Lenovo Yoga 9i 2in1 Touchscreen Laptop with i7 Gen 11, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD $2197 + Delivery ($0 to Metro Areas/ C&C) @ Officeworks


First time/Long time. or is it Long time/First time? Either way this is the cheapest I've seen a Yoga 9i with these specs. This version of lenovo is comparable to the dell xps or the hp spectre 360 line up but its cheaper AND comes in 1TB. Sure its FHD but at 400 nits its bright enough and won't be a drain on the battery unlike its UHD brother.

Mod note: Delivery is available to NSW but not VIC or SA. Set your location to check.

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  • First time/Long time. or is it Long time/First time?


  • Number of Processor Cores - Octa-Core. Is it? More like thread count.

    • -1

      End of month sales, October Whore!

  • I'm a bit confused. Is this an older gen or something? The one on the lenovo site seems to have a different hinge, with large speaker


    Or are the pictures just wrong on the officeworks listing? Doesn't even look like a 2-in-1

    • it's a mess.

      officeworks images are of the (non-2-in-1) Yoga Slim 9i

      lenovo's own site has stuffed up - it shows the 2-in-1 photo at the top of the listing for the Yoga Slim 9i, and vice versa

      amazon is the only other place i see the '82BG001NAU' part number as listed on officeworks, but at least it shows a 2-in-1 @ $2699

      all very confusing but it does appear to be a great deal you've stumbled upon, OP - if they send out the correct machine (2-in-1, leather) as per listing.

      For comparison 82BG005UAU which I believe is the same except with 'mica' colourway (aluminium not leather) and smaller 512GB SSD is currently available from lenovo at promo price of $2249, less 9% cashback (so $2046)

      • +1

        one more thing - the black leather version has a different trackpad (fixed with haptic feedback) to the aluminium version.

        reviews are pretty bad for the leather one's "Smart Sensor Touchpad Embedded under Edge-to-Edge Glass"

        • I was looking for a 2in1 for a while and relied on the amazon part number stats that you found. I was just going to return it if it ended up being the wrong thing! Luckily I ended up getting the black leather 2in1, 11th Gen i7-1185G7, 16GB, 1TB ssd version. I DIDN'T know about the reviews on "Smart Sensor Touchpad Embedded under Edge-to-Edge Glass". It's too late now since I already bit the bullet but - where did you see this?

          • @cv02: I simply googled reviews for yoga 9i black leather.

            Lenovo calls that variant Shadow Black

  • Below is C&C stock remaining, only 9 left it seems.

    Location Stock
    NSW (excl. Coffs Harbour, Lismore), VIC (Pakenham, Shepparton, Wodonga), ACT 4
    QLD, NSW (Coffs Harbour, Lismore) 2
    WA, NT 3

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