Casio Royale World Time Watch $28.33 + $10.39 Delivery ($0 Prime & $49+) @ Amazon US via AU (Back Order 5th Nov)


Casio Royale Black AE-1200WH-1A Camel

6% cashback @ Cashrewards

  • Crystal/Lens - Acrylic
  • Case Width - 39.5mm
  • Lug Width - 18mm
  • Case Thickness - 12.5mm
  • World time = 31 time zones (48 cities + coordinated universal time), daylight saving on/off, Home city/World time city swapping
  • Multifunction dial with stopwatch, countdown timer
  • Five daily alarms. Hourly time signal and LED light with afterglow
  • Full auto-calendar (to year 2099)
  • Approx. battery life: 10 years on CR2025
  • Water resistant 100 Metres - In general, suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not scuba diving

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  • +7

    Casino Royale, well played Casio 👌

    • +4

      Lol. It wasn't till I read this comment and looked back to see it does say Casio Royale, not Casino… Well played, Casio.

      • +3

        It's a nickname but they kind of got it wrong. Should have been CasioPussy.

        • +2

          Ah yes, bringing together the many generations of James Bond into one. I like it.

        • Should have been CasioPussy.

          Casio watch owners might not relate well to that name.

    • "Is that a Rolex?



      A… Actually it's a Casino Royale.

      Ok you insecure ****. "

  • Do you have one of these @Watchnerd?
    Think the black and gold or silver looks q bit better but not worth spending too much. All pained plastic anyway I guess.

    Could always get two for free shipping if anyone in BNE wanted one.

    Still wouldn't mind a Casio G-Shock G5600E-1, they never seem that cheap.

    • G5600e-1 has been on my watch list for many months and I don’t think I’ve seen it below $137

      • I know..
        Maybe Black Fri/ Cyber Mon haha

        Got a couple of these Casino Royale's anyway, my brother may like one. OK for ~$28, not necessary at all

        So much for minimalism, I think one G-Shock would be enough (being the G5600E-1), and already have a GA-2100 in green. Pretty comfy, don't know if i need more than one, could sell it ha

        • I had the black with white GA-2100 on order with amazon for $115 but after many weeks they cancelled it. Which is why I decided on the G5600E-1, although I nearly bought the GW-M5610-1BER when it dropped to ~$150.

          • @mapax: That's a snappy price, I got the green GA-2100 for ~$150 delivered from Mastersintime, I think they are about the same amount still.

            I like the light weight and low profile of it, having analogue hands. The digital window is very small though and they could have put some lume on the indicies. None of these are perfect. The G5600E-1 is pretty classic though and tough!

            JOMW says every collection need a few Casios haha

    • I have the black and gold AE-1200WH-5AVCF model, very happy with the contrast in the case, the band is a bit thinner than I anticipated but still super comfortable and amazing for the price. Put a price watch on it via 3Camels if that’s your preference, but for this price I’d just dive in if I didn’t have one already.

      • The colour contrast ones look slightly better, not sure if can get those housings cheap
        Not even sure I'll keep the order but they have a lot of retro appeal for $25 or so. hmm.

  • +4

    It’s great to have your bargains grace the page regularly again WatchNerd!

  • I purchased this a few years ago because it reminded me of Snake’s watch in MGSV. I use it as an alarm clock now.

    • I think you mean Seiko Digiborg

  • +1

    Excellent watch. Well worth picking up!

  • I like the looks of this watch but can't justify the cost of shipping

    Ah scr*w it, going to order two and try to offload one.

    • I’d be interested.

      • I'm in Syd

        • I’m in Melb, so only if you post I guess.

          • +3

            @sween64: Maybe you could drive to Sydney for a nerdy watch meetup, I will come too haha.

        • Where in Syd?

  • Cool watch

  • +1

    I have the all silver version of this (stainless band and silver plastic case). It’s a great watch. Don’t really use the world time function but it’s just a cool retro looking watch. The light lights up well and being quartz it keeps great time. The only downside to this watch is the acrylic lens scratches super easy.

  • I would have killed James bond for this watch….. When I was 12.

  • Shame Amazon doesn't allow to append to existing orders. Bought a watch yesterday so already getting free shipping…

  • Quantum of Solace World Time Watch was the worst

  • +2

    Creation watches has this for $35 Shipped, plus another 5% off with the code PUMPKIN.

    • Total comes to $37.00 delivered once you add GST so it's pretty much the same price once you factor in 6% CR.

      The Amazon price is really good if you have prime & can get over $49 for free shipping.

  • Does anyone know what the band length is on these Casio classic/databank watches, from buckle to last hole? I've looked everywhere and there's no info.

    • about 125mm/130mm from mid buckle to last hole including watch

      • Is that the shortest hole or longest hole? seems a little short. I need at least 210mm. Every watch I've bought with the exception of G-Shock and a particular Swatch, I have needed to change the band to a larger one. Haven;t had a Casio classic or calculator watch since I was a kid.

        • +1

          sorry my mistake - its 230mm

  • got this for my son some time back and its great. However, don't underestimate the amount of stuffing around to set it up - multiple time zones adds the complexity.

  • +1

    Perfect gift for the kids. Thanks WatchNerd!

  • Amazon has changed the link to crappy WatchNation seller because Amazon US is on back order.
    Tried putting it back to this but the system won't let me. I've asked the mods to help out.

    • Hmm ordered two, delivered by 16 Nov, sold by Amazon us. Let me know if anyone in BNE wants one, not sure if I'll cancel or not

    • +1

      Same thing has happened to the solar tide watch.

    • Mine have been shipped - will still have a spare one (was worth getting two for free shipping).

  • I'm conflicted between getting this and a nato strap, or the steel bracelet model for $20~ish extra.

    • No way is a Casio bracelet on a watch like this worth an extra $20ish.

      • Yeah I'm leaning towards this deal with a nato strap, but it will cost me about that for the strap + the local watch bloke to change the bands.

  • These turned up today, if anyone in BNE CBD let me know got one spare

  • Price has dropped to $32.42. In stock Nov 10.

  • Price is now $28.73.

    • Pretty good price
      Like the g5600 has world time ;)

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