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Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2021 (11.5" OLED, 6GB/128GB SD870, Widevine L1) ~$575.69 AUD shipped @ GizTop


I came across Wystri Warrick's deal that is posted here and recently had put in an order for a new phone from Giztop, while browsing the site I remembered seeing this same tablet was on sale, so went back and checked the price.

This comes in cheaper than the other deal and I was encouraged to post this as a new deal.

Rather than copying and pasting all the specs, you can view the previous deal and soak up all the effort that was put in to get the info before deciding if you want to make a purchase.

  • Standard price: $429.00 USD
  • Apply the coupon above to get a $30 USD discount (Expiry 30 Oct)
  • Add on $29.99 USD for shipping via DHL

It brings the total price to $428.99 USD including shipping.

If you're using a Mastercard with no international transaction fees, this will cost you exactly $575.69 AUD thanks to the Mastercard currency calc. Those forex rates will apply until around 11am Monday morning AEDT.

Remember to always pay in USD via PayPal and let your card issuer handle the conversion.

The bonus here is the shipping. DHL don't muck around as many of us know. I've ordered from Giztop in the past, their processing times are fast and customer service for me has been really good.

You can only apply one promo code at a time, so while there are discount codes for signing up to the newsletter, the discount is much smaller and you can't apply both.


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    So I've done some research to see if the 2021 tablet has a pentile display like the 2020 tablet.

    On the XiaoXin Pro (2020) at 1:18 we can see the RGB subpixels and this tablet has a pentile display. On the XiaoXin Pro (2021) at 1:54 we can see the exact same RGB subpixels, albeit the display is rotated.

    So I'd be confident in saying they're using the same OLED panel with a pentile arrangement. Unless someone else who owns this wants to chip in.

    • +14

      Read that as Penile arrangement ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • +3

      The pentile arrangement is strong with this one

    • Why would this be anything but Pentile subpixels? I didn't think there was any other technology.

      • +2

        You can have OLED without Pentile… however that's more expensive to produce and they're less durable.

        • +1

          You can assume all mobile products will be using pentile displays, OLED will just never be.

          • @plmko: Unless it's the Nintendo Switch.

            • @Clear: Yeah and imagine pentile on an already low resolution screen.

          • +1

            @plmko: Some have a much nicer subpixel arrangement, like the Tab S7+. I've owned a lot of PenTile displays dating back to the Nexus One, and the Tab S7+ arrangement has none of the issues. I took some macro shots that should be saved somewhere if it's of particular interest.

            I think that's why it's an important question for this tablet in particular, because its competitor doesn't have that flawed implementation.

      • All the Samsung 10"-class OLED tablets since the original Galaxy Tab S (2014) have been non-pentile (full RGB subpixels).

    • Also that it runs an android OS 11 but not chrome OS?

      • They both run Android. These aren't Chromebooks.

        • I mean, the tablet is like the lenovo duet which has chromeOS would be sensible since chromeOS is PC dedicated? I'm interested to see how an android esp 12 performs on a tablet like this

          • +2

            @PeeDee: It's a 10.5" tablet. That's around the going size of Android tablets at this time. Chromebooks are targeting a different audience but it would be nice to see one with this kind of hardware as many are underspec.

            There is a PC mode in these tablets that work well with the Lenovo keyboard case.

    • +1

      i have this tablet since july

      kids use it for study from home




      i also have the pen and keyboard.

      nothing on the market compares at this price level. the display is not apple tier. but its damn good

      This tablet will last you ages

      Thanks for posting this deal OP. $200 price protection claim here we come

      • How's the sharpness of the display. Fine for reading?

        • One would think it'd have to be pretty clear

        • my kids use it mostly for school

          i personally dont have any issues with it

          but i know others complain about pentile display issues

          if you are picky it will bother you

    • +3

      I'm saving my money and waiting for the Samsung S8 with SD888 due soon. Samsung also guarantees 3 Android updates which this one doesn't.

      • The rumours are saying 3 models next year with Snapdragon 898 and Exynos 2200 on the biggest model (14.6", which would be just wider than iPad Pro 12.9").

        So you might have to wait for a bit is all I am saying. Possibly not even that much now I think about it, since next year is around the corner anyways.

    • The 12.6" Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad Pro is expected to be released 2nd November with a 12.6-inch 2.5K/120Hz AMOLED display, Snapdragon 870,10,200mAh battery, and 45W fast charging.

      • I feel at that size it's going to be too big. It'll also cost significantly more than this.

      • Have you seen the new Yoga Pad Pro 2021 they have there as well? U$604.99 around $810 shipped though. Same CPU, but 8GB ram, 13" screen

  • Worth saving an extra $8 to choose the registered air mail shipping option?

    • +7

      Plenty of delays around the place due to the pandemic. Pay the extra for express so it doesn't end up stuck in some processing centre… or on a boat.

      • +2

        Good point. You can't be too careful these days when it comes to international shipping.

      • Seems my plastic straws from AliExpress are indeed stuck somewhere (ordered on 10 Sept). Should've ordered them months ago.

        • +1

          Did you order any other small packages around the same time? They're doing combined delivery now at one of the processing centres further along the chain.

          • @Clear: Nope… that's been my only order in the last few months. This is taking much longer than other stuff I've bought this year from AliExpress and Banggood (all coming from China).

        • If it's any consolation, a parcel that I ordered from China got sent back. I asked the vendor as it was updated as "returned", the vendor said it was redirected due to restrictions or something (which I kinda don't buy into). Eh, Paypal would be my friend, hopefully.

          • @iridiumstem: I had that with a parcel so asked them to resend it. They did but didn't communicate that well, so I asked for a refund and got that too. Package eventually showed up a few weeks later 😅

            • @Alzori: Hopefully I don't have to resort Paypal :S

              That's all I am hoping, because the seller that I used unfortunately feel bit vindictive (not sure whether it's the best word but eh) and they are the official vendor for a Chinese brand that I kinda like.

  • +2

    Good deal op! Better than mine :)

    • +6

      Now I have to try and work my magic on some stores for Singles' Day :P

      • Looking forward to it! Personally, I'd like to see some more of those Chinese SSD deals you used to post :)

  • +5

    My only concern with this deal vs the other one is they state they've installed GMS on it, have they fiddled with the firmware beyond just installing GMS and Gapps, have they set it up using microG or similar? Regardless it's going to be an open box product and either half set up to facilitate installing GMS/Gapps or with the firmware flashed to other than the factory firmware.

    If you buy this one you'd probably want to flash it back to factory firmware and lock the bootloader again then do your own thing with Gapps/GMS

    • +1

      If the bootloader on this tablet is unlocked, it's not safe to use it. The seller could've installed anything, including malware without you knowing it.

      • I was at GizmoChina years ago and it was a legit operation. There's no international version of this tablet unlike the 2020 version, so it's running the CN ROM that supports English out of the box. No official Global ROM so there's risk.

        Google Play is simply sideloaded by installing the APK or the included Lenovo app store. There's no unlocking of the bootloader for that.

        If the bootloader was unlocked you'd lose your Widevine L1 and OTA updates.

        • -1

          You'd still need to run past the initial setup stage to side load, personally I'd prefer a sealed unmolested unit but I can see how some buyers may not have an issue with this and CBF loading GMS etc themselves

        • Would the OTA updates makes you lose Widevine L1?

          • @jobargain: Only if the bootloader is unlocked.

            • @Clear: i am no tech expert, so according to what they advertised with Google Mobile service and Play store pre-installed, and its comments section stating it supports OTA updating, meaning the Tablet can be updated to latest android OS releases and not lose Widevine L1?

              • +1

                @jobargain: It never received an international release so Google Play has to be sideloaded. The tablet itself has Widevine L1 so assuming they haven't unlocked the bootloader it'll update fine without losing Widevine.

  • Legend thanks

  • +2

    Anyone know what may need to be done firmware wise for this to be used optimally in Australia?

  • is this going to get released in austraia?

    • +2

      No word yet. They've only just released the XiaoXin Pad Plus in the US as the P11 Plus. The downside is that they replaced the Snapdragon 750G with a MediaTek G90T.

  • +1

    I ordered this one from your post on the other deal…thanks

  • Black friday hopefully makes it under $500.

  • im waiting for the 12.6 version

  • in the other deal if I buy 3 wouldnt that be cheaper than this? Couple of my mates want em. Same for the pen as well but I'm not sure if Android even have good apps to draw with… compared to windows at least or iPad.

  • -1

    what phone have you ordered , out of interest

    • +1

      OnePlus 9RT, I wanted a 9 Pro but it doesn't have band 28

      • -1

        There is a 5% discount until the 30th, did you use that ? ….is the Pro the Hasselblad ? …… I have a OP6 and I'm thinking of upgrading

        OnePlus 9RT
        Coupon: OP9RT, 5% Off ($29.95 to $36.5)
        Expiry date: October 30

        Buy it now: https://www.giztop.com/oneplus-9rt.html

        • Yep, sure did :)

          I think the 9 Pro is the Hasselblad yes. I only watched a couple of videos but then realised it didn't have band 28 so went back to looking at alternatives.
          The OP 9RT was only released in China on 19 Oct and mine shipped on Friday 22nd, there is hardly anything about it online at all other than specs and a few news articles.

          Looks like I'm super early with this one.

  • -1

    I have both this and the red magic 6s pro. Incredible for gaming. Get the ahem controller and you can play lots of other games. With xbox cloud mobile gaming is already here.

    • Xbox cloud mobile? lol what is that sounds nice.. but how much is it

      • Under $150 for 3 years

        • Nice thanks that is pretty good for those always on the go

  • what are the chances of getting any software updates?

    one of the things that I like about Lenovo Duet is that it's got guaranteed updates till 2028

    the unit I got has a new update every 2 weeks

    • +1

      I've had the duet for the past few months, to be honest I am underwhelmed. I didn't expect amazing performance, but even for the most basic of things like using the youtube app or using it in the browser as well as using reddit in the browser pages don't load and have to be refreshed a couple of times, the screen when upvoting is delayed. The youtube app isn't much better

      • hmm I haven't experienced issues like that

        how many android apps have you got on it? it's the biggest factor in slowing it down

        I have the bare minimum for what I do on it: sketching (Canvas app is pre-installed and is perfect), YouTube (also pre-installed), Amazon Prime video, Adobe PDF reader, EPUB reader when I can't find MOBI version of a book, Chrome for browsing, Lightroom for photo editing, Gmail for email (pre-installed)

        the rest I do in browser, since most apps are just glorified web pages

        the rest I do on my mobile phone

        happy with the Duet. having desktop browser is exactly the reason why a lot of "apps" are effectively redundant. Instagram, for instance, is tons faster on Duet in chrome browser, compared to running it as android app on it. same for Facebook and Messenger

        • Literally youtube, I mainly use chrome. I only use the youtube app when I want to watch the a video and read comments as you cannot do that on the desktop experience. I mainly got it to browse reddit in the chrome browser and youtube. It cannot even do that well.

          • @Sean8802: hmmm weird

            I know it's no powerhorse, so my expectations are scaled appropriately, but I can't say that things are impossible or unusable, YouTube is one of my primary uses, I don't care about comments though, people mostly write nonsense these days so w/e

            • @shabaka: I agree, I knew when buying it would just be good enough which I'd be happy with. I do have a few extension running. It's all good tho , I can repurpose the tablet so it won't be going to waste either way.

          • @Sean8802: what about chrome extensions, how many do you have running and what are they? I have just the ad blocker and the Amazon Send To Kindle

  • +1

    Any good pens for this?

    My galaxy tab with spen is still serving my purposes but if i replace would like good note taking ability

  • +2

    Unrelated but of all the online Chinese retailers Giztops design is great. Straight to the point.

  • Does it state some where that it will not have updates at all?

  • +3

    bought one with keyboard and pen…ozbargain is really bad influence…lol :(

    • .
      The Keyboard is $10 cheaper ($89) if included but no discount on the Pen ($69) ………did your final price include GST ?
      I'm thinking of getting one with the keyboard and possibly look out for a pen later

      • The Keyboard is $99 and Pen $79 on the Lenovo Aussie website, so it is probably cheaper to buy this from Lenovo locally if it ships for free.

        • I think that keyboard is for the P11 (not pro) which is a different size - may not be compatible.

          • @repeat: You are correct. Keyboard for the P11 is not compatible.

          • @repeat: Oh OK, my bad. I didn't know even between the P11 and P11 pro, there's that subtle difference with the KB.

  • I'm looking to consider this surface to be able to download an app from the Google play store that will match with my Rowland digital Piano.

    I'm likely to then be jumping over to YouTube and potentially long term be able to plug this into the piano for future use.

    I'm seeing comments about android upgrades not available and am wanting to understand this? Will this prevent the Google play store from working?

    Any recommendations for best tablets for piano playing would be appreciated.

    • Are you planning to use the tablet as a MIDI interface? If you want to learn piano pieces, just print out the sheets and annotate it with a nice sharp pencil. Tablets are nice but being able to see all your pages at once is nicer.

      • It was more for our app for the Rowland piano, once connected via Bluetooth and we have downloaded songs from them, if allows to sync with the piano and you can play along.

        I highly doubt using it as a midi interface just the ability to actually see the sheet music that you can play along to and or download.

        I struggle to justify the price of a Samsung or ipad in what we intend to use it for.

  • Anyone received Thier dispatch email?

    • +2

      Yes - ordered Monday evening and my tracking number came through this morning.

  • So, the USD$428.99 is GST inclusive? That's all everyone paid? As it converts straight to around AUD$573.

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