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Apple AirPods 3rd Gen $2 @ Mobileciti


Price error, 99% off says the deal, good luck

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    Better than eBay.

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    definitely error

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            @Skinnerr: wind-up Airpods…. now there's an idea.

  • please wait… stuck

  • Website stuck…..

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    Will Officeworks price match?

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      Results vary but they don't usually honour price errors.

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      price beat $2 ??? on something that is like 100x more expensive Huh mate

      no way

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      Yes I got 5 from OW!

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        Oooh I would love to see proof of this!!

        I don't know why the downvotes as you haven't had a chance to reply yet :(

        • Because there's no way that Officeworks is going to price match an item that would cost them almost 50x the price you want them to match.

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    This will obviously get cancelled

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    website down :)))

  • Not worth the hassle as Mobileciti will cancel the order.

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    502 Bad Gateway

  • Mobileciti will NOT honor the deal obviously

  • Price updated in cart to $278 now

  • Had it ready to send and they updated price to 278 in my cart…

  • Lol

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    Fixed already πŸ˜‚

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    They fixed it, back to $278

  • $278 now

  • Back to normal.

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    They should honour it at least for OP for flagging the glitch in their systems.

  • Fixed fixed now

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    278 now lol, you guys actually tried to order the for $2?

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    lol.. think it's too greedy to also click through shopback for 2% cashback?

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      Hardcore ozbargain unlocked!

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    Anyone get a screenshot?

    • I would really like a screenshot for when I dispute transaction :(

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        Inspect element ;)

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          I don't understand

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        Save the screenshot as I'll delete it tonight.

        I didn't purchase the item by way, cause it didn't go past the "processing" screen.

  • No way they are going to honor

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    Damn, they charge me full price :(

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    Got one, I 100% expect it to be cancelled but it’s exciting being hopeful!

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    Still at $2.99 on their eBay store as at 12:39 AEDT

    • Dammit, gone!

    • It says: The seller doesn't have that many left. when there's only 1 selected :(

    • Cheers

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      Lol $5 off if you buy 2 or more items makes this 98c for 2.

      I'll throw my hat in the ring because I can pay with PayPal balance and who knows, maybe I'll get a $5 apology credit from eBay. Feel a lot of negative feedback is going to hit their eBay page though

      Edit: lol postage is free but pickup is extra

      Free postage
      Est. delivery Wed, 3 Nov
      or AU $2.00 local pickup from Parramatta, New South Wales

    • So sad, people buying 5…

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    This is basically data harvesting at this point

    • Don’t ding ding ding ding

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    LOL missed out

  • -1


    • I clicked through to this page just to lol at the click count.

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    They won't let you touch that for $2.

    Get ready for the spams of cancellations!!

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    EBay order confirmed

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    Anybody tried price matching to officeworks πŸ˜‚. True ozbargainer.

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      Yeah sure if you want to get laughed at πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • item sent, expected delivery date 20/03/2022

    Think I will cancel. Need them before Christmas

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      I think that's referring to your refund

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      Think I will cancel.

      No Dont cancel
      Ill buy em for $4 when you get them @ 20/03/2022

      • Ignore USERDC, I'll give you $4.50

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      Coming from Express Post

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    I guess our punishment is $1 saving off RRP

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    Just got confirmation email from them (via eBay)

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    The type of deal one should keep to themselves

    • But think of all the ozkarma points

  • If anyone actually receives a β€œShipped” notification. That will have been the greatest buy ever.

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    I can't wait for the entitled babies to review bomb their store because you think you're entitled to a pretty clear price error.

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      Five entitled babies and counting…

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        Someone called the Wambulance!

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      Whenever there is one of these price error posts on ozbargain there are always those types of people.Obviously Mobileciti will be fine, but it can be pretty sad when small businesses are flooded with negative reviews.

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      This deal is an extreme example, but I feel there should be some responsibility for pricing errors.

      Too easy to get new accounts and customer data by intentionally offering products at lower prices and then claiming a pricing error, insufficent stock etc.

      If there were stricter laws around that, perhaps we wouldn't see our orders cancelled because of "errors", overselling (so common!). And I mean more realistic orders, not neccessarily $300 Airpods at $2. But you get my point.

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    It says Apples (not Apple) in title, might be $2 for real ;)

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    eBay order cancelled ;(

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    I was thinking about pulling the trigger on these, but might wait until they are $1

    • a***_
      AU $0.49
      2 26 Oct 2021 at 12:39:14 AEDST

      this guy paid $0.49 each for 2 lol

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        Pretty sure the asterisks stand for r, s, e - in that order.

        • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    hahaha look at ebay purchase history for today one dude, went in twice buying 3 each time lol,

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