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½ Price Red Island Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L $9 @ Woolworths


We make our Extra Virgin Olive Oil the only way we know how, with honest hard work. No shortcuts or fancy ingredients - just 100% natural goodness from the freshest olives grown in Aussie soil by Aussie farmers. Harvested and cold pressed, straight from our community to yours.

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    I am about to finish a bottle of this. Not sure if I got a dud or it is a design flaw, but the lid/cap is the worst. Seems to made of thin metal, and right from the start did not twist off properly. Subtle and not-so-subtle adjustments have not helped.

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      Yes - their lids are terrible! Fortunately the oil itself is rather good so I tend to overlook it when there's a 50% off special. That said, I'd rather have the lids from the Cobram Estate oil.

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      Yep the bottle cap is rubbish.

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      It's happened to me before but usually they're ok. Not great but they do the job. Oil is fantastic though, especially at this price.

    • Same! How should I deal with it I can't even open it now

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        Just squeeze and pull, but yeah absolutely worst material

      • Take it back, ask for a replacement.

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    We buy the Cobram 3L tins (purple-colored theme) when on special at Coles/WW and fill up a ceramic oil dispenser instead. Have bought the smaller bottles before but have to agree the lids are a pita.

    Thoroughly recommend trying the Cobram over Red Island when the specials come up, same price per L when you buy the tin I think.

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      Does your partner get up you about buying the 3L? Mine does, makes me a hoarder apparrently

      • She balked the first time but then she was the one getting up me to make sure we didn't run out when it wasn't on special, lol. Plus, she's always getting Coles Flybuys offers so a $35 spend on a single item helps with those things. We use it every day so maybe 3 tins a year.

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    Bought this Bertolli Organic Fruity Taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil on special at half price last week. It taste very good. Otherwise this is our usual buy at half price special.

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    There's a high temp variant usually not part of the 1/2 price special, don't grab the wrong one.

  • Are people ever really paying 18 bucks a litre for olive oil?

    • Yah 750ml bottles went from $14 to $18 in one price rise a few months ago.
      And houses as well gone up $thousands.
      Suppose next month interest rates take a hike.
      And we're told INFLATION is Low ?

      Have found Red Island 1 litre bottles a little large to handle, but for $9 a great buy.
      May pickup half a dozen while on special.

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    Ok, I have to say it… I can't be the only one that is not an olive oil snob!

    I mean, I do like my olive oil , and I do like them extra virgin… But man, some of the reviews I've seen on OzB and elsewhere are nuts! To a point where they may as well say that the oil has a nice dark berry flavour etc that you see in wine reviews.

    To be honest, I look at my panty when I buy my olive oil, if I'm on my last bottle, I get whatever is on half price. Does the job and honestly I don't know if it's because I'm made of garbage, but I also can't tell the difference. Part of me doesn't want to either.

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      To be honest, I look at my panty when I buy my olive oil

      Is keeping money in your jocks a common practice or am I missing something here?

      • Probably just like the older generations put their jewellery in biscuit tins so no thieves can find them. Having that said it is very bad hygiene to store olive oil in a panty not to mention that gets too much attention from the ladies despite the convenience of using it for other purposes.

      • It could be a special type of headwear they use

    • I wouldn't say I'm a snob but there are definitely EVOOs and EVOOs. My base is Australian EVOO and next best is some first press stuff you get from a market, that stuff is amazing but that's for salads and dipping bread in only.

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      'I look at my panty when I buy my olive oil'

      if they're wet then it's a BUY !

      but wait - you a dude - is your breath coming in short pants ?

      • Huh??? WTAF?!?

  • This oil is the best for cooking chicken snitzels, been using it for years and won’t use anything else….

  • Great price but personally don’t rate this one - glad to see some people on here do!

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