Samsung.

  • +1

    Has anyone able to get $200 loyalty voucher recently?

    • +1

      I received the reply and got turned down. Details as follows:

      This is in reference about your voucher code request.

      We have received your email but we noticed that there is no physical damage on your phone. These loyalty vouchers are currently being offered as an alternative option to customers who have physically damaged or out of warranty units and are liable to pay for the repair at their own cost. In this regard, we would be unable to issue a loyalty voucher at this time.

  • +1

    Does anyone know if there's any codes that work for the ZFlip 3 Bespoke edition??

  • +1

    I got one with the last promotion for $590 with bonus case. this is an okay deal.

  • +1

    does any one have a voucher code? can you please pm me. thank you.

  • +1

    I am not sure if everyone can get it. Maybe targeted.
    Open "Samsung Members" app, scroll down to "Benefits" click on "Samsung Secret Sale", you should be able to get a discount voucher.
    Worked with $50 newsletter. I didnt have any other code to check it with.

    "Receive up to 20% off selected home appliances, tv/av, monitor & a further 5% off the Galaxy S21 range on our current e-store offer."
    *T&Cs apply, end 31 oct 2021. participating products only. redeemable once per customer.

  • +1

    $200 loyalty voucher does not exist

  • +1

    The signup bonus thing doesn't work!
    Have tried a few times over the past week for the $50 and a few different email addresses, and not once have I gotten a voucher.

  • +1

    I traded my s21 ultra 256gb for $695.
    bonus trade-in - $350
    loyalty voucher - $100
    newsletter voucher - $50

    Got a new s21 ultra 5g 256gb for $454.

    • That is expensive, because if you add the 695 to the 454, that is $1,149. No one would trade their S21 Ultra for $695 because you can get around 1K for it.

    • +1

      Why you do you swap for the same phone?

      • +1

        Im not sure. Cos I have lost the plot!

  • +1

    Ok, I’ve spent the last couple of days working on the 200 dollar voucher and have just received it. For those who are confused, this is how it works.

    If you live chat to sales, they will give you a 100 dollar loyalty voucher. This is the chat window in the product buy page. This voucher starts with EDS.

    If you chat to mobile device support under support, contact us, live chat and speak to them about a loyalty voucher (make sure it’s mobile device support, they often send you to appliance support because mobile is too busy) they can give you a 200 loyalty voucher for a phone that has accidental damage. Make sure you tell them there’s something broken and make the email you send in like something is broken. This voucher takes a couple of day and starts with CDS.

    • I send the email with all the info OP mentioned above, and I have a cracked screen Note 10+. They reply as below:


      2:42 PM (48 minutes ago)

      to me

      Good day!

      This is in reference about your voucher code request.

      We have received your email but we would like to request for a reference number that will be given by the chat or phone representative. There should be a chat transaction first or phone transaction, and they will tell you the steps on how you can get a voucher code. And once you are done with the chat or call please make sure to get the reference number from the representative. Please reply to this thread once you have the reference number and also a photo of the phone front and back panel and a clear photo of the IMEI number.

      We will wait for your reply.

      So in this case I have to contact CDS to get the 200$ dollar voucher discount? And I want to save all the hassle, I can get the 100 dollar discount faster through EDS, is that correct?

      • +1

        If you go https://www.samsung.com/au/support/contact/ —> Chat Support —> select "Mobile Deivce" —> type in "$200 Code" —> select "Yes" —> select either "Loyalty Voucher" or "Sign Up Bonus Voucher"

        you will get detailed instructions.

        I followed the instructions and sent whatever samsung required. $200 voucher received no question asked.

        • +1

          I follow the instructions as you said above, the email I post above is how they reply. They ask me to give a reference number that given by the chat/phone representative, and I have no idea what that is.

          • @Masticccc: maybe send an email back to them with a screenshot or chatlog showing where you get the instructions?

            If there is no reference number then there is no reference number.

            • @tc423: I'm currently live chat with samsung now, he said that he will generate a reference number for me. Maybe I'm unlucky and have to do an extra step lol.

              • @Masticccc: I also had to get a reference number before they accepted my email

            • @tc423: So after all the chat, the representative give me the reference number. But I think I have to wait 2-3 more days for them to activate the code. By then I miss the 200$ trade-in discount. So yeah, get a 200$ voucher and miss a 200$ discount, what a bargain lol

              • @Masticccc: They sent the code to me the next day morning if this can some hope to you

  • +1

    Without the $200 loyalty voucher which i couldn't get, I found it cheaper to buy via EPP which is offering a $200 trade-in bonus on top of their already discounted price.

    With the $50 newsletter voucher, I got the 256Gb Z Flip3 for $884.99 with the $95 for S10 trade-in and $200 bonus.

    Note: the $200 trade-in bonus, like the $500 trade-in bonus on OP's deal will expire on the 28/10.

  • Does anyone know what happens if 1- We use the trade-in feature and never send them the phone - what do i get charged?
    Phone value or trade-in bonus or Both?

    Also what happens if i send i device in which is damaged but said it wasn't- do they actually care/check?

  • +1

    For your information, you need to get the reference code: this is simple, just open a live chat to samsung support, they will make one. With the reference number you have, add the same information as in OP post.
    So for my situation, I submitted the information without the reference code on 22/10. 6 days later or yesterday, they contact me back and ask a reference code so they can continue the process. I opened a live chat, get the reference code and send another email. But the trade up deals end midnight today (28/10), and I'm pretty sure by the time I get the loyalty voucher, the deal is expired. Therefore today I just open another live chat, ask to escalate my voucher request. The representative said that my email with reference number only yesterday so they can't do that due to fairness. I explain that I know the info from Oz and that people can get the voucher without any reference number. Then they said it's odd, since to their knowledge you HAVE TO get the reference code for this type of deal. However they still ask for my original email, and after a while they successfully escalated it and I get my voucher.
    So yeah OP, if u see this comment, please edit it: YOU NEED A REFERENCE NUMBER ALONG WITH ALL THE INFO ABOVE. I don't know if you're lucky to get the voucher without it, but since Samsung representative said that reference number is a must I think you should include it. Since this is the last day of the trade-up bonus so it maybe a bit late, but still worth mentioning to remember for upcoming deals.

    • edited. Thanks

  • Thanks Msticcc.

    Too late for me unfortunately, as I already followed the OP instructions and have not yet gotten any reply from Samsung. Likely that they ignored my request as it did not have a reference number.

  • They only sent me a $100 voucher.

  • so the 200 customer loyalty cant be used on the phone if you need to show proof of purchase before using the voucher right? or am i missing something

    • well i got all the discounts but managed to nab a pixel 6 for 800ish while waiting for the discount codes to come through so now im unsure

  • Thanks OP!
    I got a Flip3 for $999 with = $500 bonus + $100 voucher (I'm excluding the extra trade in for my phone because I intend to sell private for double what the trade in offered).
    I should be able to get at least $300 for my Note 9 bringing the "new phone" price to $700. If I don't like the Flip3 I can sell for ~1k private… Too silly to pass up for just-released cutting edge technology and may end up in the positive.

    Also for others still considering to note:
    - the trade in bonus expires on 18/11/21.
    - Loyalty Voucher expires in 7-days from receiving
    - I got a reference number easily from online chat and sent my email at 0720 this morning > had a reply and code at 1340 this afternoon.
    Thanks again to the community and OP~

  • Curious can the loyalty voucher be used on the education store for the black friday deals currently on?

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