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55% off Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Bulb W3 (Multicolor) $16.20 (Was $35.99) + $8 Delivery ($0 with $100 Spend) @ Yeelight AU

Today at Yeelight Australia we are having 55% Off discount on
Yeelight Smart LED Bulb W3 (Multicolor) $16.2 (Was $35.99)

Discount Code:GP21SM05FPCA

Standard weight base shipping applies for all products, Free shipping rate applies when purchase over $100.

We have these quantity available in Sydney Warehouse and Same working day shipping with online tracking from our Sydney warehouse if ordered before 1pm AEST

Yeelight Smart LED Bulb W3 (Multicolor)
Main Features:
✅Smart Remote Control: Works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings. You can also use the intuitive Yeelight mobile apps (iOS and Android) to control via mobile phones or voice commands.
✅Create the Right Atmosphere: Feel free to personalize your lighting scenes with 16 million colors to fit many scenarios. Suitable for Home Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Studio, and Exhibition Lighting, Office and Teaching, Aquarium Lighting, Bathroom, Party, Disco, etc.
✅Automation & Customization: Different lighting effects triggered by game events give you an immersive gaming experience! You can also synchronize your Yeelight bulb with music and blend it into the beat with the dazzling lights. Spice up your party or holiday decorations with changing colors.
✅Environmental-friendly & Energy-saving: W3 Bulb saves you both energy and money with super low standby power use. With the optimized electronic solution, W3 Bulb s standby power is approximately 0. 3 watts.
✅Easy to Set Up and Use: Each Yeelight Smart LED Colour Bulb has built-in WiFi. Just screw it in, tap in the app and use your phone or smart home speaker to create a stunning lighting.

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    • Yeap. Screw type is the only option with Yeelight bulbs

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      • No the product says E26

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    Did they take away lan control function?

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      Lan control for Xiaomi products should have been disabled, but this one seem to be Yeelight's own product.

  • Which model supports Apple Homekit?

  • I can't figure out the difference between this and 1S (multi colour version) apart from slight difference in lumen output. Wondering which one's "better".

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      W3 : gaming sync (razer/overwolf), 8W/900lumens, Smartthings/Google/Alexa/IFTTT, WiFi

      1S : Homekit, 8W/800lumens, Smartthings/Google/Alexa/IFTTT, Audiosync? (not sure about this one) SLISAON/FLEX compatible, WiFi

      M2 : 8W/1000lumens, Google only, Bluetooth only

      1SE : Audiosync, 6W/650Lumens, Smartthings/Google/Alexa, WiFi

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        Also w3 has a lifespan of 15,000 hours VS 25,000 hours for 1s so the later appears to be somewhat better value long term.
        W3 doesn’t support HomeKit while 1S does.
        W3 is slightly brighter and uses slightly less power.

      • Do you know if W3 is compatible with home assistant?

        Edit to say that W3 isn't on the compatible list. 1s is though, so I'm handing out for a discount on that

      • Thanks mate.

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    With the multicolor function, can it produce UV light to be used as bug zapper replacement lamp?

    • I can assure you that purchasing a UV lamp would be a much better solution for that - maybe get a smart plug for it if you want to be able to control it remotely 👀

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    I dream of the day when downlights are as cheap as this.

    • Keep dreaming…

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    OP any deal for the LED light strips?

  • Led strips pleaseeeee

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    Be careful dealing with this "company".

    Comment by user djz in another ozcoool post:

    I purchased from the "official" Yeelight Australia website from one of their last deals posted here and massively regretted it. The product was DOA and I contacted them and was asked to send it back at my expense which I did with full tracking. The package was delivered to them but I never heard from them again. They ignored all emails for weeks. I called them at a number they provided and the phone was never answered for over a week. It almost felt like they were running a scam operation with the lack of communication for nearly a month after I sent back the item to them. I was out of the product, out of the money I paid AND out of the postage cost to send it back to them.

    I even PM the company rep (OZcoool) of this deal and the previous ones and he too ignored every PM I sent asking for some help.

    They have ZERO customer support and you should assume that there is no warranty. In fact you may be better off buying from a larger Chinese website where you will probably receive better support.

    This was one of the most frustrating purchases I've had in a long while. I promised them that every time they post a deal on Ozbargain I would try to warn other potential buyers of what to expect so I am now fulfilling my promise.

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      Thanks, I got mine and there was no issue but it's good to hear what happens when things go wrong. Valuable info!

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      Good Info.
      @ozcoool: Can you comment on DOA items as above does not look good Customer service wise and a concern warranty wise?

      • They can, but they won't.

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      That sucks.

      I bought a 1S light which went faulty after a month or so (it happens to nearly every copy of this bulb, it's got a design flaw). It took a few emails but they sent a replacement without requiring the old one back. It too failed after a couple of months, so they sent a replacement W3 (again without requiring the old bulb). This one has been flawless.

      If you get through to the right person they were quite good in my experience (I had to email the parent Yeelight company, who got me onto the Aus manager).

    • Thanks for the heads up, not going to buy now, I’ll take my chances with AliExpress instead.

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    Various other brands of multicolour Smart LED bulbs are available all over the place now. I bought 3 Mirabella E27 from Big W & they all work great with different moods and modes and all.hook up with my Google Assistants - 3 minis and 1 original. They only cost $5 each on sale!
    Prices & availablity are improving so you won't need to buy from anywhere with bad customer service - there is a choice from Australia retail stores employing Australians in their physical stores!

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    I’d personally avoid this model and brand. Have had several DOA and even the ones that work emit a high pitched whine on most colour settings. Have several other smart lights of other brands with no such issues.

  • Honestly just cough up for the Philips Hue lights and dont bother with anything else.

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      I have a stack of Yeelight stuff, no problems, all tied in with Google Assistant and different routines. Why do you say that?

  • At home, basically all my lights are Yeelight…
    Screw in bulbs - check.
    Desktop Lamp - check.
    Ceiling Light - check
    LED Strip - check (this is the only one with a problem… it is fine with just the original length, but when adding an additional strip the lights never turn off completely (they are still on, very dimly and only visible at night)
    All the other lights are just fine.
    I control them via Home Assistant.

    Don't buy the Xiaomi branded ones - they have LAN control disabled.

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