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[VIC, NSW] 20% Bonus Value (as a Separate Voucher) When Purchasing Any LUCAS Restaurant Voucher over $100 @ Lucas Online


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Been looking around for some deals with the recent lockdowns being lifted up in Melbourne and found this!
LUCAS Restaurants are a group of restaurants predominantly in Melbourne (and Chin Chin in Surry Hills, NSW) which provides a range of cuisines
List of venues: https://www.lucas.online/venues/

Receive a bonus 20% value* when you purchase any LUCAS voucher over $100. Available exclusively to online voucher purchases made between Monday 11 October 2021, and Sunday 31 October 2021. Redeemable across all venues, including upcoming, for in venue dining only. Vouchers are valid from receipt, with no expiry. See terms and conditions here.

Please note: your added value voucher will be emailed separately within two business days.
A 1.75% processing fee will be added to your total. Physical cards will include an $8.50 normal or $12.50 express postage fee

Please double-check all details and recipient names before finalising your purchase as they cannot be altered once your purchase is complete. For general enquiries contact [email protected]

Happy eating everyone! :D

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  • Loved Sepia. Is Society any good?

    • +1

      Martin Benn and Vicki Wild quit Society five days after it opened. That was their only role for Lucas Group after their announcement of their plans post-Sepia. I really hope they come back to Sydney and reopen Sepia!

      • Insightful had no idea about this… was planning to visit from Sydney.

        • It doesn't mean they wouldn't have left an imprint or influence on Society, but you'll never know while they're no longer there.

  • +3

    Chin chin… heh heh

  • Just bought $200 and received an email saying a gift voucher was worth $200.00.

    Where is my bonus value? :(

    Lots of insecurity, nervousness, apprehensiveness, anxiety, tenseness….. for the bonus $40 not showing up :(:(

    • +2

      "Please note: your added value voucher will be emailed separately within two business days."

      • +17

        Thx. I have less insecurity, nervousness, apprehensiveness, anxiety, tenseness now.

  • So I have already made a booking at Yakimono for 2 weeks time, I can use this voucher?

    "Cash will not be given for any unused balance." So better to buy 3x $100 vouchers than one $300 voucher, unless you're going to be ordering MB8+ Wagyu or fancy sushi.

    Bought one for Yakimono, combined with $2.40 parking deal down the road, the evening is turning into a decent deal!

    All I need now is to find a free scoop of ice cream or something

    • +2

      No, you’d just have a balance left over for your next visit

    • That just means they won't give you change in cash. The balance is still there. Hope you weren't actually expecting to get change.

  • I purchased this on Friday and received my bonus voucher yesterday

    • +10

      Except it’s not a Japanese restaurant. 🙄

    • +16

      Pretty big talk from someone called Canberra's Cooter

  • Wait.. so over $100, then the $100 voucher won't count?

    • Good question. I was just wondering the same thing.

    • Sir. Select "custom" and input $100.01 if you must.

  • I’d think most of restaurants cost more than a $100 with the rising property prices nowadays

  • Frankly I like we went to the takeaway option for Chin Chin during lockdown. The prices aren’t too bad when you can cook your own rice and don’t have to pay their alcohol prices.

    • How much for a meal for two adults please?

      Will Buy depending on your answer.

      Do you recommend the food?

  • -2

    Boku no chinchin wa chiisai


  • +1

    Underpaid. 70-80hrs a week. No breaks. Never experienced being a chef but bad talks, looks down on the profession, and mistreat chefs. Worse than Calombaris.

    But we all want to eat out, so let's just continue to support these bosses.

  • Anyone know if you can use two gift cards in one transaction? Didn't seem to mention is the t&c's

  • Just got my gift voucher. It does count if you only do $100 exactly :)

  • Deal extended to December 15th, just got an email.

    Redeemable at all our venues, gift an experience at Society, Lillian Terrace, Yakimono, Chin Chin, Kisumé, Baby or Hawker Hall and enjoy a bonus 20% value voucher. Please note, additional value will be issued separately to your voucher. Reedemable from Friday 12 Nov to Wednesday 15 Dec, not valid for use in our event spaces.

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