Ultimate Yerba Maté Gift Set $65.50 + Delivery @ Tribal Trading


Create your ultimate Yerba Maté Gift Pack! Valued at up to $92.50, this is a fantastic deal, and a wonderful gift for someone special – including yourself :)

You will receive FOUR items: a lovely Gourd; a Straw to go with it; the beautiful Maté “Steep & Keep” Flask; and one of the Maté tea packs you chose (250g flavoured or 500g plain)

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  • Mate is about $20 a kilo. A nice gourd is $26. A really nice straw is a bit over $20. That must be some flask if you reckon this is "valued" at over $90.

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    Rip off.

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    Thanks for your comment! I just put together our prices for those options, if you bought them all separately. So it came to $92.50. The flask itself is actually $30. Sorry if it's confusing…

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    All junk. If u just want the tea, 1kg $17 on Amazon.

    • hmm.. thanks for commenting, but did you check out the reviews for our mate teas and other products?

  • Where are all the items made / produced?

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      Thanks for your interest! The tea is grown and processed by a small organic grower in Brazil, packed by us in Australia. The gourds and straws are made either in Argentina, Brazil or China depending on the model. Cheers!

  • I think you've ruined the gift pack with flavoured yerba mate and a gourd that isn't made from a plant or fruit.

    • thanks for your comment, dave! you can select plain green mate, actually - in fact, you get a 500g pack if you select plain green. as for the plant-made gourds - we can't get them shipped form our supplier in Argentina because of the Covid delays at the moment. we only have a few natural gourds left, so we didn't want to include them in the pack in case we ran out…

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    If you're buying Yerba Mate, just be aware that it is considered to have a cancer risk:

    • There’s an entire country that heavily consumes Yerba maté, which there may indicate a slightly heightened risk.

      I don’t think buying a small quantity from OzBargain would constitute any risk whatsoever.

      • I don’t think buying a small quantity from OzBargain would constitute any risk whatsoever.

        But if you like it, won't you start buying it in bulk? One of my workmates was coming to work with shoebox-size bags of the stuff, and continually sipping it all day. I suggested he look up the cancer risk, and he's gone back to tea.

        I also knew someone who died from throat cancer at age 34 - although not caused by Yerba Mate. From diagnosis to death was about a year, and it's a horrible way to die.

  • When I see it written, my inner voice can't help but pronounce yerba mate in my broadest Aussie accent.

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