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US$9 off US$65, US$12 off US$100, US$18 off US$150, US$23 off US$190, US$30 off US$250 Spend @ AliExpress


Coupons for the upcoming Singles Day sale on the 11th of November at AliExpress. Coupons will apply on products with the 11.11 Singles Day banner.

Currency in USD.

Discount Min Spend Coupon Code
$9 $65 965DOUBLE11
$12 $100 12100DOUBLE
$18 $150 18150DOUBLE
$23 $190 23190DOUBLE
$30 $250 30250DOUBLE
$11 $90 11LATimes
$15 $130 15LATimes
$20 $180 20LATimes
$27 $230 27LATimes

Credit to ihavok for the LA Times coupons.

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Referee gets USD $24 in coupons. Referrer gets USD $5 coupon per referral.

This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2021.

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  • Thanks "Clear" for the Coupons ): , hopefully I can find something to buy at a good price and use them.

    • No problem. The lower value coupons will go very quickly so it's best to find what you want now before the sale starts.

  • Got all items added to my wishlist. I wonder if there’s additional cashback promo running concurrently?

    • -1

      There should be for 11/11 singles day in China

  • I am looking to buy an electronic item from AliExpress and have contacted the seller (via chat in the app) asking about whether there was any warranty cover in Australia. However, I have stop getting replies from the seller when it came to this question.

    Anyone happen to have a similar experience or have an answer to this question?

    • +2

      It would depend on the seller. Reputable ones normally respond quite efficiently. I have had crappy ones who don't give 2 hoots and ones who are very good so choose your seller if you may. Not sure if the star rating is reliable for AE.

      • Ok thanks.

        I know OzB has a certain reputation threshold requirement for AE sellers deals to be posted here. I tried googling for this but can’t seem to find it. Would you happen to remember what this threshold is?

    • +2

      Sometimes not even the rating is a clear indicator of a reputable dealer when it comes to warranty to be brutally honest… Honestly Ali warranty is so hit and miss it's best assumed you don't have one at all, this is the sacrifice for cheaper prices I accept when shopping on Ali, if youre genuinely concerned by this, steer clear, stick with Amazon or a local rerailer.

      However if you do find yourself in the circumstance you have to return an item from Ali and go through the regular rigmarole process of reporting the item to Ali, in most cases than not get some form of solution, whether you'll be happy with said outcome is debatable because often something constitutes better than nothing as far as the Ali customer service team is concerned and will close your ticket against your favour even if you are unhappy with the result (return costs are usually going to be high sending stuff back to China though so mostly I've just been offered a discount). A small trick though is you can simply close then reopen another ticket if you get an unreasonable customer service agent or if the ticket is set to expire otheewise try live Chat and sometimes they'll expedite a refund, if you state you've lodged a ticket and heard nothing from the seller.

      Sellers respond to almost all these refund requests though even if they ignore the pm's as I presume they dont like getting black marks against them from the Ali customer service team I presume as it probably affects their rating amongst other things and if they don't it's generally just automatically found in your favour.

      • +1

        Ratings are there to help avoid being scammed but it's no guarantee. If you're expecting to get any form of warranty from China you're in for a treat.

        For AliExpress it depends on how many orders you've made previously and what the issue is. If you're a new account with little to no orders and start making disputes about broken items they're going to be suspicious. If your account is more established or the item hasn't arrived they'll be more likely to help.

        I've done about 4 disputes this year where 2 of them the seller would not ship the order unless I paid more (<95% feedback stores) and 2 others weren't even shipped by the seller. I won all 4 almost instantly.

        • Ok thanks for your additional input on this.

        • happened to me twice, seller didn't shipped "the flash deal"; utter waste of time

      • +2

        You can also pay by PayPal, so, you can easily raise a dispute in case AE dispute fails.

        • Thanks for this tip!

        • If we pay PayPal, do we get crap exchange rates?

          • @Bretttick: You can choose to get charged in $US and then let your CC company do the currency conversion.

      • Ok thanks for your input on this.

    • +1

      most of the items not covered under any warranty
      the worst of all seller can take off the deal anytime they want
      I recently bought baseus tw01 headphones for A$12 (usually $25) but seller didn't sent them and when I ask no response at all
      got my refund monies after waiting nearly a month
      eventually I bought them on ebay with 12 months local warranty

      • Ok thanks for your input on this

    • Bought a $380 automotive scan tool from an AliExpress seller, which failed after about 10 uses in 4 months. Contacted seller, who offered for me to send it back, they would repair it, and ship it to me. Given that it’d failed so quickly, I asked for a return+refund. They refused, and weren’t willing to negotiate, giving some nonsense excuses.

      I eventually filed a PayPal dispute (AliExpress disputes are only available for a short time after receiving the item), which was rejected, reason given being the item was as advertised.

      Eventually filed a bank chargeback, which after some back and forth was accepted. I don’t know who ended up being on the hook for this - PayPal, AliExpress, or the actual seller.

      I now have my money back and a broken scan tool. I’m not sure what would have happened had I accepted the seller’s initial offer to repair it - maybe they had good intentions, it would have gone smoothly, and I’m the (profanity) for pushing for a refund? Either way, the customer service was pretty atrocious.

      I was not able to leave a review, because it’d been too long since me receiving the item. Keep this in mind when reading AliExpress reviews. They pretty much tell you if the item was delivered and if it is what the seller says it is. Anything to do with longer-term quality of the item can’t be left as a review there.

      • +1

        Ok thanks for your input on this.

      • Had AliExpress stopped allowing PayPal option?

        • Paypal is fine, and I'd advise it for the "Refunded Returns", make sure you active it though, it's good for covering the return postage when needed…

      • -1

        They offered to repair it and send it back?
        And you refused?
        Pretty standard procedure that you'd send it back, they'd assess (may send out a new one) - you did buy it online and they're not an Australian company.

        Then you kept the item and got a chargeback, so now the supplier is out a product and their money?
        What if the product actually worked and then you got a chargeback for your money.

        Sounds a bit like you're not really being fair there, store is getting shafted imho.

  • What would be AEDT time when it starts ? Need to be super ready to fire these codes 😁

    • +1

      It does say in the deal. 12:00am PST which should be 7pm AEDT

  • +1

    Yeah, not too keen on AliExpress. Still waiting for a piece of plastic cup holder that I ordered 12th August. Fortunately it's only $15 or I would be more anxious. The ability to challenge the seller and get resolution does not give me confidence.

    • Multiple sellers I ordered from 3 weeks ago have all arrived this week. Really does depend on the seller and the shipping method used.

    • Yeah I'm in the same boat. 3 orders around the same date as yours

      • +1

        If you make a few small orders at the same time they may ship them all to a processing centre and they get bundled into the one package. Normally they'd notify you and you can see it when you try to track.

    • You should be able to request a refund after 75 days (so you should be able to do that now considering the date you ordered). @humperdoo

      I'm still waiting on some plastic straws that I ordered on 10 Sept… no tracking update since 23 Sept (which was departed country of origin).

    • yeah normally it's 3mth. THey don't manufacture your stuff until they get a batch together. It's usually a surprise when I get sth i forgot about

  • -1

    Still need a keyboard for xiaoxin pad pro.. Not much of a sale though

    • Sale hasn't even started so we don't know if those prices will drop yet.

  • +2

    I had two orders worth $60 that I returned using free local returns through parcelpoint tracking provided by Aliexpress. I was declined refunds as they "didn't arrive back at the warehouse" and when I checked the tracking, I found that all parcelpoint tracking codes provided by Aliexpress had no updates, and it didn't matter if the refund got approved or not. What a mess

    • +1

      Yeah, no faith in AliExpress whatsoever. Won't be using again no matter how cheap. If it doesn't arrive or I can't return it, it's not a savings…

    • My advice: chargeback via paypal if that is the case.

  • Has anyone purchased samsung s21 ultra screen from aliexpress before?

  • Was thinking of getting the Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad 11 from the Lenovo Online Store for $593,

    Then applying the USD $30 code. Would this be a good deal?

    • +1

      Don't forget the 10% GST ontop. I'd be interested to see what their price will be on Singles Day… hopefully a lot better.

      Though I think I'll still go for the 2020 version myself as I don't need the extra power and likely won't have to worry about having an unlocked bootloader. It needs to be locked for Widevine ;)

    • +1

      It's going to be excluded. This one won't but that'll still be US$449.92 after coupon.

    • There are two versions
      Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad 11 - snapdragon 662
      Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad 11 2021 - snapdragon 870

      I would try and get the 2021 version

  • +1

    Be sure to open the app if you're higher up in the AliExpress membership levels. I'm Diamond and they gave me a $65 off $600 code 😉

    • I'm Diamond too, was it clear (lol) that you got the coupon? In the member Centre it says only "time to shop!" next to the coupon offer for me

      • Yep same here. It's not valid yet.

    • Thanks for this. Worked for me, stacking with the in-cart discounts.

  • What are the best sub $300aud phones from china this year? Anything worth getting from AE?

    • +1

      I recently bought the Realme GT Master Edition, at just over $400. (If you can squeeze your budget a little further)
      5G dual Sim phone, the Super Dart charging is insanely fast. Really impressed with this phone, and I came from Samsung S10+
      Bought covers off AE too for $2 or so.

      • +1

        The $400-$500 range has always been appealing. These phones really begin to rival the big brands at a fraction of the cost.

        My phone is basically just a web browser and occasionally a camera, so closer to $200 is usually where I find the best value for me personally. But thanks for the suggestion

        • Absolutely! I will never pay >1k (or anywhere near it), for a phone again! I have been pleasantly surprised.

        • +2

          Keep an eye out for Poco deals. This one is already an excellent deal.

    • +2

      pocox3pro, but I had it from Bangood as their prices inc GST

  • As expected, prices up right before sale starts. Even the 11.11 in cart price of a few items have risen in the last day.

  • Tips how to use these? I have $400 stuff in my cart. Should I try to split them in lots to get multiple coupons? Will stuff just fail?

    • I'd split them. One way would be is to check your products to see if they're eligible for cashback and stack them with 15% cashback as well as the $3 bonus and use the coupons.

      Then buy the ineligible ones separately.

      • Cashrewards says that the cashback may not be eligible "If a coupon code is used that is not listed on Cashrewards."

        Are you saying that this isn't the case?
        If so then it's a pretty good deal

        • +1

          That's a generic disclaimer. AliExpress push these coupons hard to their affiliate partners and offer a lot of incentives for them to be promoted.

          • @Clear: ok ordered some stuff
            fingers crossed it tracks properly

  • PayPal option isn’t available?

  • Thanks, used 965DOUBLE11 for 9 USD off.

    When I clicked the final purchase button it took about 15-20s for the page to load, so be patient I guess.

    • Did you use PayPal?

      • +1

        I used 965DOUBLE11 with Paypal, no issues…

      • +1

        Nope I used ccard.

  • Does anyone have problem seeing PayPal option at checkout?

  • Can anyone here please confirm PayPal option is no longer available?

    • +2

      I can pay with paypal.

      • My account in the app doesn’t have PayPal option anymore. I have to choose a credit card option which sucks as AliExpress dispute is hopeless.

      • Thanks found out my app needed an update. After the update I could see the PayPal option.

    • +1

      I was able to use paypal and select my 28 Degrees card for payment in US .. Can confirm coupon codes work

      Can you guys confirmed you selected US pricing at the top of the page?

  • +1

    just used paypal without any issues

  • I got some bs "Order wasn't processed!" — perhaps because I used PayPal? (should be noted I buy from AliExpress all the time, never had this before)

    Of course it gobbles up the coupon happily though, can't use it again.. ($$%R#*)(@

    • What if you look at your order history? Option to pay?

      • Yes — but I'm 99% sure this negates the coupon code (eg. over $100 save X) and just give the original price of items.

  • Thanks for the code, good thing is that it stacks with spend and save bringing my total savings to 12 USD.

  • Coupon not applied as total amount not including shipping does not meet the threshold amount. Was grabbing a load of little stuff, shipping costs these days are a pain.

    • The code minimum spends do exclude shipping costs and GST.

  • I'm currently getting "The product(s) in your shopping cart is/are currently not available for order." - is anyone else seeing that? What to do?

  • Everytime I go to cart, it just hangs. Must be 4 billion people browsing AliExpress simultaneously.

  • I had to get a smidge over $70 USD before the $65 voucher worked. Unsure if it had things to do with shipping or something else.

    Edit: Oh maybe I had something in my cart that wasn't part of the sale. Oh well.

  • +1

    Found another code : 27LATimes
    Gives you USD$27 off orders USD$230+
    This worked on my order.

    Source : https://www.latimes.com/coupon-codes/aliexpress/aliexpress-b...

    • +1

      That's awesome. Updated!

  • Has anyone got CR tracking with the coupons ?

    Normally Aliexpress is very quick but I have nothing so far.

    Edit: looks like they might be slow at the moment. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/662681

    • Yep, I got the tracking emails for all my purchases last night about 30 mins later…

      • Somehow I accidentally used Honey gold for my transactions. FML.

  • Has anyone found a coupon for sub 65 spend?

    • No there's only the products that list the US$3 off US$30 spend.

  • Why is this marked expired? Still working

  • The Black Friday codes from LA Times don't appear to work. Is it possible that they are not yet active as Black Friday is still a week away?

    In the link they say they expire on the 1st of December: https://www.latimes.com/coupon-codes/aliexpress/aliexpress-b...

    • They weren't Black Friday deals but Singles Day. The deal is expired now.

      • I'm referencing the LA Times Black Friday codes which you amended the post to contain.

        See the comment by ihavock above which you replied to (note Black Friday in the URL).

        • At the time the coupons were for Singles Day. The page is saying Black Friday as they're probably anticipating more coupons (none announced yet).

          • @Clear: It's in the URL too.

            • @studentl0an: Yeah for SEO it's better to have a single canonical url with all the coupons than multiple pages. So they just update the page with new codes as they go.

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