Ducky One 2 SF RGB Mechanical Keyboard (Various Kailh Switches) $109 (Was $159) & More + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


Hi all,

Thought it would be helpful to compile the range of Ducky keyboards on sale at PCCG currently. Yes, I know it's an eye-sore…

As always, PCCG shipping rates may be turn-off for some - but hopefully this helps :)

Ducky One 2 SF:

Ducky One 2 Mini:

Ducky Mecha Mini:

Ducky One 2 TKL:


NOTE: I wasn't completely sure on how to format this type of deal, but hopefully it's alright.

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      You're right, my bad - cheers throwsofaraway

      • You can tag users, like this: @throwsofaraway

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          Ahhh, thanks :)

          Never had to tag a user before, normally just reply to people!

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        all g i don't really care lol, your post is better anyway

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      New-ish to OzB, so a genuine question,

      A deal listing 1 specific item and current price.
      A deal listing 19 items, the normal price and sale price for each one, and links to each one.

      Is that honestly a "dupe" by OzB standards?

      Not meaning to diss @throwsofaraway by any means, but to me there is quite a difference between the two.

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                @Squeaker: welcome to ozbargain, i see you've met the resident troll, just ignore them and enjoy your stay :)

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                  @bakemon0: Ironic that yours is the only troll post here that has nothing to do with this deal.

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        i'd prefer this to be posted to be honest, much cleaner, I just found one deal and posted it

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        Discretion applies but a general sale post and specific item posts can exist simultaneously. Happens occasionally, for example with EBay % off codes, but a few stand out items pop up.

        Once upon a time, reported a single post thinking it was a dupe but was advised otherwise.

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          example with EBay %

          They are completely different product types though, unlike here.

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        Dupes only count if the items in the title are the same.

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    Ever since this debacle I've lost interest in shopping at PCCG

    On another note, I had a Ducky keyboard a few years back, spilled a glass of salt water on it and it stopped working for about a week, and then magically started working again so pretty resilient!

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      Damn, that sucks.. I personally haven't experienced anything that serious with PCCG - I've only had to deal with a fairly slow warranty process once.

      Been loving my One 2 Mini for the past year or so, I reckon it'll hold up for a while :)

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      Thanks fk i didn't have this issue with my 5950x from that klarna deal.

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      (profanity) me, just read that thread. What a dog act by PCCG.

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      Wow agree on this, you really need to read to right to the end.
      What a bunch of self rightous people, I probably won't be ordering from them again.

      You would think with all the profit PC companies have pocketed after the covid hardware surge and GPU pricing that they would be able to afford to offer a modicum of respect to their customers.
      Evidently not.

    • Thanks for the heads up - definitely not touching them now. How disrespectful.

    • looks like that has nothing to do with the store, and more with the delivery company.

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        Huh? I'm really trying to see it from your perspective…but nothing.

        • The delivery company is the one that screwed up and not taking responsibility for it, even though they were contracted and paid to do it.
          How they can just take a random signature from a random guy that rocks up into a driveway is beyond me. Should have asked for ID in that case.

          I do feel sorry for the customer, but It's not like PCCG didn't send out the goods and I really don't think they'd be any different to the other retailers in this case.

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            @AFAR85: I agree, it's the fault of the courier but the attitude of PCCG throughout the whole thing just doesn't sit right with me

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            @AFAR85: The contract is with the buyer and the retailer, the retailer doesn't defer responsibility to the delivery company once it leaves their hands. The retailer has a contract with the courier company to deliver goods, so if goods aren't delivered in accordance with the contract then the retailer needs to resolve it because the buyers contract is still unfulfilled.

            I bought a mattress online about 5 months back for about $1100 and the delivery company said it was delivered on X day and I was home all day (at best wrong address, possibly undelivered and stolen). The retailer shipped another mattress straight away and I gave them all the info and photos etc for them to chase up compensation from the delivery company.

            We all know where the fault is but PCCG doesn't have a leg to stand on, they're responsible for resolution with the buyer.

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              @bxpressiv: Totally agree, any reputable retailer would have organised replacement and gone after the courier company for compensation. Sure maybe the could end up $1200 out of pocket but maybe they missed out in many times that in sales from that other thread and every person that gets told that story.

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      What excellent customer service. Definitely will be boycotting them

    • What a pathetic mess. Dunno what's going on in Aus, but I hail from a so called 3rd world country and the consumer is required to show ID on delivery. Items are not just left unattended at the door, or given to some anon person trolling the delivery van. It's the delivery company's responsibility to prove delivery, so they take it seriously. It's clear that the responsibility here is left to us omniscient consumers. This is easily fixed if common sense prevails, but sadly this does not seem to be the case at present.

      PS: I've had passports, which require signatures, left in my postbox by Auspost. What a bunch of …

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      I have to ask, what were you doing with a glass of salt water near your keyboard/computer?

      • I thought someone might ask that…
        I had a sore throat and was pressured into gargling with salt water, left the glass on my desk for 2 minutes, and happened to trip and knock it over 😂😂 bad luck 101

    • Terribly poor form. I wouldn't spend any money at that place either.

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    I actually ordered the full size RGB with the box white switches and it arrived today.
    My first clicky keyboard coming from tactile switches, very very nice keyboard.
    Would suggest giving it a go for anyone on the fence, it's a very chonky boi though.

  • Are any of these low profile?

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      Unfortunately no :/

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    If I'm a brown switch dude, what box should I be looking at?

    • +1

      Within this lot, BOX Browns or Polias

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    Does anyone know of a deal on Ducky x Varmilo Miya Pro?

    • +3

      I've been looking, there's no sellers at all except (shipping is okay not cheap from US) and varmilo (who has super high shipping prices like 40 USD)

      you can get discount by buying an open box/returned one on, they have a few listings but its only about 10% off

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    Does any of these keyboard have wireless connectivity? Thanks

    • Unfortunately, none of the ones listed have wireless capabilities :/

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    Ordered a Kemove Snowfox from banggood instead.

    China gave me free shipping instead of charging me 30 bucks or whatever ridiculousness PCCG charge

    • Is this Kemove a small brand?
      I am looking for some Akko deal but never found any.

      • +2

        Plenty of reviews around for it. It's pretty popular. It was my first dip into mechanical keyboards and I am more than happy with it.

        Hot swappable, bluetooth, usb c, can't complain.

        • yes, noticed the reviews on banggood, not bad.
          and triple mode, swappable, RGB seems really get into nice cost range. And many switchless and capless kits get into $50 mark..
          Another thing is the switch variety, here in AU still seems to be dominated by Chery ones. I am keen to find some TTC ranges, like pink gold or quick silver.
          thats why I am looking at Akko, they have factory mass product on triple mode with almost all available switches in their 3098N product around $120 in China market.

          • @sanrs: Yeah I got a kemove snowfox as well. Gotta say it's pretty good. Just got some akko purple lavender switch planning to do some change up of gat brown to lubed akko switches since it's hot swappable 🔥

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              @Truck-kun: Akko Lavenders are a solid pick - enjoy!

    • Yeah, Kemove Snowfoxes are pretty good boards - I would've considered it before, but I personally don't mind a cable and I've messed around with keyboards enough to have a good grasp of what switches I enjoy :)

      I tend to avoid PCCG nowadays too, but they are the only Ducky partner here. Of course, you'll still find them in Mwave etc but it'll be a limited range of stock.

    • But I did notice some problems with the kemove where the Bluetooth will freeze after some time and the same letter will keep inputting until the keyboard stops responding and I will have to reconnect it again physically to the computer. Wonder if you have as well.

      • +1

        I haven't had any issues but I just use mine wired so bluetooth is never on.

        • Ah maybe I had a bad batch. The customer service at banggood is quite difficult to deal with in my experience unfortunately 😔

    • Also using the Kemove Snowfox, decent board. Swapped out the scratchy browns for Holy Panda clones (the Fekers), now using lubed Gat Milky Yellows. Having a hotswap-ready board is very handy.

  • are these hot swappable? any of these have linear switches?

    • Unfortunately, no - switches are soldered in for Ducky boards. It should still be possible to desolder and solder in your own though.

      There's quite decent linear options here - BOX Reds, Cherry Reds/Silvers/Blacks.

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    @jjsu Next time you could try a table. This website will help you create one.

    • +1

      Oh sweet, I'll be sure to create one next time - cheers!

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    this has always been the price before pccg jacked the price up for every single ducky keyboard

    • oh wow, i thought i was getting a deal. that is good to know, i will pass.
      I need a hot swappable keyboard anyways.

      • Do you want a hot swappable keyboard or do you need one?

        I really wanna build a custom but entry price is a tad steep at the moment.

        • +1

          need, because i don't want to or know how to solder. also i like to lube my switches. i picked up this stupid hobby during lockdown :(

          my weirdo setup:

          alphas = lighter linear switches

          modifiers = heavier linear switches

          numbers = tactile (use to be clicky, but people near me want to kill me. lol)

          • +1

            @Rickrone: Interesting! Sounds like a pretty fun setup.

            I've set myself a rule that I'll only get to build a custom keyboard when I can type on average above 100wpm. I went from not being able to touch type at all, because I used my middle fingers and would look at the keyboard to type. And over the course of 5 weeks now I've reached an average of 60wpm starting out at 6-8wpm on day 1.

            Still a long way off building that keyboard tho :(

          • @Rickrone: yes, the keyboard is a new toy, kills some time and improve the user experience

        • I'm interested in building my own mech kb… but have no idea where to start! Any guides you could point me to?

      • then again this price was standard about 2 years ago and earlier then they jack up the price for a while im not sure why. So i would say it is still a sale since price has been jacked for 2 years.

        • try TTC gold pink switch if you really type a lot, it is linear switch but lighter than Cherry red, and smoother.

    • Yep. Shame you can't downvotes deals on ozb

      • You can… there’s a negative vote button right under the upvote button in the OP.

        • You can't use it without being turned on.

          Everything is a deal.

  • Does anyone know where I might be able to find a Leopold FC750R? Mwave are out of stock of their entire range

  • I wouldn't support PCCG

  • +1

    I wonder if these are on sale because Ducky are releasing a new product soon. There was a teaser on their twitter feed.

    • lol, damn it. just after i got one. but its a nice k/b i just hope the new one doesnt look better cos i'll be sad.

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    I got a Ducky One 2 SF in BOX Brown last PCCG deal. Great keyboard feels fantastic BUT after 2 months got key chattering. Was just one letter maybe 1/20 presses. Got progressively worse and more frequent over the next 2-3 months until now every 1/2 keypresses of certain letters (about 5 keys) gets a double tap. Have returned it, not keen to try again :(

    • how long was the warranty? if this happens to me im also going to return..

      • +2

        1 year Ducky warranty.

        I've daily driven mine for over a year now and haven't noticed anything like that - but it sucks that it seems like it could be a bit hit-or-miss. Hopefully it pans out well :)

        • Warranty process was great, they offered me a refund or replacement.

          I took a replacement 😅Liked the keyboard too much, so giving it another chance.

  • Seems they've discounted almost all except the one I want, hah (TKL Kailh Box Brown).

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