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TOPSHAK TS-ESD2 Cordless Electric Screwdriver w/ 34pcs Accessories US$12.99 (~A$17.40) Delivered @ Banggood


Main Features:

● 3 Different handle positions adjustable. You flexibly work in a tight space.

● 6+1 Adjustable Torque, 220RPM Speed. From 1N.m to 4N.m to provides more precise control of screw-driving

● Brighter Front & Rear Light. The front light illuminate the target when you work in dark space. The rear light can be used as a flashlight to illuminate larger area

● 34Pcs Driver Bits Accessories. Allows quick bit-change and complete the assembly tasks

● 2000mAh Li-lon Battery, USB Charging. Operate cordless after full-charged and can continuously screw over 300 screws

● Equipped with Flexible Shafts. Help to reach the areas that are inaccessible

● Fits your hand perfectly, you can get a greater control with a better feeling of grip to assemble more faster and easier than other tools.

● Suitable for Many Situations, such as Furniture Assembly, Shelf Mounting, Room Decorating, Toy Repairing, etx.

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The first generation of this electric screwdriver the TS-ESD1 is also on sale for US$2 less but it doesn't have the adjustable handle or the 6+1 torque adjustment.

TOPSHAK TS-ESD1 Cordless Electric Screwdriver US$10.99 (~A$14.72)

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  • +2

    Misread title as “topless screwdriver”. Certainly got my attention…!

  • -2

    micro usb charging

    throw it in the bin /s

    • +2

      What's wrong with that (USB). One just plugs it into a Phone charger or the likes………….what do you expect Smart Charging? In fact USB could be considered a plus over a proprietary charger. Even a powerbank could charge it if needed when out and about.

      Cheap device with a 2000mAh Li-lon Battery and incl a Flexible Shaft. If I didn't already have a Dremel Electric Screwdriver, I'd consider buying this as a cheapie. Am only missing a Flexible Shaft……I want one :-)

      • Might wanna check out what /s means

      • +1

        The /S is known as the sarcasm switch. When you are typing a post use it at the end of your post so people know you are actually being sarcastic.

  • Damn I ordered this a few days ago before discount

    • how much did you pay?

  • +1

    Bought one, let's see how long it survives. Thanks OP

    • +1

      I purchased it also. Wanted to get the Ozito for $35 but couldn't resist getting this one instead at a third of the price. Paid US$9.39 as it stacked with my 10% user allowance :)

      • +1

        Don't get the Ozito one, super sticky after 3-6 months, the plastic part felt like melting.

  • Is the screwdriver magnetic?

    • +1

      Description states the chuck is magnetic, so I'm guessing with the driver bit inserted the bit also becomes magnetic.

      • This electric screwdriver seems better and has more functionality.

        With the exception that this item is being shipped from China instead of Australian Warehouse.

        Is there a reason why this is not as popular as this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/657375

        I have a brushless drill that I can attach screwdriver chuck, but this item is smaller and more portable. So still deciding.

        • Not sure, probably because they serve different purposes. The Xiaomi for smaller type screws such as those found in laptops/phones and this is for putting together flat pack furniture and the like.

        • Different things. This is handheld rather than pen like which is hard to grip for some. This also has a flexible shaft and a 2000mAh battery. As noted they are both screw drivers but have different uses.

  • +1

    Needed it.

  • How's this compare with the Ikea screwdriver for torque?


    Been using this for 5 years afraid it's going to fall apart soon

  • Wow… shipped out confirmation within the hour
    Should be an interesting race with an Auspost parcel from Melbourne.

    • It ships from China so you have to wait for it to arrive here first…..only then do the major delays occur -)

    • Arrived today, still waiting on the parcel from Melbourne…

  • +1

    I need one of these today - placed my order so let's wait……
    Thanks OP!

    • +2

      I doubt you'll get it today.

  • Got one, paid 18.28.
    Where do I apply for my 80c rebate?

  • Purchased on 24th October, received yesterday. Not too bad turnaround from China. Quicker than Australia Post from Melbourne to Gold Coast.

  • +1

    Ok, I am going to reviews this item. It came quicker than expected so good. I moved into my new house and bought a few thousand dollars of Ikea furniture and put this little fella to work. So this drill works better than I hoped for and never missed a beat. It also screws into soft pine and timber skirtings/mouldings no problems. Essentailly I felt I got more than what I paid for. I even bought a Ozito 18v brushless drill kit for $149 in anticipation that the little fella may need help but the kit is still new in the box.

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