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Lenovo Keyboard for Tab P11 $79.20 Delivered @ Lenovo eBay


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The Lenovo keyboard case to pair with their 11" tablets. Could be good timing to go with your recently purchased P11 Pro / Xiaoxin Pad Pro from one of the recent deals such as here. But compatibility details are sparse so make sure you consider whether it will fit your tablet.

Cheaper this way than adding it on to a tablet purchase from China (e.g. it's an extra US$89 from Giztop).

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    $66.83 on Lenovo Education with code EDUCOMM

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    can anyone confirm this fits the older pro model "Lenovo XiaoXin Pad Pro (Lenovo Tab P11 Pro)" with the snapdragon 730G. Tried to look up the parts number, but it just takes me to the Lenovo website, and there is very little details there unfortunately.

    • Yeah I've been looking at the same thing. It's a bit of a risk due to lack of details, but I'm winging it and have purchased this version to go with a 2021 P11 Pro. The pictures look identical between all Lenovo keyboards, but there's a risk that there are subtle differences in dimensions in real life. Still, it should always fit the electrical connectors and it's just a question of if the edges all line up exactly with a given tablet (which I'm okay with given the price).

      So only purchase if you're feeling lucky.

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      Tab P11 doesn't have the same dimension as the P11 Pro 2020/2021 models. So very unlikely it's going to fit.


  • Just bought the latest iPad pro will it work on it? It's 128Gb grey and has 5G network. Since iPads use keyboards and has Bluetooth and wifi, don't see a problem.

    • No - but feel free to give it a crack anyway

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      No I don't think so. The Apple keyboards seem to use a 3 pin connector whereas Lenovo uses 4 pin.

      • Magic keyboard has usb c for charging itself. It attaches via magnet to iPad Pro 2021

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    Grabbed this for the 2021 Xiaoxin Pad Pro. It doesn't fit.

    • Hey mate, I grabbed one too and it arrived but the pad pro hasn't. Does the keyboard still work on it? Or do both the back plate and keyboard not fit at all? Wondering if I should just keep it if the keyboard is still functional. If both aren't well suited I might return. Thanks

  • Has anyone been able to fit this cover on their Pad Pro 2021 ?
    If not, is there any case other than the Giztop one for Pad Pro 2021 ?

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      Just got my Pad Pro 2021 today. The keyboard plugs into the electrical connectors fine, and all the keys and mouse appear to work correctly. The only issue is when you close the keyboard, it doesn't reach all the way to the edge of the device (there is about a 5 - 10mm gap).

      The back plate cover sticks and you can use it to prop up the tablet on a table, but it's also not a perfect fit, so I get the feeling it's not as "sticky" as it should be (magnets maybe don't line up 100%). More experimentation is needed, but at the moment I'm pretty satisfied with the keyboard given the price, but I might consider swapping out the back plate for something else maybe like this or this.

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