120GB/Month SIM Only Plan for $15/Month for The First 6 Months ($29.99/Month Thereafter) @ iiNet (Existing Broadband Customers)


for iiNet internet customers looking for a new mobile plan

Get 120GB/mth mobile data with our new Mega Bundle !

We’re offering a bonus 80GB of data on our Large 40GB Mobile plan when you bundle with any active iiNet internet plan. That’s a total of 120GB mobile data to use each month!

You’ll only pay $15/mth for your first six months, then $29.99/mth

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    Was with iiNet for over 20 years until they couldn't give a toss about loyal customers anymore sadly. When I moved house and they wouldn't move my 100/40 FTTN plan and wanted me to pay the same for a 100/20 plan that was the last straw!

    Never ever will I be an iiNet customer

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      They were bought out by TPG in 2020.

      I'd hazard to guess that's when they started going to shit, based off my many (now cancelled) previous services with TPG.

      • I never had any major dramas with them since 2008. Last year they wanted to charge me for replacing their faulty NBN router and I refused because to have VOIP it must be their router only leaving me no second option. Quickly drafted and sent a complaint to TCO then 4 days later TPG called telling me my new router was on its way to me and it's free.

    • You need to ring/email them and talk to them nicely, they wave my new connection free and new NBN set up fee when I moved to a new location. I been with them for years.
      Or maybe it's a grandfather plan? Different location?

    • TPG (who owns iiNet) switched me over from 100/40 to 250/20 for free. Didn't like it and after three weeks of communications the original plan was restored.

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    Who gets through that much data with a phone?

  • +3

    iinet is quite dodgy based on my personal experience.

  • Got the email with mobile offer last week, looks like new plans are on Vodafone network and not Optus.

    • Yep, it's Vodafone

      • I'm assuming 4G only?

        • Yes

        • +1

          I’m on this plan, definitely have 5G depending on your area.
          I got 5G where I live surprisingly.
          I didn’t have 5G in my area while with Telstra.

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