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Jetstar Hawaii Ret MEL $259, SYD $288. Japan Ret SYD $544, GC $410, CNS $364. Bali Ret PER $153, MEL $250, SYD $280 + MORE


Jetstar is having a HUGE International Sale! Lots of routes on sale, for travel from Jan - June/2022.

Departing Perth

Departing Brisbane

Departing Melbourne (Tullamarine)

Departing Sydney

Departing Darwin

Departing Gold Coast

Departing Cairns

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  • +19

    I wouldn't take the risks of intl travel in 2022. The beach nearby is all I need.

    • +14

      Agreed. What they don't tell you is costs of testing, potentially 1 night in a quarantine hotel while waiting etc. You could need 4 tests, 2 for getting there and 2 for coming back.

      • +9

        The cost, accessibility and acceptability of foreign PCR tests is what puts the fear of God into me re flying overseas at the moment. Its not going to be as simple as lining up at your local testing facility in whatever country you're in (assuming they even have them, which lots don't - even in the USA and UK, it's not easy to get a PCR test.) You'll need a special, verified test that will likely cost more than these flights.

        Not to mention the cost of a PCR test to enter the foreign country you're going to… Expect to pay another $300 for a verified PCR test before you even leave Australia.

        • -11

          Please provide links with facts and prices.

          • +1

            @iinokento: https://consumer.healius.com.au/ https://www.traveller.com.au/pcr-covid19-tests-in-australia-... literally the first links on Google for PCR tests

            But please, be my guest and leave the country. Just don't expect the government to burn tax payer dollars to get you back.

            • +1

              @xyron: Yeah … rather lock all people out and let them die or suffer there. What a country have we become. As long as the mines and realestate rolls. Not sure if there is another country in the world which put jail and a fine on returning citizens. We all lost track on what is important.

              Sorry … when a government closes it's border in this way it's just a normal human thing to rescue the ones stranded. Not in Australia!

              • +2

                @mini_wombat: nobody is forcing you to leave the country. those who were stuck overseas before the borders closed in March 2020 and those who decided to leave after they closed are two very, very different categories of people.

              • -3


                rather lock all people out and let them die or suffer there.

                They were warned to return at the beginning of the pandemic. If they didn’t, that’s on them.

                • +2

                  @PainToad: Right at the start I thought they said "hold tight and see what happens" ?, that changed fairly fast though…

                  Ongoing the general impression I got was the Gov helped the backpackers and tourists back, but the dual citizens that were established in other countries had a harder time getting back, a lot seemed to only want to return to Aus when shit started going down bigtime in their country of residence ..

                  I could well be wrong though..

                • +2

                  @PainToad: @Xyron @PainToad

                  I always read the comments … ah it was so hard to not see your family for 8 weeks of lockdown. For some it is 2.5 years and I agree that people who left during between March 2020 and around now was risky and it's there own risk. On the other side planning security is important … as the government opens up the borders I guess it's unfair to say its again risky. Closing a border never worked (as we clearly see now!). You saw lots of travelling happen … politicians, sports people, business … is that really all in life. Do we really not care anymore. Sad.

            • @xyron: Not everyone has to leave for pleasure. Some of us have single aged parents living abroad who need help. What taxpayer dollars? You have to pay for your own quarantine

              • -1

                @advarp: The taxpayer dollars wasted on organising discounted charter flights for a start (and the salaries of consular staff who have to deal with the people who refuse to pay full tote for a flight back, even though they left Australia after March 2020 knowing all the concomitant risks).

                If you're willing to travel back into Australia via a business class airfare, then fair cop - come and go as you please (subject to Border Force permission until 1 November)

          • @iinokento: The Oz Jetstar site works like a charm.

          • @iinokento: It's widely known most countries expect you to do covid tests at each end, as well as a quarantine period. This all adds up.

          • +2

            @iinokento: Actual costs

            https://www.histopath.com.au/traveltesting/ < Covid tests done at the airport before departure for $170 less (Sydney / Melbourne )

            "For Example" If you were traveling to Tokyo and needed a covid test for re-entry to Australia this clinic offers tests for 1,900YEN ($20)

            Don't think you will have any problems finding a clinic overseas to get a PCR for your return tbh.

            • +2

              @iinokento: Depends entirely on the country, especially countries like the UK and US who have huge demands for testing of their own local populations due to how rife COVID is over there. I can't imagine it being any better in third world countries like Thailand and Indonesia.

      • +9

        Many countries only need vax cert now and no test. So could only be test to depart and maybe one to come back into Aus.

        A small price to pay to get away in my opinion

        • -19

          A small price to pay to get away in my opinion

          The real cost of opening the boarders is people dying. Or is that also a “small price to pay” for your holiday?

          There are many great destinations in Australia, I’m sure even in your own state.

          • +16

            @PainToad: Utter nonsense. People die from disease and illness all the time - thats just the sad fact of life. Opening the borders when the population is 80%-90% vaccinated is common sense.

            And actually if some people die from sickness (or because they chose to not get vaccinated) but I get to see my family for the first time in 3 years - I'm actually ok with that

            • +6

              @digitalane: Yep, if you die from being unvaccinated, which is by far the majority, then so be it. Everyone has the chance to be vaccinated now.
              In NSW and Vic for the current outbreak, there have only been 2 people die that were fully vaccinated and both in their 90's. If that doesn't tell you it works, nothing will.
              But yes, there will be additional charges for testing before flights, so don't expect international travel to be the same for a very long time.. A cost and inconvenience you need to consider before booking flights.

            • -3


              And actually if some people die from sickness (or because they chose to not get vaccinated) but I get to see my family for the first time in 3 years - I'm actually ok with that

              To bad for those with Immune Disorders that may reduce the Vaccine effectiveness even if they’ve had both doses? Or the under 12 who can’t get vaccinated? Or those who can’t get vaccinated due to medical conditions? Or those nearly due for a booster (but can’t yet)?

            • -1

              @digitalane: Well said! Whoever wants to stay indoors under the bed, please be my guest

          • +3

            @PainToad: Come next month we are all going to live with covid. The only alternative is an airtight worldwide lockdown, which is unfortunately impossible

            • -13


              The only alternative is an airtight worldwide lockdown, which is unfortunately impossible

              Totally possible. We’ve done it for nearly two years. Another year would be fine with me.

              • +1

                @PainToad: No we didn't. China is the only country that did it afaik. Our lockdowns were pretty good in some cities but definitely not airtight

          • +5

            @PainToad: Very selfish. You clearly have no family overseas. When you really want to think that backwards that closing state or international borders is a solution then stay in your house - this is the safest.

            • -8


              Very selfish.

              Not wanting people to die is selfish? No. You are selfish.

              • +2

                @PainToad: Sorry … you don't die just because you travel overseas. Also the risk of getting a virus is not higher in many many countries of the world. Melbourne has higher case numbers than any city in Germany! And we also have a lower vaccination level in Melbourne (but yes … it's picking up fast).

                Maybe to not get vaccinated is selfish. Maybe to not socially distance is selfish. Not testing when you are sick is selfish! Not isolating when you have the virus is selfish! But to travel overseas to see family again after 2.5 years is now classified as selfish? Really?

                • @mini_wombat: If we had kept the international boarders hard closed this year, Sydney and Melbourne wouldn’t of had outbreaks and there would of been zero deaths instead of hundreds.

                  QLD Government is predicting 200 people dying when the state opens its domestic boarders. That’s just domestically! God knows how many will die because of international boarders opening.

                  Death tolls aren’t just numbers. They are peoples’ loved ones they will never see again.

                  Edit: sorry if this is coming across as personally attacking you. I can’t imagine how hard it would be not seeing your family. I’m just very worried about a loved one who is vulnerable (even after being vaccinated).

                  • +3

                    @PainToad: Go to North Korea or Victoria. You will get what you want. Airtight, watertight and whatever tight you want. Almost 80% vaccinated in Victoria and I got message from school that they are closing because of 1 covid case.

                    • @DisabledUser318679: 75% and they are, currently, working on the protocols for the students going forward. Frankly if there is one case there will be others. Given the higher number of cases in Victoria I think the speed at which we are opening up is amazing. Frankly nobody knows where this will be in a few weeks time. We just have to hope we can get vax numbers up and hospital, and death, numbers down. Now, exactly, how long is the school “closing down?”

                      • +1

                        @try2bhelpful: Just 1 day. But close contacts have to isolate for 14 days. It recently happened at my workplace as well. For 1 covid positive and the whole shift was asked to isolated for 14 days. Is there any sense or science in their rules? What is the point of vaccination, if you keep on enforcing these rules after high rates of vaccinations. 99.999% of kids are not affected by this virus. Why do they want to close schools all the time like this?

                        • @DisabledUser318679: Well because people are infectious and can pass it onto others. If you are a close contact then you may have got infected; particularly with the Delta variant. If people are vaccinated this will mitigate the situation but there is, still, some risk of passing it on to others.

                          With the provision of self test kits it might be possible to provide a suitable alternative to isolation but they would have to be reliable and we would need proof they had been taken properly. There are a bunch of issues that need to be resolved with these. Don’t get me started about the mob that sent these kits out with someone else’s saliva in them. However, I think they will be a good interim until the dust settles on this.

                          Kids aren’t vaccinated. We keep getting told they don’t “pass it on to each other” but why are kids tuned up “positive” so often? I’m pretty sure most parents wouldn’t be keen to send there kids back into a class where one of the classmates had Covid without some form of mitigation to ensure their kid wasn’t infected.

                          This is a whole risk/benefit analysis that changes continually. Right now we just do the best we can until we find the right levels going forward. Erring on the side of caution can be annoying but getting it wrong can be deadly.

                        • @DisabledUser318679: Don’t fully vaccinated PCCs have to isolate for only seven days as of tomorrow? Which I assume will slash the iso time for anyone currently undergoing 14 days. Doesn’t help kids who haven’t yet been able to get fully vaxxed, of course.

                    • +1


                      Almost 80% vaccinated in Victoria and I got message from school that they are closing because of 1 covid case.

                      Bet you wouldn’t be turning up to work if a coworker was diagnosed. But you’ll send your child off to school and expect the teachers to work in a dangerous environment.

                      Schools aren’t your personal baby sitters. They are there to educate your child (which can be done remotely), not make your life easier.

                      • @PainToad: What is the point of vaccinations mate if you close schools all the time? I would go to a room filled with covid patients and hug them if they permit. Schools are not babysitters. But they have a job to do. Seems like you are binge-watching and eating too many apocalyptic movies and junk food in this lockdown and your brain cells became obsolete

                        • +1


                          What is the point of vaccinations mate if you close schools all the time?

                          To help reduce the amount of people dying in conjunction with other methods. Not to make your life easier.

                          Hospital admission is rare i children, but doesn’t matter how rare it is, if the numbers get high enough it will happen to someone kid. How would you feel if that was your child?

                          Also, children can still pass it on. How would you feel if you sent them to school, they caught it and the passed it on to their grandparents (your parents)?

                          • @PainToad: I don't care if I die or anyone I know dies. You can't avoid death. You should live your life until you are alive. What is the point of living with dementia or some debilitating condition where you can't do your own chores. David Goodall is the pioneer for intellectuals on how to live your life and die

                        • @DisabledUser318679:

                          I would go to a room filled with covid patients and hug them if they permit.

                          If you like living life on the edge you could get the same result running around in the middle of a highway, most cars will probably dodge you and you'll be fine, you may get clipped and hurt, and there's a chance you may get killed.. If you like that sort of gamble go for your life ! (just keep in mind the other people you may impact or traumatize, it's not all about you)

                          • @FLICKIT: I feel probability of me dying from covid is less than getting hit by a lighting strike

        • Many countries? Please specify the countries that doesn't need a test on arrival.

      • +2

        Agree, I was looking to go to FiJi next January. After did my research, Fiji will charge each person 225 aud for PCT test. I can't choose the hotel I would like to. I only can join the government select tour…. No thanks.

        I will wait until they loose the belt for travelling next year.

    • +2

      Cheaper hotels in Thailand and Bali might offset the costs of testing.

      Hawaii on the other hand will cost more than an Aussie beach holiday.

    • +1

      Yeah I wondering what happens if your overseas and get covid could you be stuck for weeks at best not allowed in a plane waiting for negative test?

      • +2

        Yes that is what happens until a doctor signs you off

    • Maybe not the first half, second half perhaps?

      • +1

        Even riskier … the vaccine efficiency might go down after 6 months and hospitalisations go up … Lockdown 7.

    • +1

      Flying overseas… I wish I could say the beach is all I need … this would be nice!
      Family overseas, parents sick, kids lost second language skills (which has major impact on education later), …
      So guess I have to take the risk.

      • You are not alone :-(

  • +1

    Then add in the Covid test costs. Also finding someone who will do travel insurance that includes Covid cover. However, the prices are very tempting.

    • Check the destination country for which ones they'll accept, chances are you'll have to use one of their pre-approved ones. eg: https://covid19.tgia.org

    • I don't believe any insurance company is currently offering covid insurance (?). Not that I blame them, the costs for insurance companies would be massive to add this. So it'll be at your own expense.

      • +1

        They do. You might need to buy something in destination country tho. I believe it's even required for some of the countries to have covid insurance. (But might be wrong about that).

      • Covermore does so long as country is allowed on smarttraveller website (which they will be by time the flights are government approved)

  • +11

    As RexHavoc said in the other Jetstar deal:

    “Got Melb to Hawaii. Return with bags for $320

    Got a Southwest Airlines flight in between HNL-LAX for $100 each way. 2 free bags. Will go play up north coast for a few days.

    So two of us return for about $1k to Hawaii and USA east coast. Bargain.

    Checkout southwest for internal Hawaii flights also, pretty good value.”

    Excellent way of doing it :)

    • I would pay extra to avoid Southwest lol

      • +1

        Why? Southwest is regularly voted as one of America’s best airlines.

    • +4

      Isn't LAX on the west coast?

    • which dates did you get those $100 flights?

    • I didn't even know Southwest were flying to Hawaii. That's handy!

    • Yes, I have booked many times a return trip to the USA mainland from HNL after buying a cheap return Jetstar SYD->HNL.

      The cheapest for a long time was ATA. Budget airline with old planes. Defunct now.

      Certainly, many USA airlines offer specials to HNL pretty regularly.

  • DONT get me wrong but only deals come out from Melbourne or Sydney origins only WHY NEVER EVER any other capital cities.

    Seems to me they only care about $$$ from those two big cities

    • +4

      They're the only states (ACT too I guess) that have a plan to live with COVID. QLD is slowly coming around.

    • +4

      cos other states' permiers are still sleeping like bozo's

      • +1

        No it has nothing to do with that, there are never deals departing from ADL, or any other non popular cities (i.e. other than Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane) any time around the year

        • Sometimes the connections line up

    • +2

      No mention of Aus on there, unless I'm missing it…

    • +21

      That's fine, we don't want you here anyway.

  • +14

    I wonder how long every travel post on OZB is going to be clogged with the same, tired old comments.

    'No way I'll be travelling anywhere', 'I'll be holidaying at home', etc etc etc.

  • Wow! Thanks op!
    Tight prices, afterpay is invoking surcharges to customer!

  • The flights SYD to PHUKET change to $117.93 or $118 each each way. When you click on the date for $149 it changes to $117.93 or $118. Must be a glitche?

    • +2


      The $149 price is offered by Jetstar.com. Once you choose exact dates then we get prices from MyTrip, Gotogate etc which may be cheaper.

      • great! is this a new offering from Jetstar.com?

        • Now more than ever I wouldn’t buy from a reseller. If you have the slightest issue you’ll thank yourself for paying a few dollars more and booking direct

          • -1

            @digitalane: This is booking direct via Jetstar.com.

  • Thats cheap

  • +1

    Just booked Jetstar return from Syd to Bali for $671 for 2 people
    With my amex card for travel insurance purposes
    Including extra baggage on return leg and additional Jetstar return/change of mind policy thingy
    Over the June public holiday (NSW)

    • +2

      your amex travel insurance won't cover any COVID related hiccups.

      • would any?

        • +6

          apparently not - need to get expensive top up insurance (and some countries like thailand, require it): https://www.traveller.com.au/covid19-and-international-trave...

          In my opinion, these posts offering "cheap" overseas travel deals really need to have these disclaimers in them.

        • Do hiccups need coverage tho?
          Just drink a glass of water.

      • That really sucks. But I also paid an additional ~$60 for the option to add a flexibility add-on to my flight. Hoping that would help with the same.

        At least it's not early 2022. Booked for June. Hoping for normality by then!

        • What does the flexibility add-on do?

          Although the flight is cheap. Bali still requires 5 days quarantine on arrival. Hopefully by June these restrictions will ease. Otherwise I will not expect any refunds from Jetstar.

          • +1

            @ko0l: I think it gives me the option to essentially convert my payment into a gift card in the case of covid

        • +1

          mmmm, I paid for that too. But I think it means you can cancel for no reason and they give you a voucher with an expiry of 3 years. (And I think it includes some add-ons credit too)

          I booked for late August. SYD<->Bali.

  • +2

    nothing departing from Adelaide >:/

  • +1

    The risks associated with international travel in 2022 are too much for me.

    All this covid testing around trips. What if you get a positive? Trip cancelled and lost money. What if you get stuck in quarantine OS or on arrival back in Aus?

    Waaaaay too much risk. No thanks.

  • +1

    then add the $1800 per person for 2 weeks hotel quarantine in perth…

  • +2

    Someone posted this fancy website the other day. You say where you're flying from, to, the dates, your passport country and your vaccination status. It tells you all the restrictions, tests and rules currently in place for your destination in that period (with references - all other websites and media take note), which could (and probably will) change by that time.


    • +1

      I tried a combination of NSW and Japan and I think it's out of date as I don't think it has all the rules post November 1st in there, so maybe not the best source for information.

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