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39% off Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier $21.99 (Was $35.99) + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ K KBAYBO Amazon AU


Shipped by Amazon~ K KBAYBO 12 Months Warranty!

Ultrasound Whisper Quiet & 3 Timers Setting & Adjustable Fog & Remote Control
Large 550ml water capacity runs continuously up to 8 hours.
7 different LED light colors(Cycle / Fixed / Brightness)
Safety Auto Switch that prevents it from overheating in case it runs out of water.
BPA-free Aromatherapy Diffuser / Cool Mist Humidifier

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Didn't we see this electric onion a week ago?

    EDIT: We did and it was slightly cheaper https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/657861

    Please don't just use OzBargain as an advertising medium

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      Unfortunately, junk peddlers tend not to care unless Mods take a tougher stance against them

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        Please be more kind to others, thank you, we are not junk peddlers

        • He wasn't that mean, why is the product not junk? What benefits does aromatherapy actually provide? I have no doubt it works but just because something works that doesn't mean it's not junk

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            @SpainKing: If there is no benefit, why are there so many aromatherapy product suppliers on the market? And this kind of product has achieved good sales?
            You may not need this kind of product or even understand it. But please don't belittle the product at will. thanks

            • @K KBAYBO: Same reason they put crystals in the full moonlight to make their effects more powerful or dip their genitals in essential oils; they think it will do something positive and are mislead. There are many kinds of cigarettes on the market and most people would agree they offer little benefit to those that use them (and may even be harmful) whilst still maintaining good sales.

              I asked what benefits it provides and what it's meant to be used for and you belittled me by assuming I'm too dumb to understand your product.

              So I ask again, what benefits does your aromatherapy onion provide? Why would a person "need" it?


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      Because of the different promotion methods (one need a promotional code and one does not need). We cannot set the same promotional price.
      This promotion is only $0.4 more expensive than last time. Does such a small difference really make people mind?

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        Your store doesn't let you change the price of an item to a price it's been before?

  • Bring coupon to make it cheaper as mentioned above

    • In fact, this price is indeed cheaper than the price of the same diffuser on the market.
      We just produced too many of this product because we didn't estimate the quantity well, so we can only sell it at a low price, but we can guarantee that there is no problem with the quality.

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        Well the same diffuser on the market a week ago was cheaper and offered by you. So this is more expensive on the market

        If you produced more than people wanted have you considered that it may be junk that people don't want at this point? And that as a result of the decreased demand the price across the board is going to go down, setting a new default for the expected asking price?

        I am sure the quality is acceptable and it functions well

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          I don’t think I need to explain so much to you, you are prejudiced at the beginning, thank you, goodbye

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            @K KBAYBO: "I'm scared and can't handle tough questions, please just let me advertise against the guidelines in peace"

            You are unhelpful as a customer service representative, I would thank you for your assistance and input but there really wasn't much. Good riddance

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              @SpainKing: It’s very interesting. A person who dismisses this kind of products still spends time here all the time.

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                @K KBAYBO: More interesting than the responses I get from you for sure ;) I didn't comment on the first post, I remembered seeing it and not wanting to see it again a week later. Now that I have I'm voicing my disdain at your practices and inability to say a single benefit your device can offer.

                When I asked the first time you had a chance to do solicited advertising, instead you've just been passive aggressive. I may have been the same but I'm not the business professional here so you're meant to be the bigger person and handle things professionally/to the customer's satisfaction (within reason). It's not like I was asking for your birth certificate

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    Normal price

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    I would stay away from this seller as they don't honour the warranty. Mine stopped working after a couple of months and the seller did assist saying" it should work and you must have dropped it" ! Unfortunately it was too late to lodge an amazon a to z claim.

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      I've been getting responses with a similar vibe in this thread. Thanks for offering your personal experience with them, first-hand accounts always mean a lot more than me interrogating them

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    Is this real? Please contact us with order number, we will resend a new one for you right away.

  • Is there a way to filter out all the advertising?

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      Continually down vote and report the posts and they'll get discouraged and leave

      • Did this before but sometimes my downvotes for revoked and I got banned from downvoting lol!

        I think sometimes the advertisers have armies or bots to revoke downvotes. Not this one 😂

    • You can:

      • Hide oil diffuser deals, click the three dots then Hide on New Deals page.
      • Click the hide button at the top of the deal, Click Hide deals from store Kbaybo Smart Home-AU.
      • My Account-Edit-Deals: Do not show deals posted by Store Representatives on New Deals listing

      Lots of other things you can tweak.

      • Thanks! I will be doing a few of these!

      • Thanks neil, the 50 entries per list limit means I've had to swap out hidden stores to put new ones in, at times. This is usually when I find out some had become DisabledUsers.
        Ozbargain Premium allows hide 10,000 users, stores and forum posts, yes?

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    Where's the bargain? This is pretty much standard pricing spam by now:


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