Earn 1 MasterChef Knife Credit for Every $20 Spent at Coles @ Flybuys


Earn 1 MasterChef Knife credits for every $20 spent at Coles when you scan your flybuys card, Or online with a linked account.

In-store from the 27th of October.

Kitchen Scissors

Free with 10 credits
or half pay 5 credits + $5

9.5cm Paring Knife

Free with 20 credits
or half pay 10 credits + $10

12.5cm Small Santoku

Free with 20 credits
or half pay 10 credits + $10

19cm Large Cook's Knife

Free with 34 credits
or half pay 17 credits + $17

11cm Steak Knife Set (Pair)

Free with 34 credits
or half pay 17 credits + $17

16.5cm Large Santoku

Free with 34 credits
or half pay 17 credits + $17

17.5cm Cleaver

Free with 50 credits
or half pay 25 credits + $25

Mini Chopper

Free with 80 credits
or half pay 40 credits + $40

Terms & Conditions

Spend $20 in one transaction at Coles or Coles Online (after savings and discounts have been applied) to receive a MasterChef Knife Credit. $20 spend excludes some purchases including Coles Insurance products, Coles Best Buys Online Exclusive, iTunes cards, gift cards, liquor, smoking/tobacco products, mobile phones and mobile phone plans, recharge, Opal top up, calling cards, eBay and UberEats purchases. Excludes Coles Express. Offer available while stocks last only. Earn credits until 1st Feb 2022. Half pay requires redeeming 50% of the MasterChef Knife Credits and paying 50% of the retail price using cash, EFTPOS or gift cards. May not be sold to persons under 18 years of age – age restrictions vary by State. For full terms and conditions visit coles.com.au/masterchefknives ©2021 Shine TV Limited. MasterChef and the MasterChef logo are registered trademarks of Shine TV Limited and its affiliates. Licensed by Banijay Group. All Rights Reserved. .

Five bonus credits for new Flybuys members

Offer available while stocks last only. Exclusions apply. For full terms & conditions visit coles.com.au/masterchefknives. Five bonus credits will be awarded when a new member registers for Flybuys and verifies their email address during the Campaign Period (from Wed 27th Oct 2021 to Tue 1st Feb 2022). Offer available once per Flybuys account. Bonus credits will take up to two weeks to be credited after completed registration. Standard Flybuys terms & conditions apply.

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  • Well, knife from last promo is not sharp anymore. Looks like I don't need to buy a sharpener. Just get a new one. Instead.

    • Just another way Coles is being environmentally sustainable, by saving on all that power and materials in making and operating a knife sharpener /s

    • Our knife has been brilliant, still is. It's the Santoku type. Got a stone but haven't used it yet. But I do remember some of the other options not looking that great.

      Do the dodgey hacked gift cards count towards an eligible spend? Obviously need to use a burner flybuys account otherwise the giftcards will stuff up future spend promos.

  • +2

    oh god they are doing this again. the picnic bowls from previous promo were horrendous

    • Yeah didnt bother with those either - who needs plastic bowls?

      • +5

        The largest grey bowls went OK. Used for bottom feeding
        Plantts and various other outdoor grubby tasks. The plates also found handy to stick potted plants on. Other than that, the colours of all the other offerings were just plain ugly.

        Would never buy these though if I hadn’t of had enough credits.

        ALSO, I think it’s pretty shite you can’t carry over credits from one promotion to the next. Considering it cost a lot to rack up enough credits for some, only to have it reset.

        • +2

          I also thought how nice if we could carry over credit from one promotion to the next. All the credit from last few promotions went to waste but I would really like to check out the knife.

          • +1

            @chamaniw: Hopefully you get the knife without having to spend more than you would just for the credits! I’m lucky in that our family spends big so we always have enough, but it annoys me that if I was someone watching what I was spending, and only buying food for one person, how the hell would I afford to participate in this promotion!

    • +1

      I was one short of getting one, now they've changed the deal. This is like trying to get a loyalty bonus from a Petbarn deal. With one pet every time I get near they change the setup and miss out.

      • Hurts doesn’t it. They offer points + pay but it defeats the entire purpose, you may as well just go buy a better one at the same price.

  • +4

    It's started already, shown on my Friday night shopping receipt.

  • I hope they don't quickly run out of stock this time around

  • +6

    Already started.. I earnt 2 credits today in Oakleigh (Melb).

    Another silly promo with low quality merch. Just give me a discount.

  • I had 8-9 credits to the last bowl promo and I think I have wasted them :(

    • +2

      I had all the credits but the store didn't had the stock

      • +1

        Yep. Same experience here.

        • +2

          Same. Horrendous. Collected so many credits and no store near me had stock in the end.

  • I got few credits on last Wednesday

  • +4

    I just got enough points for the small knife in the last promo with 2 weeks remaining. But everywhere was sold out of the knives. Ended up getting nothing. All Coles said was "it says while stocks last, and they didn't".

    • Yes, these promos would be much better if they had a separate redemption period after the earning is complete. Then many more have an even chance from what they earnt. As it stands, it's just geared up to business buyers who can spend big claiming everything, then the regular buyers miss out.

      As it is, it's just like bait and switch. Lure you with a freebie then when you try to claim despite meeting all the criteria, all gone.

  • Any steak knives?

    • Yes.
      2 x 11cm, 34 credits.

      • 680 dollars for a steak knife with a masterchef logo ;)

        • +3

          Two Steak Knives with $680 of groceries, that you get to keep.

          The knives actually cost $34 outright, if you were raving mad.

          • +1


            that you get to keep

            Omg this changes everything I thought it was just a rental agreement.
            You'll definitely spend more than $680 unless you can perfectly spend in increments of exactly $30. For families spending (say) $800 a month is easy, whereas I couldn't imagine spending that much per month on groceries.

            Makes great business sense though, reward your highest paying customers while subtly telling your lower paying ones to spend more to get the same benefits. Whoever came up with this idea and somehow spun it into a win for the consumer needs a raise.

  • +8

    They should transfer credits to the next promo.

    • Agreed. I had 40 or so plastic bowl credits I didn't use. And the promo before that.

  • +2

    wont be going out for these again…by a better set of knives on amazon

  • Bring back the wine glasses. All mine have broken now 😅

  • +2

    Every single time Coles doing this kind of promotion, the product stock level is bound to each store hence ends up calling all the stores around me to check the stock level.

    It asks you to accumulate more points to get nicer something and at the end of it tell you we don't have any stock & you've just wasted your point.

    I can't be the only one having this issue but they don't seem to care at all while there are multiple solutions like point carry over or online redemption etc.

    • It's still free… While stocks last.

    • +2

      Agreed, to me it reads as more "families of 6 who spend $300+ a week collect all knives in the first few weeks of the promo while single people will miss out". I'm not even including wholesale customers/restaurant owners who spend $1000 a week just ducking in for "top ups" between their regular deliveries.

      Yes it's free, but for the people who only just get enough credits towards the end of the promo there's no stock left at all. Guess it's just one of those things.

      • +2

        You need to utilize bonus points to get enough before stock runs out if you are not a big spender.

        1 point each for following brands:
        MasterFoods Herbs & Spices, Red Rock Deli (exclude Dips), Coles Finest, Pauls Milk /Flavoured, Somat Dishwashing, Olay, Centrum, Kleenex, Dynamo, Mortein, Optimum, Rexona, Palmolive Soaps Bodywash and Hair Care, Oral B, Colgate, Pantene, Beach Road, KOi, Woofin Good,Ultra Life, NRG, Great Northern Zero 0.0%.

        The weeks they are on sale i buy a box tissues, soap, toothpaste, herb/spices whether i need them or not, as they are the brands i buy anyway and they wont go bad.
        If all 4 are on sale in same week, i break my shop up into 3 smaller shops, not that big a deal as i walk by Coles on my way home from work anyways.
        Easily get over 30 bonus points a month just from this.

        • Not many of those brands I buy and definitely am not needing often. This is playing straight into the hands of these big companies.. I get the temptation and 'reward' but if I needed a knife so badly I'd just go out and buy one compared to having 10 boxes of tissues, 7 cans of deodorant and 8 tubes of toothpaste to work my way through on a brand that probably isn't even my preferred.

          • +1

            @pennypincher98: If you don't buy those brands definitely not worth switching.

            But if they are your normal brands, doesn't hurt to have 6-12 months supply of soap, tissues and toothpaste bought on sale.
            It was actually extremely helpful having a little stockpile after 2019 Woolworths osshies. 3 months later, Global pandemic. Shops were sold out of soap and tissues but i was fully stocked :-)

        • Thank you, I couldn't find this on the website

  • I got 2 knives last time and they are still going good. Already had an injury from one of them.

    • +1

      You don't truly own a knife until it has sliced the top off of one of your fingers. A blood sacrifice to the god of sharpness is required.

    • Yep. Sliced my finger. I actually found them too sharp and its sticking when you try to brush anything off it, which makes it more dangerous. Only used it a handful of times but I think its really good quality.

  • +1

    Anyone have a link to bonus points? Last time there was a product list and I am unable to find one for the current promotion. Greatly appreciated if someone can share the list!

      • That list is BS.

        So for example Rexona is listed. Last week I bought a Rexona deodorant and didn't get any bonus points.

        Colgate is listed. Again last week I bought a tube of Colgate toothpaste - no bonus points.

        Mortein is on the list - and I got a bonus point on a box of cockroach baits.

        This whole thing is hit and miss and pissing me off. I asked the Coles service desk after missing out on the points and they said they didn't know which products offered them and which didn't.

        • Did you spend $20 when you bought those items?

          • +1

            @kerfuffle: Yep. I read the rules. Put $20 worth of stuff, then a single item from the "bonus" list. I should then get 2 credits. But as I said, it didn't work about 60% of the time.

            And I also read that you only get 1 bonus credit per "shop" per brand, so each time I paid the $20-$25 for the items and started a whole new transaction for the other items.

  • Coles, here's a suggestion, offer a MC knife block 😀

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