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Fossil Hybrid 50mm Watches ($66/ $74) Delivered @ Watch Station International via Catch


Looks like everywhere is clearing out these bigger hybrids. Too big for my skinny wrists but might be useful for some.
Sold out on fossil website but looks like theyre still around here.
https://www.catch.com.au/product/fossil-mens-latitude-hybrid-hr-gold-tone-hybrid-smartwatch-ftw7023-7234891/ SOLD OUT
https://www.catch.com.au/product/fossil-mens-latitude-hybrid-hr-black-hybrid-smartwatch-ftw7021-7234890/ SOLD OUT

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    50mm is too big for me as well

    • +6

      I'd have to buy two, to keep my balance.

    • that's what she

      • +1


    • i have skinny wrists too but i like the recent $100 sale - gen 5 steel
      its 46mm i think but shiny i can look slightly dressed even in my t shirt. Also i like the weight of it - makes me feel likt i have something in my hand helps stop fidgeting when im outside the house

  • +2

    What is this? A watch for giants?

    • +1

      asked the little person.. .. and they lived happily ever after ;)

  • +3

    Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch Garrett HR Gold-Tone Stainless Steel (FTW4039) for $100 as well.


    • $100 is a good price.
      Anything above $150 wouldn't be worth it due to the poor battery life.

      • All 3 sold out now. Really popular at this price.

  • It’s a shame when you need the seconds hand and these hybrids never have the seconds hand

    • if you need second hands for timer etc - it becomes second hand I believe.

      • Damn it, bought the latitude hybrid, couldn’t resist at this price.

        • It's a good price. You can probably recover the full cost when you resell it in a year's time.

          • @aveeno bb: can see lots of people flogging them off on FB/Ebay/Gumtree after last weeks sale XD

    • You can always buy second hand.

  • +1

    Very tempting but 50mm is way too big for my wrist

  • +1

    Picked one up cheers. Love the e-ink screen. If only pebble didn't go the way of the dodo.

  • For those who Moises out available at the same price on eBay


    Would of preferred the metal strap and black colour
    Oh well

  • All Sold out anyway so nothing to see here anymore…

      • +1

        I got 1, thanks! Already sold out.

      • Sold out too on eBay. So people buy them because they are so cheap or what’s so special on this?

        • +2

          It's good value for the discounted price. Fossil watches are good quality overall, just not at the full price.

        • perfect Christmas gift

      • Bummer, missed it. Nice looking watch.

        I like my diesel "on full guard 2.5" but the daily charging is a little annoying. I probably should just set the charger next to my phone so i dont forget to charge it or grab in in then morning.

  • Suddenly link 2 shows 6 watches left…

  • +3

    There's still a couple of them available via the Watch Station International site on Amazon as well - https://www.amazon.com.au/Fossil-Hybrid-Silver-Smartwatch-FT… and https://www.amazon.com.au/Fossil-FB-01-Hybrid-Smartwatch-FTW…

  • Another fossil (auto, not hybrid) $70 with code afterpay10


  • 50mm lol, rather strap a phone instead

    • Might have to do that as this is OOS… lol

  • +2

    I bought the Hybrid HR Collider tan at Fossil outlet at watertown in Perth last week for $99. Great watch and might be another option for those with a store nearby.

  • +1

    Got an email from catch saying it's delayed

    • +1

      Likewise for me, though the one I got via Amazon (referenced above) has already arrived (even though both had the same estimated delivery date on purchase).

      • How is it so far?

        • Still in the box unfortunately, I bought it as a gift. I did get myself one of the Fossil Gen 5's also on clearance a couple of weeks ago and have been happy with that so far apart from the battery life. Though with some tweaks to settings I get a full day out of it now at least.

  • I got the delayed email earlier today and just got a refund from Catch stating out of stock! I purchased it quote early when the deal was posted.

    • I just got refunded from Catch as well, seems surprisingly widespread.

  • Order cancelled here as well :-(

  • Damn, mine is also cancelled.
    It looks like they may have prioritized Amazon orders, maybe Amazon penalize more than Catch for cancelling orders?
    Oh well.

    • I am thinking the same

  • Cancelled.. :(

  • All , anyone got refund success from catch.au ?

    They just claim they did, and chat is not tracking the issue well. And just show the sample of refund page to proof they did on 27 Oct.

    Seem the hold petty of cash now.

  • All, please double check your refund, i got catch.com.au confirm there ware system issue. make sure you check.

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