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WD 12TB Elements Desktop WDBWLG0120HBK-EESN $329.90 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


12tb WD drive for $322.98.
12 TB is slightly cheaper than the recently posted 14TB deal at $26.91/TB

Previous deal

Mod Update 15/11: Available again for slightly higher at $332.51

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +5

    Got this last year for $281.39 for shucking. It's quite noisy compared to the other 2 Seagate NAS drives I have.

    • +4

      Funnily enough, both of my WD drives were much quieter than my seagate (both new).
      My seagate was noisy enough to be retired as my off-site backup.

      • +1

        The current Seagate EXOS drives are significantly louder than WD.

    • Yeah my 12TB WD is near dead silent.

      • So is mine.

    • I have a single drive from that sale, and it's really loud.

    • The model I got from shucking it is WD120EMFZ if that makes a difference regarding noise.

      • +1

        I have this model and it's very quiet as far as I am concerned.

      • I've got 3 of these in my NAS and they are very quiet.

        • My "seek" noise is really obnoxious, sigh. Single WD120EMFZ in a Synology DS920+

  • +5

    Good to see prices falling a bit again

  • +2

    Pretty decent price compared to last year. Glad I bought 3 of these last year for my NAS which were HGST Ultrastar DC HC520 7200 rpm helium filled drive which are enterprise level drives and retail for $600+


    • +2

      Ditto. one for me and one for my cousin.

      not sure if I wanna jump on this current deal or wait… to like xmas /boxing day sales.
      I dont need the HDD, i WANT the 12TB hdd (3 at that) … i think i will wait.

      • I was thinking that but decided to hold out since I still have 10TB free on my NAS :)

  • +1

    I've been waiting for HDD prices to come down for months so I can put a few in my new NAS. This is very, very tempting. I'd need at least 3. Question is, do I bite the bullet now, or wait and see if this is the start of a trend of lower prices? Decisions, decisions…

    • +1

      I believe they will come down further, as long as there's no Chia or similar resurgence.

    • +7

      I’d wait for November, black friday and whatnot..

      • Oh yes, good point! Will hold off a little more. :)

      • +1

        Yeah I got these for $281 at last years Black Friday. We'll probably see something similar this year.

    • Black Friday if you hold off

  • What is the quality like on these drives? Do they require the tape mod over the SATA pin for them to be shuckable?

    • In my Synology NAS, no taping was required. To my knowledge, most people tape though.

    • Quality: Good. Enterprise grade generally means higher performance and better endurance, but with the cost of higher noise level and temperature (comparing with consumer grade NAS and surveillance drives). Noise and heat can be issues if you plan to use it in PC.

      Tape mod: it depends. If you use them in Synology NAS, then no. Because Synology NAS can recognise and adapt to them. Not sure about QNAP. But if you plan to use them in a PC, then a tape mod might be needed. You can search on Reddit for more examples.

    • +1

      quicker and less fiddly to remove the pin.

      I was actually shocked by how easy it was to do.

  • +1

    China is out of coal for power generation and the ban on crypto mining will make prices return to normal :)

    • +3

      I don't think so. We just so BTC and Eth see all time highs very recently.

      • +1

        Yep China's ban just moved miners to USA, which now has the most miners of any country. Don't think we are seeing any changes in the future.

  • What size WD HDDs have hellium filled and not SMR drives?

    • +1

      Last I heard SMR in WD was 6TB and lower.
      Helium in WD was 10TB+

      • 10 =>? or 10tb >

        • 10TB and lower.

          • @skittlebrau: Thanks all for the info.

            Which WD ones need the 3.3V voltage mod for use outside its case?

            • @wildwild: It seems white labelled models all need the mod.

              It’s trivial to mod. Packing tape is good enough. Also most Synology NASes doesn’t need the mod to work, too.

  • Suitable to such and put in a RAID for a NAS?

    Can you mix a 12TB WD from a few years ago in the raid array or should they all be the exact same model?

    • +2

      These will be fine, the only total no go for NAS/RAID arrays are the SMR drives, which for WD is only on models 2TB to 6TB - anything WD 8TB and up is RAID safe.

      Mixing older 12TB and newer ones should be fine too, though you'd want to thoroughly test the new one before you add it to the array (as you should any new drive) as new with shipping damage is the most likely time for a spinning rust drive to die

  • +1

    Pulled the trigger. Bought two. Thanks OP.

  • Waiting for the 1 and only hamwhisperer to show up here saying "ItS uSe To Be ChEaPeR! WhAt a RiPoFf!"

  • +1

    This is really tempting, but I am going to hold out for black friday.
    Hoping to pick up some IronWolfs or Red Pros for a decent price.

  • Are these drives any good to run as a usb drive off your router for a media drive?

    • I can't see why they wouldn't be. The USB 3.0 interface would not be the limiting factor here.

    • +2

      Most routers have crappy SOCs which might cause your transfers to be limited by your router CPU/Temperature.

    • +2

      yes they are good for this. However as mentioned by meatgasm…the limitation here usually comes down to the performance of your router rather than the performance of the hdd. It also helps to make sure your router has a usb 3.0 port

  • Which size drives need the 3.3V pin mod?

  • I guess this will work as a shared usb external drive and will be running off my NUC? I don't have Synology but planning to get one very soon. Also, will this be compatible with Ironwolf for NAS or I'm better off sticking with the same brand/type?

  • +1

    Hey All, sharing is caring. 2x 12TB's arrived today. Shucked and and confirming White label WD120EDBZ. Chucked straight into the NAS and no problems. Cheeeerio

  • This deal is back on at a slightly higher price of $332.51. I desperately need storage (now under 1TB free) and I'm unsure we'll get too much better than this in BF/CM sales, so I might pull the trigger.

    • Order now, if its cheaper on black friday then order again at the cheaper price. Return the one that comes later under the more expensive order.

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