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Philips Hue Outdoor Lightstrip, 2 Metre Length, White - $107.95 - Delivered @ Amazon AU


lowest it's been ever, and confirmed by camelcamelcamel.
title suggests strip is "white", but photos confirm "white and colour ambiance", and description states: Choose from 16 million colours.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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Amazon AU
Amazon AU


  • got 2 with another 3% off with Suncorp gift cards - thx

  • Shows up as $192 now?

    • Likewise…. was it a price error?

  • +2

    Shows 178 for me

  • It was that price before when I checked…

  • +1

    Got two. Thanks

  • +3

    Got one at 108, looks like it’s gone up now

  • Honey shows recent price hike better than 3 camels for me, but clearly shows price increased.


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    FYI Bunnings/EBGames/Officeworks have been clearing Hue stock. Probably a combination of excess lock-down stock, new Hue releases and pre-empting Black Friday. It's worth taking a look.

    Swung by my local Bunnings the other day and got the 5m Outdoor Hue lightstrip for $60! Absolute steal (it's currently under the bed lol).

    • Wow - what Bunnings was this?

      I've only seen a couple of the GU10 bulbs on sale at the Moore Park JB Hifi on the weekend

      • +3

        I've had decent luck at any Bunnings in Canberra. I think it's because the expensive stuff gets stored behind the counter rather than in lighting so when stuff goes on clearance you have to go check there. It's kinda awkward too - staff pester you, it's hard to see and you've gotta ask to look at specific items.

        Edit - Recent deals I've seen/got:
        3 colour bulbs+hub - $120 (Officeworks)
        5m lightstrip - $60 (Bunnings)
        Play bars - $50 (EB)

        Bunnings also had Go lamps for $60 but I'm hoping to snipe one cheaper at some point lol

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      That is a steal! Awesome Ozbargaining!

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    its back! Just got a couple.

    • +2

      Thanks! I was checking back occasionally to see if they would drift back in to stock at that price, but you beat me to it. Grabbed one.

  • It’s back in stock again

  • Seems its back in stock

  • Price is now $168.99. Still a semi-discount from RRP if you're desperate for one.

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