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LG OLED48CXPTA CX 48" OLED 4K TV $1888 + Bonus LG Tone Free FN6 Earbuds + Del ($0 to Selected Areas/ C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Looks like a good deal, slightly better than last time, only a few stores still have stock, $49 for delivery.
It is apparently is very similar to a C1 in picture quality.

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    I have been considering this or C1 48" for a while now for work during day time and gaming in the evening. However from the reviews on YouTube, it seems the burn in issue is real. Linus did a video recently and basically this is not a good pick as a work monitor.

    Has anyone tried using this for PC gaming/ work/ console gaming?

    • Is the burn in issue real? I would think for gaming/movie it wouldnt have a chance to burn in as it wouldnt be still for long enough?

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        A recent video from Linus Tech Tips about owning an OLED as a monitor.

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        Yeah it sure is. Only question is how long it takes to get it. Check out Linus' latest video on burn in issue - https://youtu.be/hWrFEU_605g

        Hardware Unboxed also mentioned the risk of burn in for heavy use as PC or gaming monitor in their C1 review.

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        HUD elements in games (health bars maps icons etc) are really bad for burn in - particularly on AMOLED phone displays. Ragnarok mobile destroyed a very expensive flagship Samsung phone of mine :P

        Would imagine similar risk for OLED panels.

          • @JaymanSlice: It was a galaxy note 9. And I assure you the burn in was very, very real.

            • @Canberralad92: I have a note 9 and have played pokemon go daily since start of 2019 with zero burn in issues (on some days I play for 3 or so hours) and before I was working, I was playing for like 5 hours a day.

              Not sure how long you must've been playing particular games for to get burn in that bad….

          • @JaymanSlice: Yeah those icons burned in too after a few years.

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                @JaymanSlice: Lol yeah I go on the internet and lie about screen burn in. I secretly work for Samsung and am out to undermine LG.

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                    @JaymanSlice: Oh ok yeah I just checked Google and your right it actually reversed the burn in on my phone like it never happened! Wow thanks :)

                    By the way. Here's the first thing shown when you go and do a search and believe everything in the first page of Google results.

                    "What Is AMOLED Screen Burn-In? If your screen has an afterimage, mostly where your navigation bar is, and you have an OLED display, you might have burn-in. Individual pixels within an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) decay when they emit light. Burn-in appears because individual pixels do not decay at the same rate."

                    Got any more brain busters?

                      • @JaymanSlice: Stopped reading at "proper genuine smartphone" lol.

                          • @JaymanSlice: I already said above it was a samsung note 9. Does that meet your threshold of being "proper" and "genuine"? :)

                            Posting this from my improper non genuine phone ;)

                              • @JaymanSlice: Nah this ones fine. It's not an AMOLED. So the irony is not lost on me that a shitty phone with older LCD screen tech is less at risk :)

                                Tbh still getting a lol out of the part where you said "bruh check Google burn in isn't real" and repeatedly asking for "pics or it didn't happen" (incidentally i sold the phone to some other similar schmuck who didn't believe in the burn-in boogeyman - easiest money of my life!).

                                If you check your precious Google There are literally thousands of articles and evidence online of burn in being an issue for AMOLED screens in phones.

                                  • @JaymanSlice: Ooft - I see you've realised logic isn't your strong point and are going for a more suitable approach. :) Good to see.

                                    Have a nice day :)

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                                      @Canberralad92: Lol. Makes sense this guy was ghosting. As well as not believing in burn-in, he also is an anti COVID conspiracy theorist.

      • I used an LG B9 for at least a year without any burn in, and I played minecraft a lot with a lot of static HUD.

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        I have this TV and use it as a gaming monitor / work pc with a lot of static images. Sometimes forget to turn it off and wander away for hours. No burn in as of yet.

      • No, the burn in is not real,

        I've been using a lg c9 55" as my main PC monitor for 2 years now, i can't check now, but i have about 3000 hours on it so far.

        I do take some precautions, like making desktop black, hiding windows task bar and desktop icons, and a black screen saver.

        But i often walk away from PC with things on screen, and come back to a black screensaver.

        I'd just like to say, a 120hz hdr oled is possibly the best gaming monitor you can own full stop.

        • Edit:

          At work so can't check, but one of my 9 month old reddit posts says "i was on 6618 hours on the oled."

          So i'm probably closer to 8k hours. Still amazing as the day i bought it.

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      yeah risky pick for heavy pc use like 10 hours a day, unless u plan to replace it in 2 years.

      though if like me u always run your screens at low brightness it might be good for quite a while.

      just used as a tv/gaming screen should be fine for long enough.

      keeping it for 5 years might push it but yeah.

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        Take CyberBlade with a Grain of salt.

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        "Burn in will occur on any screen" - absoloute bollocks

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          What makes that bollocks? Burn in will occur on every OLED screen eventually, it's simply a matter of usage. What most people don't realise is that burn in is cumulative, if you watch a certain channel, play a certain game or use it in any one way it will eventually get burn in.

          Are most people likely to get it? Due to the fact that people generally keep their TV's for a long time, and that no one will touch a 2nd hand OLED with a 10 ft pole, after 5/6 years it's likely, but by that point most will want to upgrade anyway

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            @kille745: 'any' screen includes 99.9% of screens which are not OLED - so yeah bollocks

            • @Baron-K: Image retention is possible on LCD screens. It is extremely unlikely but definitely possible. Most common on monitors used on things like process control where a monitor is displaying the same screen 24/7 for years at a time. So technically, the guy is correct, after all he did say it depends how it is used.

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                @DanielP2: Anything is possible, big diff' to "will occur" - again….bollocks

                • @Baron-K: U keep ignoring the depending on how it is used part. Anyway, his main point is that if you use an oled primarily for gaming and movies with some general pc use, you are likely to be fine. This has been proven time and time again. Take precautions such as reducing brightness, setting the screen to turn off when not in use, don't disable the lg features to protect against burn in, and enjoy the amazing picture quality you get from an oled.
                  Or just stick to your ips.

        • on LED it was called 'persistence' on OLED its shown here to occur, on plasma it was called burn in.

          it occurs on any.

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      Take it with a grain of salt but I've been using a B8 as a main monitor for 10-12 hours a day for a few years and no burn in. I don't think it's a thing on modern OLEDS.

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        It's absolutely a thing on modern OLEDs, it just doesn't happen at the same rate on every OLED panel. Give it enough time and yours will likely end up with burn in, but it may take a much longer time than others (I've had a B8 for 2-3 years now with no burn in, but I have a friend with another LG OLED TV that had burn in after 6~ months with constant sports/news on screen). Also, lots of modern phones with OLED still burn in due to static elements on screen (pixel shifting doesn't solve the problem entirely), but again it depends on usage/brightness, differences between each panel, etc.

      • Yeah C8 here. Lots of gaming. Leave it on Netflix Home Screen for ages. PS5. Switch. No issues. 4/5 years plus

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      Have this as a work monitor from 7am to 3pm ( don’t tell my boss) then gaming until 10pm on the daily for a year now and zero burn in. Life is short, listen to the trolls and you’ll never have fun in life.

      • Username checks

      • This man speaks the truth

    • I've been using 55 BX as my main PC and PS5 monitor since June so about 5 months now, it's on at least 8-12hrs a day. it's been great so far but probably still too early for me to experience burn in yet.

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      Ive been using a CX for over a year without any sign of burn in. Its my primary display so is used mainly for web browsing and there is no burn in from tabs. I played WoW for several months with static hud elements, and nothing. I check for burn in with fullscreen images of solid colours for R, G, B, C, M, Y, 25% grey, 50% grey, 75% grey. There is seriously nothing at all.
      What i do get is amazing picture quality, great motion (no smearing or ghosting like on a VA panel), Awesome colour and even better contrast (no IPS glow / backlight bleed). only precautions i have taken to prevent burn in is to turn oled brightness down to 50% and set the screen to go black after 3 minutes of inactivity. If I am displaying a static image for ages (Word / Excel, reading a long article for ages, MS Solitaire) then LGs dimming algorithm is quite noticable, but obviously thats not an issue when gaming or watching video.
      No matter how often people who own these as monitors try to convince people who dont that burn in isnt as big an issue as people make it out to be, this still comes up. Quite often its people who dont own one that spread the mis-information. Maybe it was an issue on much older generations, but i think its quite rare these days, especially if you take a few precautions to minimize the risk.

      Edit: just noticed people complaining about the high gloss finish on these panels making it hard to use in a bright lit environment. That is my biggest issue with this screen, it can be a real pain in the ass to use if any light comes through the windows. Also, the backlighting from my keyboard reflects on the screen and can be annoying as hell on dark scenes. So make sure u have a dark room if u want one of these

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        Yeah the glare is horrible. I actually like to see the sun and daylight when working so OLED is really really bad for my use case.

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    You can all have your mini and nano led backlit, but nothing, nothing comes close to actual oled.

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      Not when you are viewing in a bright room.

      • The newer OLED evo panels are fine in a bright room.

        I have an LG G1 in a room with 3 out of 4 walls completely glass, its completely watchable in the middle of a sunny day.

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          I'm not saying OLED is bad in bright room. I meant LED is brighter than OLED in that situation.

          • @edfoo: Right. LED might be brighter in that situation but his point stands - It doesn't come close to actual OLED as far as the experience goes.

            • @sovereign01: Like I've said, it depends on the lighting in the room where you view the TV. If you normally watch TV in a very brightly lid room, the OLED TV can appear a bit dim and your experience won't be as good as an LED TV.

    • This isn't actually "OLED", this is WOLED. Really just a stop gap technology that is compromised on pixel density.

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          You've got me converted!

        • (30)

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      Disagree, I'd take IPS with "proper" dimming over OLED albeit that it's hideously expensive to have good local dimming.

      Disregarding dark scenes I think IPS look more realistic without dimming.

      It's not like this isn't a fantastic display though.

    • NOTHINGGGGGG!!!!!!

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    Only $300 more for the 55 inch.

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      I tried the 55" Dell Alienware as a monitor. Coming from 3* 27" IPS, then 49" DQHD Ultrawide, and I have a big deal. Beside the high gloss of the Dell, it was too big for a monitor.
      The 48" though, perfect.

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    Currently using C1 48" as monitor, couldn't be happier. I wouldn't do that with a 55" tho

  • Was wondering how long till someone posted.

    I mentioned it here

    • Why didn't you post it yourself?

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        Been busy at work

  • i bought a LG C1 48" for $1800 from TGGs with a bit of back-and-forth about 3 weeks ago.

    • What is the back n forth part

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        game of ping pong

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          So you need to beat the staffs in a game of ping pong in order to get a good deal?

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        …and yadda yadda yadda I got it for $1,800

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        It involved going back and forth between TGGs and JB and getting them to beat each other's offers. Then TGGs offered $1800 for the TV and 5-year warranty on top for $300. So I took that and then canceled the warranty a few days later.

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          So you paid extra for a warranty you didn't need disguised as a deal. Cool.

        • Poor salesperson and their commission… :P

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      Back and forth with his wife and the sales rep. Legend.

  • Is the $150 savings and some earpods better value then getting the C1 for approx 2 grand?

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    I compared the C1 and CX in store last week and the faster processor in the C1 was the deciding factor. An upscaled picture on the C1 was significantly better when side by side - really noticeable. The reflections seemed to be better to me and flipping channels/menu items was faster.

    I bought the C1 48 earlier today for $2019 using the 15% off mentioned in this post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/658329
    Hopefully it is worth the $131 and no earpods more.

    • I have the C1 too and it’s been a really great TV, especially nice for gaming on the new consoles, but even standard TV content looks great and feels ultra smooth.

      The only thing I’m not sure of is the new WebOS, I think I actually prefer the previous UI with the Dock thing. The new one just seems more confusing to find things (too many ways) and pops up “trending” rubbish etc when you turn it on.

    • thanks for the review. I will wait for the C1 48" to drop. saves me waiting for stores to open and compare side by side (which doesn't even seem possible at some stores)

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    OLED has burn in issues

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    It's funny how the only people that still complain about burn in are the ones that don't own one - even Linus fixed his burn in issue with the built in tools and i'm damn sure he used his way way more than you ever will.
    I'm currently at 2800 hours on my CX that is used as a dedicated computer monitor with no burn in.

    • I did a bunch of reading and came to the conclusion that it was more of an issue for the 2017 and before models as the software did little to address burn in. This was also why LG was giving people with those early year model a free panel replacement if they had burn in, but then stopped once they got the software avoidance management of this figured out in the newer models. My conclusion was that for me the risk was small enough to warrant the purchase and picture quality.

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      It could be true what you are trying to say regarding people complain about burn in are the ones that don't own… the fact is for such expensive product why you need go through this additional tools to fix, when it is clear that there is certainly a issue with the product.

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        Because burn in is not an "issue" per se, but just the nature of the self emitting TV technology in general. Burn in is just layman term for uneven phosphor degradation.
        All of that type of previous phosphor technology (Plasma, CRT, also have burn in "issue").

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      The image retention that Linus had wasn't 'fixed', that function wears all of the pixels down to the area of burn in, if you do it enough times it'll be dimmer

      • Exactly! it wasn't fixed, it was still there but less than what it was but it smeared the screen for good so that part lost some of its clarity and became slightly dimmer. Playing with fire if you're going to be using it as a PC monitor with long hours of browsing and having the same pages, apps and games open all the time. There are ways to lessen it like putting on full screen videos before turning off the screen and making sure you change over to other content after a little while. If people can't afford to lose the money when it happens then don't risk it

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    So many reviews regarding monitor use - Any opinions for a seldom usage bedroom tv?

    How flush would it be to wall mount?

    Been using the 55"B8 for years and love it, until forced to use apple TV for Binge and the sound is terrible, soundbar hunt time.

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      Amazing as Tv. Good as monitor but its yoo glossy.

    • I have mine mounted it ends up around 75mm from wall looks great sounds ok as well.

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