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LIFX Mini Day & Dusk B22 LED Smart Bulb $15 Each + Delivery ($0 with $100 Order) @ JB Hi-Fi


These are on clearance at JB! $15 each. Delivery is $4.99.

Thanks to Zwarzy for pointing it out - also $15 on Amazon! Sold out!

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    Same price on amazon

    • Free delivery with Prime as well.

  • Before i grab a wrong item. what does the Mini mean in terms of the product name

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      From memory, the physical size is smaller. The OGs used to be huge and wouldn’t fit in a lot of fittings.

  • only one in 1stock at amazon
    edit: missed it, OOS

  • Also avail direct from Lifx in case sold out elsewhere: https://www.lifx.com.au/collections/clearance

    • Not quite the same price though.

  • Unavailable at Hurstville
    We'll SMS and email you as soon as your order is ready for collection at Bathurst


    • Could have been worse. Couldve been C&C from Bougainville

  • Won't let you check out with delivery for more than 1… A bit pointless

  • Amazon link please OP just searched it on app with exact description and didn't get results.

    • Its OOS

      • Yeah sold out. Just updated the post.

  • Since Amazon is OOS, and JB doesn't have any local.
    Lifx website has them for $19 each, three will give you free postage, old Discount code in a previous deal still works, STORE10 saves you $5.70
    So 3x lights for $51.30 Delivered.
    So $17.10 each.
    Not the best price but still decent.

  • Any single smart light switch to suit?

    • Why are you pairing a smart light bulb with a smart switch? Get one or the other.

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        A smart switch may not be able to control e.g. the colour, brightness etc but could be used to manually turn on and off?

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          You can… just turn it on and off from a normal light switch?

      • I want a switch to turn the light on and off (for anyone to turn it on and off) with out people needing an app.
        I want a smart light to have the colour change depending on the time of the day, day light to warm light (circadian?)).
        A switch by itself won’t work, a light by its self won’t work will it?

        • The regular light switch will still work, but if you turn it off at the switch, then you can’t remote turn it on until you turn on the light switch again.

          • @ATangk: And if I turn the switch on will the light be the correct white for the circadian cycle and continue changing even if it is, say, mid point in a cycle?

            • @PVA: Ask LIFX support… thats beyond me to know

              • @ATangk: Thanks.
                That’s why I said about both items. For what I have read you need both for smart lights to function correctly apart from the normal, easy on of schedule type things.

                • @PVA: For your sake I turned my lights off and on again from the switch without opening the app and its dimming itself. So it does work with a dumb light switch.

  • Now $12 but only B22

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      oops I meant E27

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