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[Pre Order] Sony Alpha 7 IV Digital E-Mount Camera $3988 Delivered @ Sony Australia


Technically not a discount or bargain but if you are looking to pre-order the new SONY A7 IV, then getting it from sony.com.au via CashRewards* is probably the cheapest option right now. I know we can see the price going lower some time next year but as a new product, it is not likely to go on SALE by any resellers anytime soon. Compound with the fact that the A7 IV is such an upgrade over the A7 III, I doubt I can get hold of it in the near future if not placing an pre-order.

I placed the order just now and already cashrewards* is able to track the transaction.
Can always cancel if there is a cheaper deal popup before the shipping date which is Sometime in december.

*10% Cashback Uncapped with ANZ Max (8% Non Max) @ Cashrewards

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  • Is anyone aware of discounts on the A7III?
    Or any upcoming Sony cashback?
    I was hoping for a price drop today but it didn't happen!

    • Lots of cheap second hand ones?

      • no, I do not want a used one without warranty… and second hand are not that cheap considering I will leave Australia in a month ( = GST back)

        • You can leave Australia now? I'm so out of the loop

          • +1

            @fuzor: No, you can't leave for fun. I'm leaving for good and I'm preparing an application to do so. It's such an annoying process that I have to go through even if I have no intention to come back..

            • @ets27: I would buy the camera in the country where I intend to live for warranty purpose. It may even be cheaper in some countries (e.g. US). Unless you go to a country cover under Sony Tourist Limited Warranty.

              • +1

                @Buy2Much: In Italy, the cheapest is 2000 euros body only.. :)

                • @ets27: Better buy in Italy then, AUD 3105 cheaper even after taking into account TRS.

                  • @Buy2Much: Wait.. that's the price for the A7III :)

                    • @ets27: That makes sense, I was thinking the new A7 IV :-)

                      • @Buy2Much: I wish :):):) these stuff are soooo expensive in Europe!! I'm getting asucj gear as I can here before leaving!

                        • @ets27: The good news is that the Sony stuff you buy in Oz would likely have Sony Tourist Limited Warranty in Italy.

  • A7 IV is such an upgrade over the A7 III

    In what ways? Video seems better but for photos?

    • video miles ahead than A7 iii. Photo we are talking about a much better AF with the added pixels..

      • +4

        Yeah looks like AF is better and there's obviously more pixels too but aside from that doesn't seem to be a big improvement if your primary usage of the camera is photos. Not sure if it would be worth nearly 2x the price to upgrade.

        • I have the A7S3 and A7iii, the experience is night and day. For me, it is even worth to place my order today. Yes I do lots of videos.

      • still can't do full frame 4k 60p, let alone 120p, still a couple of generations behind a7s3.

      • +1

        Rolling shutter makes this a non starter for video unfortunately. Better to save your money and get the a7iii.

    • +2

      I watched a couple videos, from memory big changes include:

      Proper flippable screen.
      Doesn't seem to have overheating issues and auto stop recording.
      Higher resolution - I did like that the a7m3's 24MP res was 6000x4000
      Focus breathing reduction option via cropped video
      Focus heat map for video
      Updated menu
      Webcam mode
      5ghz wifi

  • +2

    A bit disappointed with the pricing of the Sony A7 IV. More than twice the price of the A7III on sale (~1.8k) and you could get the A7R IV for ~3.4k a few months ago!

  • +2

    Interestingly, the a7riv was going for around 3500 with sales + cashback a few months ago.

    Looking forward to the reviews as this camera is close to everything I want. I previously had the a7riii (stolen, along with all my lenses, tripods, filters and powerbanks!) and I think the 33mp is a good compromise on resolution with what seems to be very high level af tracking.

    Who knows, might be able to claim TRF on it soon too!

    • +1

      Ouch. That sucks. Hope you were covered!

  • This is a discount as the launch said $4299 RRP… I almost cried. Hopefully I'll get A7iii or 7c at a reasonable price.

  • Bird eye focus, if you're birding. Otherwise A7iii is doing the job well.

  • I’d wait for summer as there’s usually a $300 cashback or so

    • I don't think the new cameras are normally part of the Sony summer cashback scheme.

    • This is already $300 off srrp is $4299

      • Yikes. The RRP is $4299? That’s getting up to what the A7R IV is/was!

        But then again, you can usually get 10% off RRP through places like digi direct

        • As someone found below Shopback 10% off works on this presale

          • @jumpy: Curses! I’ve succumbed and ordered

  • Not sure if you can record video when the dial is in the photo mode or vice-versa? Otherwise it will be a bit cumbersome to switch between the modes.

    • +1

      There's a big red "record" button behind the shutter button so I assume you can still take video in photo mode and vice versa. That's how it works on Olympus cameras, at least.

    • +1

      I bet you can, the moive mode is specifically that if you wish to go into the pro movie setup like 10bit 422 4k etc etc. For the older machines is really a problem as often you will have different settings (Picture profile, ISO, shutter speed, etc) for movie and video. Now this setting solved the problem.

    • I hope you both are right and that is the case, I specifically want this camera to replace my A7iii for underwater. It will be difficult for housing manufacturers to get that dial working.

  • No full frame 4k60 + bad rolling shutter. Thank god.
    - A7s3 owner.

    • +2

      Well if they offered the same features like 4k 60P with no crop, the A7S III owners would be filthy.

  • What is going on with the prices? Sony A7 was $1200 something, A7ii was $1600, A7iii for $1900 and now A7 IV for $3800. My salary is only going up by 1.5% per year.

    • Sony back then just brought out full frame Mirrorless cameras to the mamai, and they wanted to capture the market for subsequent models.

    • Was the a7 iii really $1900 at launch? I know it was US $2000 that may have been more like AU $3000. Sure its $1900 now but thats after 3 years.

  • Has Cashrewards had bigger cashback than 8% on Sony before?

    • 15% I believe was back in 2018.

      • That was long time ago. Really wish they can do a bit better than 8%.

  • I should've got the A7R2 offer on Amazon last week for 1.4k…

  • Wished the price was 3.5k or so but 4k is a bit more palatable than 4.3k I suppose. Guess I'll wait til this time next year and hope for it to drop to 3.5k. AF, flippy screen and other quality of life upgrades make for an awesome upgrade from my a7iii

  • Great camera no doubt, but can’t justify the price over a7iii. What significance upgrade is there besides extra megapixels and a floppy screen?

  • +2

    Shopback currently has 10% sony deal, $ 3.6K still better than 4.3k RRP at press conference.

    • Did you get this curious to know if it works for a7 iv.

      • +2

        Yes it works for a74 pre order. Cash back tracked within an hour.

        • Did Sony take your $ straight away? So they get 2 months of interest. That's what they did with my previous back order.

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