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Garmin Forerunner 745 Magma Red $381.47 ($372.99 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ RYDA eBay


Garmin Forerunner 745 is at a very good price, especially with the eBay Plus code combination.
Other colours are available.

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    $381.46 without ebay plus and POCT10

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    Best price I've seen available for this model if you're happy with the colour.

    The lower model 245M is fine for most "casual" athletes (looks same, slightly lighter, albeit without NFC payments), but even that is currently more expensive.

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      The M is music. A much newer watch with a raft of different features but not the multi sport ones.

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        Not sure what you're talking about but the 245M (early 2019) is older than the 745 (late 2020). They both have music and similar features, but the 745 has slightly better sensors to detect and report the activity and has NFT payment capability. The trade off is slightly reduced battery life.

        I have used both watches.

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        Ha yeah I’m tripping. Got my 735 and my 745 mixed.

  • Have 245 Music and tempted by this. Very easy to change straps so if the colour is an issue it might actually look pretty smart with a red accent on the body and a black band.

    • Tempted just for the NFC or the altimeter - or some other specific feature?

      I thought a lot of what the 745 had as selling features had made it's way onto 245M as software updates, so was just curious.

    • Also available in Green and White from Ryda Ebay at the same price, if the red is a bit too much.

    • why would you pay more for worse battery life?

      • Has anyone actually tested the battery life of the two? I don't believe the 745 necessarily has worse battery life just from the specifications.

        They both have "up to 7 days" of smart watch only.
        They both have "up to 6 hours" of GPS tracking with music.
        But the "GPS tracking without music" differs from 24 to 16. But they are described very differently - the 24 hours is "up to", whereas the 16 hours is "up to…and assuming all the following
        * Number of Interactions per Hour 19
        * Minutes of Interaction Post-Activity 1
        * Number of Gestures per Hour 8
        * Display Brightness & Timeout".

        (Anyone know the mAH of each watch? I could fully deplete then measure with my charger I suppose).

  • I love this watch. Picked it up last month for $460. Thought there might be more good sales before Christmas but couldn't resist. The month worth of exercise I logged in that time has probably been worth it.

    The Ryda purchase I made back then was delivered super quickly (like within 24 hours).

    A few accessories:

    Bought a few spare charger docks (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002647354035.html) though they are a little tight.

    Charger port protectors (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002672198763.html) - probably unnecessary.

    And screen protector (https://www.amazon.com.au/forerunner-Protector-Tempered-Smar...) - these are a little too reflective unfortunately but so far haven't chipped or scratched still looking great.

    • Charger port protectors

      Are they annoying pulling them in/out frequently?

      • Actually this one only just showed up yesterday so I haven't lived with it long enough.

        But initial feeling is - it's nice and sturdy plastic, seems to seal the port well. They have a small nib that very easy to slide the thumb nail under and pull out. I think I'm going to be continuing to use it.

        Plus if you were too scared to buy the red watch and just got black, you can let the secret flair for bright colours (hot pink) hidden underneath. But I know. I know.

  • bought for no reason thanks

  • Tempted to upgrade from 935 to this.

    • Beware of the battery life, you have to charge it quite regularly compare to the 935. Charging is quick but still it does not last me a week with everyday running and longer on the weekend.

      • Thanks for that. I might wait until the 945 goes on sale.

      • Do you mind if I ask you how long it lasts you?

        I'm on 3 runs/week at the moment but building up. Everynight charging would get annoying, but don't mind doing it a couple of times a week (currently using a FR25 so looking for an upgrade).

        • +1

          I either charge the 745 twice a week overnight, or else give it a 10 minute charge whilst in the shower which tops the battery up over 90%. I usually run at least 3 times a week.

          If you don't mind a larger watch and paying more than double the price (compared to this), then get the 945

          I also run dwMap, which gives the 745 basic mapping capabilities

          • @Riker88: Remind me - dwMap requires continuous connection to phone to display the maps? Read about it a while back, yet to dabble with it.

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          I was charging about every 3 days.

          I installed a battery monitor app a while back which I have only just fired up again. It says long term average for me has actually been 19.15% per day, 5.2 days per charge.

          That's 24hr heart rate monitoring, but SP02 turned off, average of 1 hour GPS every second day.

        • +1

          You wont have to charge it every day, couple of times a week is more likely.
          +1 to the idea of charging while in the shower, I also charge it while in the car.

  • Bought the white one, thanks op. New to triathlon

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    It looks like Ryda has restocked them in black colour.
    So the black is available now https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/124384046528

    • Gah, I should've waited! 🥲

    • sold sout

  • Brains trust. Should I replace my Fenix 6s sapphire? Bit lost with all the tech these days and wondering if I should downgrade ? Use the watch and it's overall functions but unsure if I really need it. Started to get put off the idea of battery life replacement and the cycle of it long term . Thoughts ?

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