[Pre Order] GTA: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition (PS4, XB1, XSX, Switch) $29 When Trade in 2 Selected Games @ EB Games


As announce by EB Games on Twitter

See in-store for list, over 1000 eligible trade in titles.

Physical release Tuesday 7 December.

Pre-order in-store from today, online from Monday 25 October.

I guess not in-store in Victoria until retail opens again which might be next weekend.

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EB Games Australia


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    Hopefully someone can get the list of eligible trade-ins posted here soon enough.

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      Anything they sell for above $30 preowned is generally eligible

  • Apparently, the offer is only for the PS4 and Xbox One/Series versions.

    That’s what I saw in store

    • Yeah, I’ve heard maybe there is no physical PS5 version which seems super strange.

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        Rockstar are dodgy that's why. All about them shark cards now.

    • Oh no PC?

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        GameBoy Master Race!!

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    The original PC version looks far better with free mods.

    For example, the mods just AI upscaled the characters faces instead of turning them into the The Sims.


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      That's great, but us console plebs have no choice.

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    Remake after remastered after ultimate edition after definitive edition. I want to see more NEW games.

    • -3


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    For Xbox owners, upgraded San Andreas is coming to GamePass day one. PS Now will have GTA III but you’ll need a US account because that’s still not officially available for Australians.

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      Yeah, how long till they bring PS Now to Oz?

  • Anyone know if the original songs are still on them? Apparently they didn't have it on some of the more original versions because they're no longer licenced or something?

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      We don’t know yet

    • Yeah, I think they are touting "revamped" soundtrack or something like that, which I reckon is code for we had licencing issues.

    • I think it would be a safe bet to look at current digital versions and use that.

      I cant see R* shelling out $ to re-license tracks for an overhaul.

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    'Definitive edition' - until the next generation of consoles rolls around and it's repackaged again.

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    GTA: San Andreas remastered hits Xbox Game Pass on day one.

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    How is this a "bargain" ?

    • Less than $99

  • Thanks Op. I’ll wait for GTA 6…😅

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    Whilst GTA V seems to have lasted far longer than average, I'm holding out for these remasters of the GTA trilogy to be discounted which I suspect may not take too long.

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    i think these are the games i'd prefer digital over physical copies

    • +2

      Is there a reason for that or is it just a random thought?

  • Physical edition may still require mandatory downloads. A bit bummed about this https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/10/grand-theft-auto-t....

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      *for switch

  • anyone got that Trade in list ?

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