Apple AirPods 3rd Generation $264.99 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Introducing the all-new AirPods. Featuring spatial audio that places sound all around you, Adaptive EQ that tunes music to your ears and longer battery life. It’s all sweat and water resistant and delivers an experience that’s simply magical.

This product features:
Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking places sound all around you
Adaptive EQ automatically tunes music to your ears
All new contoured design
Force sensor lets you easily control your entertainment, answer or end calls and more
Sweat and water resistant
Up to six hours of listening time with one charge
Up to 30 hours total listening time with the MagSafe Charging Case
Quick access to Siri by saying “Hey Siri”
Effortless setup, in ear detection and automatic switching for a magical experience
Easily share audio between two sets of AirPods on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple TV
Technical specifications: Go to for a complete set

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  • +3

    I just still can't get over how short the battery life is. Both of my 1st gen airpods only last 10 mins after 2 years :/

    • +8

      I have similar issue with my 1st gen
      but my 2nd gen has been in used for nearly 3 years daily, still can last over 2 hours on a call

      • +3

        Same as @littlesoldier here

        • +1

          Thanks, my V1's last ~20min and doing my head in, time for an upgrade

      • +1

        That sounds promising. Might give the 3rd gen another go then.

    • I just got my pair replaced before warranty ended. Also every other wireless earbud has the same issue if you use them a lot.

      • How did you do that, just tell Apple it's running out too rapidly?

        (What if it isn't running out too rapidly?)

        • +1

          So the battery life is 5 hours, my ones lasted 2 hours, I told them and they replaced it.

      • +1

        Except the other airbuds are only $50 to replace (if you don't mind the generic brand performance)

        • Haha it's true, if you are lucky enough for them to last hey. I have gone through so many SoundPeats/TCY/Edifier/Mpow, they can work great at certain things, and might last you a while, but overall I find the batteries degrade much faster, and obviously lack in other areas like mic, build quality etc. I guess it depends on what you will use them for?
          I used to use cheapo soundpeats for when I was washing the car, mowing the lawn, doing house chores, but over time all the issues made me just stick to using my airpods as they were super reliable. I don't think they sound great, but when I want to listen to things critically, i'm not going to use TWS buds hey.

          • @onlinepred: I'm using Tozo T10 at the moment. Its been 10 months and its working fine. I generally don't need it for more than 30 minutes per use (enough for train/bus ride or lunch break). If it last even a year I would consider that good value already. Performance has been good, I'm not an audiophile so I had no complain with the sound quality. People on the other side of the call also had no complain with hearing me.

            In the office I use my Taotronic headphones. That's been more than a year old and the battery is holding up as well. Sound & mic quality is also decent.

            Both are less than $50 haha. I love my Apple products but the Airpods is my least favourite just because of my experience with Gen 1 battery life.

            • @John: Wow, did you get them replaced? I got my wife's set replaced under warranty, they had no stock of gen 1 so gave me gen2. IMO they are one of the best apple products ever made, given when they came out, and what else was around. If my pair died after 2 years of using 6 hours a day, I would race out and get another set no question. Still to this day, most TWS can't compare to features with iOS and Airpods.

              No one buys TWS for critical listening, they are a convenience thing.

    • +1

      This is 100% apple's plan to get people to buy more of their products. Not really the best environmentally speaking.

      There is a battery service but it's not cheap and seems priced to get consumers to just upgrade to the latest and greatest.

      • +1

        True. The so called battery service is actually a replacement thus the full/near new price. Apple don’t actually “service/repair” the battery for certain devices these days, they simply chuck it away. I was shocked when I learned about this for iPad mini 5 too. There was no screws/opening because it’s never designed to be opened for repair

      • +2

        Yea it's true, Apple is a business. My wife got refurbs gen 2 after her gen 1 battery life was about an hour. Can't complain really. I've had worse service from other companies.

        • +2

          Can't complain really.

          It's great from a consumer perspective, terrible environmentally which annoys me since they claim to do a lot for the environment and people eat it up.

          • +2

            @Caped Baldy: Yea entirely agree. On a whole, I do prefer Apple's management of phone battery replacement, instead of just sending refurb phones like Google/samsung etc, you can just get the battery replaced even on legacy devices. But yes, I guess due to these being so small and much cheaper they drew the line on costs. My wifes airpods 2 are still going incredibly well, got from new (as a replacement for airpods 1 battery issues).

    • +2

      Same issue with my 1st gen. Apple refused to provide any support or replacement with a fee.
      Had issues with my QC35 1st gen 2 months ago and Bose happily agreed to replace with QC45. This is the service we need.
      Even though I love Airpods for their convenience but still hate to say that I refuse to pay $250+ for a product which is dead in 2 years.

      • What was the issue on your qc35? And Bose warranty is 5 years?

    • I've had my 1st generation airpods for a little over 4 years now and I use them intensely. I can confirm that they don't last more than 20 minutes now… but after 4 years of use I think it's still cool that they still work :)

  • +2

    For extra $33.01 (or less with discounted gift cards) you can get Airpods pro - club Catch required

    • +18

      True, but they are for a different audience. I can't stand in-ear headphones with silicone tips (for noise cancelation).

      • +2

        $261.32 for Airdpods 3rd Gen. with 6% off gift cards from Suncorp for those not Costco members. Free Pick from Kmart or Target

        • Is Suncorp the dodgy one where you have to transfer into someone’s bank account and they don’t reply to emails?

          • +2

            @DingoBlue: Nope. They have an app and the gift cards are instant, you can choose an exact amount as well for some gift cards. Pay with a debit card in the app

          • @DingoBlue: No way. Suncorp is one of the reputed banking organization. They have partnered with AAMI and hence I have been using them for almost 3 years now for discounted gift cards, which get delivered instantly.

      • And for me, I don’t need NC, I have over ears for that.

        • It can be switched off in Airpods pro. Also they have been as low as this price or less.

          • @Pricebeat: Yes but an extra feature you’re paying for that for me, I don’t need in my AirPods.

            • -1

              @281982: Like I said they have been as low as this or less and you have two advantages, ANC in case you wanted to use it and better resale value.

      • +2

        Neither could I. Used to have some Sennheiser in-ears and absolutely hated them.

        I picked up some AirPods Pro's on a whim last year due to a crazy sale ($250) and they are excellent. I don't know what it is but they are way better than any other in-ear earbuds I've used.

      • +5

        Same, I have both 2nd gen and Pro
        TBH I use 2nd gen most of the time as it is way more comfortable to wear
        I only use the Pro when I am on a train and need ANC

        • which do you prefer for workouts/running/whatever activity you're into?

          • @andresampras: For me, will recommend 3rd gen for sure
            especially 3rd gen enhanced the IPX4 water resistant

            When I use the Pro, occasionally it will drop out from my ear when I am running
            never have this issue for 2nd gen
            3rd gen enhanced the earphone weight balance by shorten the length
            so it should stay in the earbud nicely even doing workouts or running

            • @littlesoldier: buy you haven't tried the 3rd gen yet, I presume?

              I was asking which you prefer between 2nd gen and pro

              • @andresampras: 2nd vs pro, i will choose 2nd gen
                as said, the pro seems didn't stay stable enough when I have any movements (eg. running)
                I have even tried all the tip sizes but none are very stable for me

                for 2nd gen, it holds really well and I dont even feel like wearing

                • @littlesoldier: cool thanks

                • @littlesoldier: Do you use an iPhone or an Android?
                  My ears are very sensitive and I've found that only Airpods Gen 2 seem to be comfortable for them. However, I rock an Galaxy S21 and use a Mac, so not sure how well they will work together.

                  • @robeh: Airpod will work with Android as normal bluetooth pairing
                    When you go near the Mac it will prompt to connect
                    However, once you are done on Mac and would like to connect back to S21
                    you might have to manually go to bluetooth settings to connect

    • +2

      There are people who prefer semi in-ear buds. Especially if you have wet ears so silicone tips are not that great.

  • +1

    The pros are great but these are trash for the price.

    • +2

      Have you used them already?

  • -1

    RRP is $280, not really worth the hassle…

  • This or airpods pro?

    • If you don't already have any noise cancelling headphones then definitely the pro, but even if you do, I personally haven't worn my Sony WH1000XM4 since getting airpod pros just because they are so much more portable and not a nuisance to have on my head.

    • APP, especially as you can sometimes get them at these prices.

  • +1

    May I please know why is this almost the same price as Sony XM ? Is this better than Sony?

    • +1

      urm they’re different brand and products?

    • It’s Apple.

  • Better getting a Sony WF-1000XM4 than this rubbish

    • Unless you were after non inner ear buds, then the WF XM4 would be trash.

    • -3

      have tested the XM4's and are very good, the Bose Quietcomfor Earbuds are very similar in quality and I got it for $202 during the last latitudepay sale
      good choice, I agree airpods are dog shit (now you will see apple fanboys negg it and then fight for it :D these guys are no idea and just try to force their dumb opinion with oh it doesnt fit my ears while I was jogging and fail to realize how good the ANC is on the Sony/Bose)

      • +1

        I don't even own any Apple products but have owned the used normal wired Apple earpods. Bit odd for you to call all airpods "dog shit" though, I believe it's all to do with personal preference. How things sound and fit are all subjective, also, once you start talking about wireless earbuds > $200 RRP I believe they're all pretty good choices.

        • test the ANC and the Bose is very good compared to everything in the market (earbuds ANC)

  • Any other wireless earphones that’s not in ear?

    • Yes.

    • Samsung Buds Live have been fantastic for me, but the fitment isn't for everyone. Honestly though, the gen 2 or gen 3 airpods will be your best bet.

  • Bought this in a rush thinking it was pro at that price, then realised a minute later it’s the 3rd gen and cancelled.

  • I wonder if they're better than all the previous ones (non-pro and pro as well) in windy conditions.

    Whenever I'm going for a run or a ride, I need to change to the regular, wired Earpods, because the other side simply can't hear me over the wind sounds. Confirmed with multiple people and Airpod models. Earpods mic works like a charm in the worst weather. And you can change the volume with it, which you can't do with Airpods.

    Also I can't remember the last time I could be bothered using the noise cancellation on my Airpods Pro (not mind-blowing effective, nor useful to me), but the transparency mode is useful to hear the surroundings while having your ears plugged - which is not an issue with these, I guess, as they don't have the tips like the Pro model.

    Also, don't expect wonders from the automatic device switching.

  • Will officeworks price match?

    • +1

      as costco requires membership
      officeworks won't price match

  • Is a Costco membership worth it if you only shop online?

    • Depends how much you buy I guess. But you are really missing out not going to the store..

  • Is this available in store today?

  • When are the Pro 2’s coming out?

    • +1

      They dropped at the most recent event. The brand new Pros have MagSafe, which is a total and complete game changer of epic proportions. Otherwise they may possibly be quite likely otherwise mostly almost entirely identical… ish.

      • It's merely a new magsafe-compatibile case, there are no "Airpods Pro 2".

        • Tell that to anybody buying the inferior old version for the same price!

  • Keep in mind that if you order directly from Apple you get free engraving, so for some people a $14 saving from Costco might not really be worth it.

    • +1

      Beware of engraving. It may lower your resale value.

      • I don’t think the resale value of old AirPods with shitty battery life is very much though…

  • For those without Costco membership you can try this. Catch has it for $278, got a price beat from my local Officeworks to bring it to $264.10

  • Stupid question, but does the 3rd gen have multipairing retain relationship status with two iphones? lol

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