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US$50 of BTC with US$100 BTC Purchase at Blockchain.com (New Users)


Blockchain.com is 10 years old and is celebrating with US$50 of crypto with a US$100 purchase.

Moko (translated):

With a purchase price of 90 €, I lost about 2.30 € in spread / fees. Compared to other exchanges, that's a lot. So it's best to just use it for this action 🐊

Just entered email, password, confirm email, confirm authorized login, buy bitcoin (did $105 USD), add name/dob/address, enter credit card (e.g. ING refunds foreign transaction fee), processing (takes up to 1 minute), verify gold level (photo of license via webcam, take selfie). Wait for bonus to hit account.

To be eligible for the Promotion, you must either be: 1) a new Blockchain.com Wallet user, or 2) an existing Blockchain.com Wallet user with an unverified account and with no previous purchase history prior to the start of the Promotional Period (“Eligible Participants”). Eligible Participants have or sign up for a Blockchain.com Wallet account, verify their account to Gold level, and purchase at least USD $100 or the local equivalent of crypto using fiat on their first purchase during the Promotional Period (a “Qualifying Purchase”).

The first 20,000 Eligible Participants to make a Qualifying Purchase during the Promotional Period shall receive USD $50 or the local equivalent in bitcoin (the “Bonus”). The Bonus shall be deposited directly into your Blockchain.com Wallet account beginning on or around November 15, 2021, with the amount of bitcoin determined by the conversion rate at or around the time of deposit, as determined by Blockchain.com in its sole discretion.

Seems you need to keep it in the account for 2 weeks. So as long as BTC doesn't fall ~44%, you should still be ahead.

All bonuses will be paid around November 15, 2021.

via Mydealz.

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  • +33

    We need China to ban Bitcoin again.

    • +1

      Don't worry it's coming in a few months. They announced the ban but there is still a cut-off date to then sell the assets or unwind the businesses.

  • +8

    Beware - there seems to be some red flags about blockchain.com

    • +12

      After seeing your comment, googled and tyre is some bad news about them.



      • +3

        Thanks for that link. Avoiding this now.

      • From my perspective, they're extremely reputable and genuine. The post to me looks like they have been scammed via phishing from someone else but still believe it was this company.

        I used to use the wallet and have used their data feeds for various chain metrics in the past.

      • I took part in the STX airdrop awhile back, didn't have an issue. Blockchain generates a non-custodial wallet so you can import your keys then withdraw to a wallet you generate as soon as it's paid. You don't need to use the website.

        As long as the coins you buy are paid you can withdraw to your own wallet then withdraw the bonus to a wallet you generate.

        The issue with web wallets and soft wallets is malware, it's common on Apple and google play and other applications. Very common. Very hard to detect.

    • +1

      My BCH went missing. System glitch.

      • How? It's a non-custodial wallet.

        • It's on the block chain. Funds there. But it's broken.

          Some java script error. I will chat more to support over the next few days.

          • @Korban Dallas: So the transfer didn't confirm?

            • @shadowangel: I have had BCH for years since the hard fork.

              Never touched my holdings and its missing on blockchain.com but on the block chain.

              • @Korban Dallas: If it's on the blockchain import your seed into another wallet. like atomic, enjin.

  • +11

    ATH is a good time to buy right?

    • +7

      People who bought BTC @ Dec 2017 ATH & HODL have tripled their money.

      • +12

        What does HODL mean? I only know how to sell when it dips. Am I doing it right?

        • +17

          Hold On for Dear Life

          e.g. you could invest in BTC now, randomise your password, send your future self your login details, then delete your password and get on with your life.
          Then one day your future self receives an email from the old you, and you go “WTF more spam!” and delete it.
          I hope you enjoy my tips. Don’t forget to like and subscribe.

          • +8

            @muncan: hodl is (originally) just a humorous mistyping of hold, to mimic people making typos under pressure as they "hodl"

            • +2

              @Morven: Here I thought it meant Hold the Door from Game of Thrones.

            • @Morven: 💎 🙌

            • +1

              @Morven: I agree with you, and I’m liking that your first voter is Hodler himself!

            • +1

              @Morven: Exactly. Been into crypto for several years and have never seen that definition.

              • @Faulty P xel: It's like the belief that "woot" is derived from "wondrous loot" or "we owned other team" in online games - nope, it's just a written sound like "whoop" or "woohoo" invented decades ago by people chatting online. Online lingo is fun.

      • +2

        Bet you someone said something similar about Lehmans a few months before they went bust.

        Never use past performance as a reason to buy. It is like everyone bought Telstra at the float and tripled their money, now it is at the same level so buying it must mean you will triple your money.

      • I think something like 99% of all bitcoin wallets are in profit right now.

        • Mine is but it's been a long 6 months since the last time I was in profit.

    • +4

      Buy High, Sell Low, this is the way of the crypto market

    • Yes means price is going up

  • -3

    BTC correction is due, so you'll loose that $50 value lol

    • Then sell it immediately?

      • +2

        All bonuses will be paid around November 15, 2021.

        • Fair enough. We shall see what the price of BTC is then.

    • +1

      Did you miss the correction from 64k to 28k?

      • So then free $50 will be become free $22?

        • No it will be a free $75 in 2 months when btc crosses 100k

    • Someone hasn't done their research. Bitcoin is a volatile cryptocurrency but it has gained year on year.

  • +5

    FOMO in guys :D
    I need my bags to pump.

    • +1

      At least you're honest

      • 'I'm here for the technology' but little Johnny's gotta eat lol he's a hungry boy.

  • Bonuses will arrive around November 15, 2021.

  • +4

    Any idea how to track whether we part of first 20000 user?

  • +4

    New Bitconnect?

  • Is it possible to buy $100 of BTC, transfer it to another exchange, sell it, then get the $50 bonus after? Or we must keep the $100 balance until Nov 15th?

  • beware of these guys… they will charge high fees when u try to withdraw.. as they want to promote their fake bitcoin..

    rather buy btc from bitaroo.. u will get more btc inspite of the offer..

    • It's a NON-CUSTODIAL wallet. Simply download your favorite wallet import the seed. BTC fees were under 1USD when i last looked.

  • +2

    In case nobody doesnt know, bitcoin is fully traceable and balance visible to who you transact with. It is not private, the coins you had before you had them can cause you trouble when you try to spend them thanks to monitoring of the blochain which list your address in the clear. Let that sink it what that means if you use it for money. Bitcoin is not money.

    • +2

      Yep, and the blockchain is an immutable ledger, so even if you're "anonymous" now, that doesn't mean you will be in future and whatever you do is fully public. The ATO knows that too ;) And love the cryptobros crowing about the ETF… that's just the SEC's backdoor way of regulating the market :D


      • +1

        also what happens if you good friend you transacted with turns bad…retroactive assocation. lols

    • -1

      Can you start a new cryto called totallyinvisible that does its name ?

      Just spruik Musk to do a tweet and you'll be a Unicorn in no time :).

      • yes anyone can create a token. You will need Eth (Heaps of it to pay gas) then you will need to provide a decent amount of liquidity to Uniswap. It's a pair, so you carry risk also. There are cheaper networks. BTC you could fork with enough cash, especialy with taproot upgrades in a few months.

    • -2

      Bitcoin is not money, and it's not a currency. It's a commodity.

    • -2

      Nayib Bukele says that this person is so wrong and not to listen to them.

      Bitcoin is hard money and will be one to short all other fiat money to the ground.

      One more thing. People can buy coffee with Bitcoin.

      • They're actually using an app which does the transfers offchain, so it's not actually using bitcoin at all. If it was a bitcoin -> bitcoin transaction, the customer would have to wait around for an hour and the fees would be higher than the cost of the coffee.

        • +1

          The Lightning network explained by an OG.

          The current TVL on the LN is 4,700 BTC.

          TL;DR The LN use Bitcoin to Tx. The payments happen in real-time and cost less than $0.01 or are free.

          • @rektrading: I don't need to listen to a "non-technical" explanation by a paid shill for blockstream. The short of it is that Lightning is centralised and can only function with hosted wallets, which is the anthesis of what crypto is supposed to be. It also doesn't make my comment untrue either, because it's a 2nd layer solution built around pushing most transactions off chain and only conducting settlements on-chain from time to time.

            What El Salvador specifically has done is structure the "day to day" transactions using Strike, which is built upon a private version of Lightning. It's inferior to a standard relational database, and the only reason it is used is to trick people who don't know what they're talking about (like someone that needs to link to a "non-technical" explanation) into thinking they are actually transacting with bitcoin when they're not.

            • @Tyrx: I don't know which tribe you're playing from but I've no interest in debating which fork is best.

              I only care about two things and that is the tech that makes the most money and is easy to use. Anything else is noise.

            • +1

              @Tyrx: I find Andreas Antonopoulos to be a great educator for Bitcoin and would hardly consider him to be a paid shill. I would recommend all newcomers to Bitcoin to check out his presentations and lectures. His knowledge on the subject is considerable and his analogies are very entertaining.

              Bitcoin and the Lightning network are tools with different functions. Criticising the Lightning network because it doesn't settle all transactions back to the blockchain is confusing to me. If I am buying a coffee why does this need to settle on chain? Its about speed and settlement cost, both of which is not possible on chain currently.

              Strike and the Chivo Wallet allows the people of El Salvador to remit money back into the country securely and cheaply. Their usual option of using Western Union who charge 15%+ and require a wasted day travelling to the branch and waiting in line to process this is so last century. Again this is another tool which has a purpose and is cheaper / faster / better than the alternative.
              Is it perfect? No, but it is better. Who can argue with choice.

              • @Malik Nasser: Cheaper/faster/better wasn't an issue for Salvadorians working legally in the US (main country we're talking about) that have digitally-connected family back home with bank accounts. Even before El Salvador's pseudo-adoption of crypto, Western Union already let you transfer USD to El Salvador (which was and still is official currency) instantly via debit card and for free via the Money Wallet option (probably because it was used so rarely they simply absorbed card fees…). If you want them to be able to pick up cash the old-fashioned way (and yes, waiting in line) it will cost you $2 via debit card to transfer $100. As the amount increases you reach well below 1% but as the amount decreases below $7 you would reach 15%+ in fees (or @$11 due to a non-proportional scale). Paying cash in-store has always been the pricier option (paying for US man-hours, rent and utilities) but even then only hits 15%+ when below $30. The main issue is and was poor adoption of banking services and internet connectivity in El Salvador.

                Then there's the elephant in the room. Most workers in the US ("most" being generously subtle) get paid in fiat USD. Instantly converting USD to Bitcoin within the US isn't free - unlike Western Union Money Wallet (though as a private company, it may not stay that way forever). And of course, the average volatility index of Bitcoin is over 3.5%, well beyond the volatility of the USD and almost any other currency (at least for now).

                It does provide simplified workflows for the families of undocumented migrants and those trying to avoid scrutiny by the IRS for larger transfers (it's hard enough getting an internet-savvy Australian mum to sign up to ING, let alone teach them how to exchange crypto). And it might trigger a digital and banking revolution in El Salvador because of the local media hype. It's well documented that the disconnected countries in the Americas struggled in providing welfare during the COVID pandemic.

    • Not for long, November Bitcoin gets an upgrade.

    • Only when trying to deposit your Bitcoin onto centralised exchanges will you run into that issue.
      Bitcoin is a decentralised ledger. Using centralised exchanges is somewhat contrary to its intended design.
      If you buy your Bitcoin on the centralised exchange initially then you will not have this issue.

  • Does anyone here have experience with Blockchain.com? Are they legit?

    • It's a non custodial wallet, you don't need to use the website after you make your purchase. Install a good wallet, import your keys and withdraw. I used them for the STX airdrop now worth $200-250usd

      • Is MetaMask good enough?

        When you say import your keys what do you mean exactly?

        • not for Bitcoin, you need a wallet that supports that chain. Atomic wallet is fine but there's many good bitcoin wallets.

          • @shadowangel: Ah cheers, I saw another comment test about Atomic so I’ll look into that next.

            On a side note I just tried to add my Revolut Visa card and after adding my address I couldn’t save the card? Is it meant to be a US address?

      • I missed out but got xlm many years ago.

        • What about Stx? That is $250+ USD now

  • What are the fees to withdraw or change back to aud?

    • withdraw to a real exchange (FTX, Binance, Coinspot). Blockchain is a non-custodial wallet with buy features bolted on.

    • Also blockchain.com is a non-custodial wallet so you pay network fees, currently it's about 0.70cents USD for a transaction on the BTC network.

  • +1

    Better get out guys, I'm about to buy in

    • -10,000%…
      You need to be using 100x leverage, and the underlying asset also has to go to 0.
      Be smart and only invest what you can afford to lose.
      Smart asset allocation sizing will let you sleep at night.
      DYOR and dont go all in with shitcoins.

  • +1

    Any one receive this message? "Well this is awkward. We don't support buying crypto yet for your region. We'll send you an update when we do."

    • are you using a VPN ?

      • No. Should I?

        • Their system may be detecting you are coming from a different region than Australia. Not sure which region though as it's open to loads of countries. Perhaps just refresh your IP (restart modem).

          • @neil: The problem was with the currency. It has to be in US dollar

    • Yes, getting the same message when using website, but not on the app.

  • If you want to buy crypto, just get it from the exchange directly without signing up with a third party.

  • If you want cheap coins Mt Gox lawsuit has ended and the victims have decided to cash out 140,000btc. Over $9B worth. Might drive down the price a little bit

    • +1

      I remember when the trustee for MtGox sold a s***ton of bitcoins on an exchange when the price was near 20k….. It resulted in the price of bitcoin to crash.. When the news eventually came out that the trustee had panic sold near the top and contributed to the big crash, everyone was baffled, like why would you do that? haven't you heard of an OTC desk lol.

      • -1

        That was 20,000btc I think. This time its 140,000 but I believe they're returning it to the victim's to let them do what ever they want

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