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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 128GB $719 Delivered (with $50 Sign-up, $200 Customer Loyalty and $500 Trade-in Bonus) @ Samsung


Managed to get this deal, presume it works on other models as well

$1499 - $200 (Loyalty Voucher) - $50 (Sign Up Bonus Voucher) - $500 (trade in bonus) - $30 (trade in phone value) = $719 Delivered.

To get $200 Loyalty Voucher:

To get $50 Sign Up Bonus Voucher:

Other promotions: half price SamsungCare+

Note: Confirmed with Samsung you can't use $200 Loyalty Voucher to purchase Bespoke version. However SamsungCare+ comes with no extra cost.

Happy with the purchase - plan to upgrade with $500 trade in bonus next year (if there is one)

Check out page https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DNuvIuoGATOCgYIEUuaXIYg3LcJ...

Also, [Code Request Megathread] Samsung Shop Vouchers

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  • So do you buy it then get the loyalty voucher or is the proof you're sending of your existing Samsung phone?

    • I just sent them the details of the old phone. And they gave me the voucher.

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        I have a samsung galaxy tablet would that be considered loyal or not?
        just realised I also have a Galaxy flat screen TV 2 samsung products sure that is considered disloyal until you complete the picture with a galaxy phone which I don't have - so I am condemned as disloyal

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    Samsung does want my iphone6 plus


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    Note: Confirmed with Samsung you can't use $200 Loyalty Voucher to purchase Bespoke version. However, you get bigger storage and SamsungCare+ comes with no extra cost.

    Confused about storage part. Bespoke comes only in 256GB and this deal is for 128GB. what you wanted to say is you don't get the $200 but instead you get more storage and care plus?

    Can you get normal 256GB and $200 voucher and $500 trade in or is it just for normal 128GB version?

    • Thanks edited.

      This should work on most of the normal version flagships. But the base model gets the most value (discount %)

  • how does the 500 trade-in bonus work? nvm read it on the site, do you actually have to send in your phone to get that?

    • You install Samsung trade-in app on your old phone. Get a trade-in code towards your new purchase. You get $500 bonus discount at checkout.

      Samsung will send instruction and label to return the old phone. Packaging will be provided at the post shop

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        I tried the trade-in app when this deal surfaced last time and I couldn't get a response other than "your device does not qualify". I tried it on an Oppo 5g, Pixel 3, and out of interest on a mates brand new S21 - same result each time. I'm not sure how people got past this?

        • Same, I had a S20+ 5G and couldn't get past it for the Fold3 or something.

        • I have Samsung S10 which bought as grey import from HK, installed the app last time and got the same response, So I suspected because it was not OZ stock, but not sure!!

      • I was offered $60 for the Note 8 my parter uses :) I assume the $500 is UP TO $500 ?

        • No, it's on top of…

        • No, in this case its $60+$500 which means $560. It's just a bonus of $500 not UP TO. If you don't send in your phone you get charged the trade in value and I heard extra $60.

          • +1

            @HeyHeyHeyIsItADeal: Device Non-Return Administration Fee means a $60 administration fee which will be charged by Asurion in addition to the Device Non-Return Fee

            Device Non-Return Fee means a fee which is equal to the amount of the discount You received when Your unique Trade ID was applied at the point of sale when You purchased Your New Samsung Device Online in accordance with clause 5.2 of these Terms and Conditions.

        • I cant chose note 8 as trade in option. How did u get it pls

  • Errr hmmm…. I just tested my loyalty code and it's only $100, no idea lol

    • When I did it for the S21, the loyalty code was only for $100. I'm guessing it's higher for the Flip and Fold.

      • Oh so there are different loyalty codes.

    • +1. got the code last week, still shows only 100 for flip 3

    • can confirm chat said to expect $100 for my note 9 - voucher value based on model

  • I have a feeling $200 loyalty voucher is only given for certain phones too such as S21. What 3 letters did your $200 code begin with? CDS? ODS?

    • It is ODS

      • +10

        can you give the rest of the voucher code, just to double confirm

  • -1

    5 hours screen on time.

    Literally unusable.

    • +1

      You don't understand the definition of literally.

      • I know the definition and I stand by my statement.

        • I know 2 people with this phone, and they use it as their only phone with no issues.

  • +10

    Called them up to see about doing similar on the Fold3. Trade in value for my S20 Ultra is $415. Mentioned I have a tiny, almost inperceivable scratch on the front glass. Trade in value changed to $40

    • +1

      delete the app, reinstall it and try again.. only this time don't mention the scratch.

    • +3

      I'll give you $50 for it.

  • No special colors availble, I really want the white one.
    And also, do you get penalised for not sending your old device?

    • +1

      They charge you $60 for not sending the phone back.

      • Does that include if had offered them something like an iPhone 12 Pro Max?

        • +1

          Whatever the trade in value is you will be billed, source, my cc statement

          • @badonde: Did you get charged for just the phones trade in amount or also the $60 administration fee?

    • +1

      It was mentioned in the last deal that it's better (cheaper) to send in the wrong phone, which they end up sending back.

  • Someone help me understand - whats the loyalty voucher for and which phones are eligible?

    • +3

      Loyalty voucher is for loyalty to your partner, Samsung appreciates the effort.

      • Loyalty voucher is for loyalty to your partner

        Finally my hardwork pays off

        • yeah HARDwork

      • Loyalty voucher is for loyalty to your partner, Samsung appreciates the effort.

        Thanks, mate. I've got the voucher but my girlfriend applied and Samsung denied. I was laughing hysterically as she now has to stick with the old phone. Hahaha.

        Wait. 😳

  • +1

    Good offer but nothing left to trade in lol

  • +1

    When I enter my Trade-in ID, I always get this message: Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment. Does anyone know why and how to avoid it?

    • you need to enter your credit card details on the app

    • Did you try put in your credit card details?

      • After I put my credit card in, it shows Samsung Flip3 5G at $1444 after trade-in. I am confused

  • -1

    To get $200 Loyalty Voucher:

    I chatted with Samsung, they said they don't have any loyalty over $100…

    • +1

      There’s two chats. The one on the contact us page is the one that gives you the $200 code

  • Would have been good if they sold pixel 6 🤣

  • +1

    Has anyone else noticed that samsung is baiting people into trade ups? The website shows $975 for a iPhone 12 Pro Max 512gb, but the app only comes back with $860 after passing all the tests.

    The app and website were consistent a few days ago, but then they increased the trade up values on the website without increasing them on the app. I feel like it's a deliberate baiting strategy, since the trade up value for phones shouldn't really go up.

    • +1

      No one actually sends the phone back, you just want the bonus credit Samsung adds. Sell your phone on gumtree for alot more after.

  • Technically you don't have to trade in a phone and still get the $500 bonus. I 'traded' an iPhone and didn't send it in and they only took out the amount the iPhone was worth. This was couple of months ago.

    • Plus I read, another $60 fee.

      • +4

        nope…no admin fee. source: past deal threads.

      • +3

        Didn't get charged any fees. Did it twice. They deduct whatever the phone that you were meant to trade in and that was it.

        • Finally another person who actually provides useful info based on actual experience rather than someone who regurgitates what's in the T&Cs everyone has access to.

          Tell that to @tc423. he will tell you you should be contacting samsung to remind them to charge you the fee LOL

        • twice with the same phone? I was halfway doing this by reinstalling the app, but got scared when I reached the ID check step…

          • +1

            @aaronaldo: no you can't use the same phone. It logs the IMEI i think. I've tried. Didn't work. Even uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. Won't work.

  • Can we also buy S21 ultra with this deal?

    • No that was last month's deal

  • I'll wait until it drops to $499 + bonus galaxy buds 2022 version then it's worth buying it otherwise no deal.

  • +1

    it wont be longer before we see similar or better discount on S21 models again. Pixel 6 pro will definitely dent samsung share.

  • I get $180 trade in value from Samsung for S20FE 128GB. Not alot, I'm better off selling privately

    but good deal overall without my trade in

    • it's effective $180+$500 bonus =$680 trade in value of your phone.

      if you do not return your phone, they will charge you $60, so you get $500-$60=$440 discount but kept the phone

      • I see, thanks for that. So $440 discount, plus cash on whatever I can sell the phone for (I'm expecting at least $350 for a used S20FE in the private market)

        • Yes you get $440+$350 = $790 discount if you sell in the market compared to $660 if trade in to Samsung.

      • -3

        Is the $60 fee based on your personal experience or are you simply going off what's stated in the T&Cs?

        Everytime there is a Samsung deal posted people who haven't actually gone through the process always write as if $60 fee will be charged by Samsung if you don't send it in and it bloody annoys the hell out of me. If you actually haven't experienced it yourself please don't bother regurgitating what's in the T&Cs.

        I purchased a Flip 3 recently with trade in bonus and never sent the phone in but all I got charged was the cost the phone. They never charged $60 admin fee.

        Unless you had a different experience, can you please stop spreading incorrect info?

        • I bought an 512gb s21 ultra for $1200 during the sept sale. Didn't send my old phone back, was never charged the $60 admin fee. Iirc you only get charged that if you d*ck around and send a completely random phone from the one you registered to trade.

      • I got this reponse from Asurion when asking about the $60 admin fee.


        No the $60 admin fee will be waived off.


        Samsung trade-up team
        [email protected]

  • Can someone clarify these Samsung trade in deals.
    I have an S21 128GB, they are saying they will take $465 for it.

    Do all the bonuses get stacked on top of that?

    $465 + 200 + 500 + 50 = $1215

    The phone is $1499
    Does that mean I can get the phone for my S21 + ~$300 on top of that?

    • I got 410$ on my almost new s21 256 gbs
      I don't understand how the samsung trade up functions.

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