US$3 off US$30, US$6 off US$60, US$9 off US$90 Spend on Selected Items @ AliExpress


As part of the upcoming Singles Day sale at AliExpress on the 11th of November there will be a 11.11 Spend & Save promotion where selected products will have discounts apply automatically at checkout.

Edit: Products eligible will look like this with the US $X off every $XX spent in red, e.g. this charger. There's also a filter on the AliExpress app when searching.

The eligible products will have a "Spend and Save" label visible on the product page and judging by the link above a wide range of products across multiple categories will be included.

Shipping costs and tax are excluded.

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Referee gets USD $24 in coupons. Referrer gets USD $5 coupon per referral.

This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2021.

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      You're absolutely right. When the discount applies in your cart make sure to cancel it so you pay extra. AliExpress are honouring the discount so you may as well give them more ;)

      On a more serious note it'll offset the GST (which you could potentially claim back) and then stack with cashback and potential store coupons for extra savings. I'd be willing to bet we will see a cashback increase from CR or SB too.

      • -1

        "When the discount applies in your cart make sure to cancel it so you pay extra. AliExpress are honouring the discount so you may as well give them more"

        Would you care to elaborate on this? I still don't get it after rereading this a couple of times.. Thanks! :)

        • +6

          I'm taking the piss. Homerlovesbeer seems to think that AliExpress discounts are not deals so when it applies the discount you should cancel it. Since it's not a deal. /s

          • @Clear: Even dealbot can't make everyone happy in all the posts. Not sure if this metaphor sums up your feeling. You went volunteer for a service or saw someone in the street and tried to offer your help out of your good will, the person then demanded you to give them more help or complained you were not doing a good job.

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              @htc: People are extra sensitive these days with the negs on my comments as evidence. Disappointing.

        • I could sense the sarcasm. Although some members think the discount is small, some discount is better than no discount. I wouldn't try hard to look for something to buy as the discount is small. If the discount is big, I may try to look for things to buy. Although if you happened to be looking to buy an item for say about $28 GST included and saw this post, you would have added another $2 item and basically get it for free. Deals like this could potentially influence you to choose between ebay and aliexpress, also shopback no longer give cashback for ebay.

      • -3

        As below, these really aren't deals. The price is hiked prior to the "sales".
        By all means go nuts if you think you'll pay less then other times.

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          Downvote or upvote this comment if I'm right in this deal.

        • The prices aren't hiked. AliExpress's prices are always very good and on singles day, they're even better. With coupons and cashback they're even better again.

          • @RickyJ: Here's some examples of your "on singles day, they're even better" from last year.


            In the first image you can see (in the purple) the MASSIVE discount of 42% from $23.16 AUD DOWN to $13.44 AUD. Then in the purple area further down you can see the price actually went UP from around $13.25 AUD to $13.44 AUD.
            The parts in orange show that the AU price of $13.44 is what is shown in the chart despite the chart saying it is in USD. The other photos show similar lies.

            I have many of these examples but have just shared a few as they're all the same.

            • @TheSnyper: Those crossed out RRPs next to the price are bs. I thought everyone knew that? Heaps of sites do it. Even Amazon!

              • @Clear: My point is still valid. These are NOT sales, the prices are NOT better during these events.

                • @TheSnyper: Not everything is jacked.

                  • @Clear: No, that's true. In some cases there are genuine good deals, but they are hard to find. People just need to be aware of what's going on so they don't get ripped off.

                    • @TheSnyper: Yeah that's right. Much like eBay sales where stores will jack prices since they take some of the hit and there's more profit to be made.

            • @TheSnyper: You showed the fake $24 price going up by 19 cents. So the price after discounts went up by about 10 cents. Negligible amount.

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    Most of the prices will shoot up in the next 3 days or so. I see it every year. The best time to buy from AE is when the "sales" aren't on.

    • -2

      The increased cashback in these usually push it back down. 50/50 really.

      • All the high priced items I've purchased in recent times haven't been eligible for cashback, it's only available on certain items…

        • +3

          Never had that problem myself. I made an addin that tells me what is affiliated and what isn't. Perhaps releasing it isn't such a bad idea.

    • I see the prices fluctuate too. Usually (for the items I’m interested in), the prices rise and then fall giving the fall sense of the deal. However the coupons, combined with store coupons usually work out ideal. It’s the potential increased CR and SB deals of 15% that get me over the line.

      The trick is to know the usual, everyday price. Prices have definitely gone up due to the global logistics issues and freight charge increases. Unless you upgrade shipping, there’s no chance of a pre Xmas delivery. Australia Post is just another issue on top and are already overwhelmed now.

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    Only reason i shop now at Aliexpress is user interface of thr app. So much better than ebay and amazon.

    I can't understand why Amazon mentions YOURS with everything … YOUR ACCOUNT , YOUR ORDERS, YOUR WISH LIST … I know its mine … stop telling me.

  • Only reason I shop at Aliexpress if the price is cheaper than ebay (item from China) or significantly cheaper than ebay (if item shipped from Aus)

    • Half of the small ticket items on eBay claim to be from Australia but end up coming from China anyway. Might as well go with AliExpress.

      • I don't mind if it is from China, the difference is in the postage time, usually items shipped from China is cheaper although there are many items shipped from Aus is cheaper than a Chinese retailer based in China. If the item is shipped from Aus, it is faster. So if I need it more urgently, I will have to buy from an Australian ebay retailer.

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    10% off, so nostalgic. Like the good old days when plebeians were allowed to buy their cheap stuff from Ali GST free. Are they rubbing our nose in it or is it just coincidental? :-)

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    No deal, aliexpress isn't as cheap as it used to be with the added GST. Also you'd be lucky to get anything by Christmas.

  • +2

    ShopBack mass rejection flashbacks intensify..

  • Have filled my cart with chinese made stuff i don't really need in preparation.

  • +1

    I actually prefer Ali to ebay now, it's cheaper and you can sort by most ordered products and the review system is waaay better and often gives me a much better idea of issues/ specifications for the product itself . Similar delivery time for items from china and Im fine with waiting for most things. Only rarely do I need a product that I can't wait for Ali, isn't priced well / no options on Amazon, and is in stock at an au location on ebay.

    I often stock up items in my Ali wishlist and wait for these deals to purchase together at discount

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      The AliExpress appeal process has gone from satisfactory to poor recently. If you get sent the wrong item, size or colour you’re basically stuffed. You get a tiny refund because your item still works or you have to send the item back on your dime initially. AliExpress always supports the seller first.

      eBay is much easier to deal with and fairer in my experience. eBay usually supports the buyer.

      • -1

        I’ve bought 100s of items on AliExpress, mostly cheap stuff, of which I’ve disputed perhaps 10%, a few dozen disputes, mostly for non arrival. I’ve had a full refund on every dispute except one. The one was for less than $1, and for the evidence I put a photo of my partner’s cat as I thought they wouldn’t actually look at the evidence. Apparently they do look. Usually I put a screenshot of the tracking as evidence. Most disputes are settled by the seller, with AliExpress stepping in on the rest. Possibly they also look at your member status, I’m Platinum. My feeling is, AliExpress always support me.

        • for the evidence I put a photo of my partner’s cat

          You must know that is arrogant and acting in appallingly bad faith. No wonder they are siding with sellers. Pull your head in.

      • +1

        Ali appeal process has always been dodgy, it's just that you can go a long time without being personally screwed by it. It's luck of the draw but I've found they're more commonly dodgy with higher value items, just when you need the appeal process the most. The west in general is definitely more reliable for appeals, partly because correspondence between buyer and seller is taken into account unlike Ali, partly because the west doesn't have a "close enough" attitude like China where China expects consumers to DIY fix faulty products at $2/hr using unavailable parts and expensive tooling, partly due to lack of language barrier, and partly due to the west actually leaning a bit too far the other way where sellers often get screwed. Ultimately the value in all this is exaggerated though, because you can probably get reasonable compensation via your western payment system when Aliexpress pulls the bs on you… assuming you aren't silly enough to be using Alipay or something like that.

  • What sort of items usually fall under this kind of sale? Looking to buy some keycaps for a new mechanical keyboard from Ali, since GMK aren't shipping anything until 2022 at the earliest…

    • Brands that normally participate in the other sales.

  • Anyone know if same discount can be applied to different purchase? Any limit?

    • Yes, discount is applicable on multiple items in cart provided the total value is reached.

      • Thx. What I meant is you can use the same discount multiple times?

        • You can create multiple login id's from different social media accounts and use same code. However, its not applicable on same account. I usually order from only one account which has long purchase history, as purchase history is counted if you make a claim of missing/broken item etc.

  • I've updated the main post to show what eligible products look like. Time to see if anything in your wish list has the text.

  • This is a duplicate of this listing
    there is active discussion in that list.

    • It's not a duplicate. This deal is a discount applied automatically and the other is coupons that give you a discount.

  • my shopping cart refreshes very slowly.

  • Not expired? I'm still seeing $3 off $30 spend on some items.

    • Yeah I had my dates wrong

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