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Free Virtual Pass for AWS re:Invent 2021, Las Vegas (Amazon Web Services Signature Annual Event) @ AWS Events


AWS re:Invent 2021 — November 28 to December 3, 2021

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Join us online for live keynotes and leadership sessions from re:Invent 2021. Watch breakout sessions on-demand, take part in virtual learning opportunities and engage with sponsoring partners.

Again for the second time this year they are hosting it as a virtual event for free, joining the conference in person in Las Vegas will cost you US$1799

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AWS re:Invent
AWS re:Invent

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    Thx for the share @ramanan

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    I was hoping for a new cert discount or benefit but no such luck - they're still advertising the 50% discount on SAA as part of this event.

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    Had me at Las Vegas.
    Lost me at Virtual Pass.

    Here’s hoping for a Jeff Bezos / Gavin Belson Signature Box III cross-over.

    • Marc Benioff was the inspiration for Gavin Belson character.

      • MB literally walked past me in his fancy sneakers during his sermon at a Dreamforce conference. I wasn’t inspired.

    • Can't wait for aws: conference to come back to darling harbor, free lunch packs

  • +3

    Isn't this just a marketing event?
    Imagine paying to see Amazon Marketing

    • +2

      You gotta pay for your brain to be washed. Free marketing events just don't carry much weight

  • Damn it, now you've got me working on my long weekend looking at things that I'd like to learn for them.

  • That used to be a junket for loyal to management employees and middle management of prospective customers, you can't really learn anything in these marketing sessions. What exactly the point of it when you're sitting at home and eating your own food?

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    Last year was free too (Virual only).

    • Thanks, edited now

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    I haven't attended AWS re:Invent before — do they hand out promotional credits at the event?

    I could sure use some credit right now…

    • Yes and no. Typically you can get USD$25 easy enough for watching some videos and doing a survey. More substantial credits were given out in the past in person for various new products/as swag.
      Credits in the thousands can be obtained via partners for their various services.

      • +1

        Thanks for that!

        Yeah I know I can get credit from partners, but it's such an extensive process especially since I'm not really on the market to get more products/services but rather just reduce my cloud infrastructure bill.

        I actually got $5K credits before from them as part of being in a startup accelerator. That was JUST before COVID started. Then, all my prospects shut the door on me; some got made redundant and I could barely leverage any of the dollar credits that were given to me.

        I sent them an email asking if they could just please extend the expiry date due to COVID and telling them that, being in Victoria, we've been in lockdown for almost the entirety of the whole COVID situation. Given that they were already expecting to give me the dollar credit, I don't see any problem with them just pushing the expiry date forward (which was due at the start of this year).

        Can you believe they replied back with: "No, anything else I can help you with?" Sigh. :(

  • Wheres the free t-shirt?

    • Last year there was free hoodies for doing a simple minigame

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