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[Pre Order] MSI GeForce RTX 3060 VENTUS 2X OC 12GB GDDR6 Graphics Card $799 + Delivery @ PLE


FWIW, this is a pre-order, stating available from Vic Warehouse 29/10/21.

Also: - showing as available 02/11/21 ASUS Phoenix GeForce RTX 3060 V2 12GB GDDR6 $759 + Delivery

Not sure why it's listed a "GPU SWAP OPTION" but if you click through on the RTX listing it leads straight to this page. If it pans out, the price is good for the market
Disclaimer: I didn't buy one, got an RX 6600 for $200 less, which isn't very far off in performance. Cheers

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    Not bad, considering CPL raised said rx 6600 right back to 750 lol.

    Good sleuthing.

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    Am I dreaming? Is this actually a semi-decent price for a solo GPU? Have I been knocked into an alternate dimension??

    You guys had the Great GPU Shortage of 2020-21 right?

  • This MSI card has a black plastic back plate.

    :) i'm happy to wait a year for the prices to come down to $500 .. the REAL price for a $320MSRP RRP card.

  • i reckon that because it says gpu swap, its actually intended to be an extra addon to prebuilt systems. if you try and click the gpu swap category it goes to an "internal" group. possible that it's supposed to be that price but doubt it

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      They are all listed in GPU swap.. they have no cards not listed as GPU swap.. i dont think they "DONT SELL" graphics cards so my guess its just a website oopsy

  • price heading the right direction

  • That vanished real quick haha

    • i had lots of time to order one but i just cant stand plastic back plates

      • Yeah, plastic backplates are yikes.

        That said, while you could grab one and remove the plastic for better vram airflow, you're better off getting a budget metal backplate card and then padding it yourself.

  • There's 3070's for pre order but 1.2k+

  • Cooling is trash on the single fan GPU

    • +1

      Yes, YMMV for single-fan RTX cards. Still, pretty cool to have a 3060 in an ITX build… also still shows in stock from WA.

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