Corsair 2TB MP600 Core Gen4 PCIe X4 NVMe M.2 SSD $339.00 + Delivery @ Umart


Cheap for 2tb ssd but not for those who care about endurance.

It is rated at 450TBW

PCIe Gen 4.0 x4
CDM Up to 4,950MB/s
CDM Up to 3,700MB/s

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    its qlc nand not recommand

    • So tell us all about the cases of running out of SSD endurance that you know about because I've known none at all ignoring the recent crypto storage wrecking.

      It seems like a large waste of money to continuously pay more for unused SSD endurance.

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        The endurance isn't the main issue. It is its performance when using the actual QLC NAND and in mixed I/O situation. Once the drive is filled up the write performance tanks quite bad (that it cannot even beat SATA3 TLC SSDs), Also, they are slightly less ideal for laptops (due to higher wake latency). I get for most people, it is quite unlikely you copy from a faster SSD to this SSD a lot. However, the main issue I have with QLC SSDs is that they are not cheap enough.

        The most important reason to mention this is that this is the QLC model, not the TLC model that you found in a lot of the reviews (they are for a different model). Cannot just search for MP600, need to search for MP600 Core.

      • It's not only the endurance, the sustained write speed is painfully slow with QLC drives if you ever decide to copy data between drives.
        QLC nand is significantly less reliable (2x lower signal to notice ratio), which is masked by error correction, but still worth taking into account. It's not really a significant disadvantage if you do backups.

        It has its place, for something you don't write often by large chunks like games drive, but for the very small difference in the price, in many cases, it's IMHO worth switching to the TLC drive.

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    Available at Amazon for $339 delivered.

    • Also available - Samsung 970 Evo Plus at Amazon for $335-340 depending on retailer. Ended up going for this Corsair instead though, looks to be slightly more performance but potentially less endurance.

  • What? No "will work in PS5" questions yet?

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      It's easier to Google (which people probably did). Yes, you can use this with PS5. It's not the cheapest SSD you can use with PS5 in terms of $/GB. This price is roughly the same as the US price when discounted (after adding the GST).

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      It’ll work but it’s too tall. Can’t put the metal shield back on.

  • Will this fit in a laptop? or will the heat spreader be too big?

    • You could probably remove the heatsink and opt for a low profile one for a laptop, or no heatsink at all if the laptop doesn't support Gen4.

  • Confused why they list both 1440 TB written and 450TBW for the endurance figures.. could someone explain? are they measured differently?

    • That looks like a generic product page for all the MP600 Cores, but the highest capacity (4TB) is still only 900TBW. It makes no sense.

  • I will never buy from Umart again.
    Bought a laptop ages ago displayed as 1080p to replace a 768p I had.
    I received a 768p laptop, contacted them and "oh too bad, here $10 credit. Next?"


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