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$10 off Nintendo Switch OLED Model (White) $489 + Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Big W eBay


A repeat of this deal, with a different coupon code.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model (White) for $489 + delivery (free delivery for eBay Plus members). Not the lowest price it has been (thanks Klarna), but decent if you want to pick one up right now and don't want to pay RRP.

Last I checked, only the White colour seems to be in stock.

Also applicable on EB Games' eBay Listing, with a delivery fee of $6.95.

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    Prices for this "upgraded" model are dropping like flies

    • +5

      All the deals that have been posted for this are generic codes applicable a variety of products so I would disagree there. Yet to see any actual significant discount on the Switch OLED itself. Decent price if you want it now but I'm waiting for an actual price decrease/discount to be stacked with a generic code like this one.

    • scalpers don't seem to be that interested in this model. But Christmas is coming so they probably will start buying them up

    • +1

      not really

    • I guess this "upgrade" is only useful for those who play on the go a lot and want the OLED experience of the original PS Vita 8 years ago.

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    Ordered mine via EBay Plus and Gamesmen and it shipped from NSW to VIC on the 7th. Still not here 😫

    • +1

      Weird, mine shipped to VIC with eBay Plus too on the 7th, arrived on the 9th.

      • +1

        Thanks. Oz post gives tomorrow as the day to start investigating where it is. Currently listed as delayed and waiting in vic processing centre:(

        • +1

          Ordered with ebay plus due to be delivered on the 15th. Contacted ebay on the 21st and was told 2 days until i receive it, still nothing.

    • +1

      Same as me.

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    EB Games listing is better for those that want it now. Free C&C which they are advertising to be ready in 15 minutes so no waiting on delivery.

  • +5

    My opinion is to buy this model if you wanted a switch but don't have one already.
    I wouldn't recommend buying this model if you already have the older model

    • +3

      I definitely recommend it for people who play a lot in handheld mode. But if your switch is docked 99% of the time like me the I agree with you

  • +1

    definitely not worth the upgrade if you got an older switch with a "good" serial number

    • +1

      teach me your ways master

    • The older switches have advantages sure but if you play in handheld mode the older switch is hard to recommend purely because of the rather bad battery life.

    • +2

      I sold my 'good' serial number older Switch for $430 and picked up the OLED for $470. For $40, getting a brand new Switch with better battery, new joy cons, fantastic screen and more internal storage is a great deal, and far outweighs the old version's potential as yet another retro game emulator.

      • I'm personally far less interested in the emulation scene than I am in the rom hack scene. But if the Switch remains locked for much longer, I think it's gonna be time for me to sell mine too, cause not many people are interested in hacking stuff right now.

        • There’s no one on the planet trying to hack the patched models without a mod chip. So your options are either get a mod chip or downgrade to a better serial unfortunately

          • @ThatNintendoKid: Do mod chips work in newer patched models?

            • @relentless: I believe so but I am not entirely sure and if so it may still be in development. I personally would just get an unpatched model because you don’t need to install a chip inside your switch (which in itself has issues for a variety of reasons) and it’s just easier in general

      • Switch noob here, what is a good serial number?

        I sold my switch for 350 based on the FB market place rate :(

        • +1

          Older model (purchase more than 2 years ago) has a hackable chip which allows you to steal games.

        • +1

          Original release without improved battery life.


      • What is a good serial number? What do I look for on the box?

          • @Juiciness: Thanks. My prefix (XKW) is not in the list :(

          • @Juiciness: cheers, apparently mine is ''not patched, hooray''
            Does that mean I can emulate the crap out of it?

            • +1

              @Jeaso: Sure does! Just make sure to research what you’re doing before you do it though because there are a number of risks you run from doing so (albeit not that many but still be cautious)

      • +1

        Same, haven't sold mine yet as I'm waiting on my Good Guys order, but figured the small amount to upgrade is well worth it as I play mostly in handheld.

        Emulation I can just install them on my phone and use a controller with a phone clip.

      • I benefit from the overclocking features on mine. Pokemon Sword was much better with the HD texture packs too.
        For those who are into it, getting new games up to 1 month early like Pokemon Sword is probably fun.

    • How to modify it? Or how much I can sell

    • +1

      i have the "good" one, that's stopped me buying the oled. the problem is i do not use the GOOD one in the RIGHT way at all. i will leave it for later.

      • And besides, I play it on the big OLED TV screen, so no loss to be honest, even the new OLED model has the same processing power as the previous.

        • Well not exactly correct. The unpatched units have a slightly slower and less battery efficient chip than the late 2018+ counterparts

  • +8

    This reminds me of the time when Malibu Stacey was released with a new hat

    • The screen is bigger and brighter on the new model. But yes the amount of people paying hundreds of dollars extra to upgrade is pretty weird…

      • +1

        Not as bad as an apple microfibre cloth for $29 each haha

  • What do people think about the white color, not sure if I should go for that or not, I still prefer the neon version because it hides the dirt better than the white one.

    • I liked the look of the white but went for neon for just that reason.

  • At the price Nintendo think their OLED Switch is worth, a base model Steam deck is a far more attractive proposition.

    • +2

      I didn't realise you could play Nintendo games on the Steam deck…

      • It's basically a laptop. Why couldn't it run Nintendo games?

      • You've made it painfully evident how little you know.

      • Yeah look up "Yuzu" and "Ryujinx"

    • +2

      Knowing how much the Valve Index went for in Australia, the Australian price for the Steam Deck is probably gonna be close to double the US price. Taking that into consideration makes the Steam Deck proposition a lot less attractive for non-enthusiasts (aka the crowd that would be interested in getting a Switch) sadly.

      • Waiting for proper fix for controller disconnection issues

  • I was fortunate to sell my old switch for the same price of a new OLED switch so it was a free upgrade for me :D

  • +1

    Waiting for $440 mark in next eofy sales?

  • Full disclosure - I've had no interest in a switch until i introduced my son to pokemon… And kind of introduced myself back into it (casual fan from the early days of the cartoon). I know this OLED model has literally just released, but is there likely to be a next generation switch released in the next 12 months and this is the runout 'pro' model before so?

    Asking as my son isnt 4 until may, so there's no rush… I would obviously enjoy the switch as well, so if i can get some time on it and nothing is on the horizon, i'd pull the trigger now. (i bought nerf guns when he turned 1, so I'm a prepper dad).

    • +1

      We’ve had rumours for years and this looks to be all so far. I’d pull the trigger now if I were you :)

    • No one knows. There were the same rumours last year so I waited 12 months and this got announced, so I just got the OLED so I'm not waiting forever.

  • I just noticed the out of stock sign was gone on this post and gave it a go.
    Checked out easily @ $489 and tried to use Cashrewards as well, let’s see if that works.
    The images were removed from the eBay listing but I have an order confirmation from BigW and eBay.

    I wonder if I can swap it in store when it arrives for a Neon colours one instead of the white?

    Now to sell my original launch day switch, I had atmosphere running on it with the jig and payload injector.

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