Bonus Qantas Points When Switching Electricity (10,000), Gas (5,000), & Earn 2 Points Per $1 Spent on Electricity @ Red Energy


I recently swapped to Red Energy because I ran the numbers (ACT) and it was cheaper for me. What sweetened the deal is they offer 10,000 bonus QFF points for switching electricity, and 5,000 bonus points for gas, ie up to 15,000 total. In addition you get 2 points per $1 spent on electricity.

Looks like it is available in Vic, NSW, ACT, SA, and Qld.

You can get a further $50 gift card (or 3500 qantas frequent flyer points) if you are referred by someone and supply their account number.

The points are paid upfront, you don't need to wait so in theory you could swap out whenever you want. I was referred by a friend and also got the $50 gift card upfront, without waiting, although I would encourage people not to exploit this deal.

For comparison, my plan with Red Energy is (in the ACT)
Supply charge of $0.85657 per day, basic tariff of $0.21835 / kWh (GST included).

Bonus Qantas Points

Bonus points will be credited to a Qantas Frequent Flyer member with a valid Qantas Frequent Flyer number who is the Primary or Secondary account holder. Points will be credited after the cooling off period has expired and the new site has transferred to Red. Customers who change energy providers and move back to Red are entitled to a maximum of one allotment of bonus Qantas Points every 12 months. Visit for full terms and conditions.

Referral Links

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Until 31/1/2022, referrer & referee each receive 7,000 Qantas Points or $100 eGift Card.

(Normally Referrer & referee each receive 3,000 Qantas Points or $50 eGift Card.)

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  • Do you know what the connection fee is? I couldn't seem to see it.

    • There shouldn't be any connection fee. Is Red different?

      • I'm not sure… I just connected with another provider that had a $12 connection fee. But there is a cooling off period so I was thinking of switching to this. I found this

        Does that mean it's a $90.11 connection fee?

        • That's for moving in to a property, not for switching suppliers, but you can contact Red for clarification

    • +1

      The connection fee depends on the network, not the retailer I believe. It was nothing for me because I wasn't moving. Not sure what it might be otherwise, it would depend on your state/territory.

  • +3

    Stack with the AMEX offer: get $100 back when you spend $300

  • Rates for my property in SA, Origin being the clear winner.

    Service to Property 77.32 c/day
    Usage 0-11 29.84 c/kWh Usage 11+ 32.04 c/kWh
    6c Solar feed in

    RED Energy
    Service to Property 90.200 c/day
    Usage 34.210 c/kWh
    3c Solar feed in

    Service to Property 92.895 c/day
    Usage 31.845 c/kWh
    5c Solar feed in

  • "Supply charge of $0.85657 per day, basic tariff of $0.21835 / kWh (GST included)."

    Wow that's really competitive! Shows 1.27 daily charge for me in Vic

  • +2

    I just moved from Red to Reamped in NSW and found my bill reduced by a third. My supply charge is $0.77792 per day, basic tariff of $0.1806 / kWh (GST included). 3 cents solar FIT.

  • +1

    QEnergy is the cheapest. This is what I get in Vic:

    Supply charge: 0.527230 $/Day
    Usage charge: 19.98700 c/kWh

  • +1

    The rates really bad for my address compared to current provider, but AMEX offer makes it worth it.

    • It seems like it is good value in ACT but maybe not elsewhere - they are perhaps trying to increase market share. For a low user the bonuses might make it worthwhile.

  • +1

    Out of all the home loans, credit cards etc I've signed up for this is the only mob to EVER knock me back on a credit check, too funny!

  • I'm using Energy Australia, any suggestions for best rates in NSW?

  • Red Energyyyyyy. Not again for good sake!

  • Red Energy works like a Mafia syndicate. When I first subscribed their energy product, they belittle your application when you ask about concession tariff. Then they overcharged you and when you question their bill, they claim it was merely a projection. But by 300%? And when you report them they put your name to the debtor list. Go government energy comparison site and get your best rate. And also a cool $250 bonus!

  • No offense OP, but this deal from Red Energy is bullshit. It's not available in the ACT. Signed up only to get a letter putting me on their 'anytime' plan that's more expensive than ACTEWAGL. When I questioned it, they said that the network owner doesn't support it! This is even though their website says they provide an 'anytime' tariff when you put in the address!

    I'm switching back to Actew now. They sell an anytime tariff product that works. Sure they charge more, but they don't screw you around like this.

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