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[Pre order] ASUS Phoenix RTX 3060 $759, eVGA RTX 3070 XC3 ULTRA $1229, ZOTAC GAMING RTX 3080 Trinity OC $1849 + Delivery @ PLE


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    Nice price on the 3080!

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    Where the HODLers at?

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      here bra!..

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    I can't believe I'm tempted to pay $1229 for a card that end with a '70'.

    • +1

      i pulled the trigger at $1280 2 months ago… happy days

  • 3080 12gb????

    • 10gb

  • 3080 unable to add to cart anymore.

  • Are non LHR still in production?

    • +3

      all LHR

    • they will never go back lol

    • Nar the only non LHR card still being made is the 3090, all companies only make LHR now, if you find a LHR it will be on ebay for a shitload.

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    3060 should be like $450.

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    ETA for 3070 changed to 23/11 at vic and 19/11 at wa

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    inb4 it doesn't say 'mini' XD

    • You should mention Techfast as well

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    One of their locations in WA is Cockburn……
    I wonder who came up with this name.

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      It's pronounced Co burn, if that helps.

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        Cock burn sounds better

    • +3

      Cockburn is named after Cockburn Sound, which was named in 1827 by Captain James Stirling after Admiral Sir George Cockburn.

      • +8

        Correct, who got his name from Sir Reginald Herpes


  • Can't see how you pre-order the 3060, I must be fick.

  • These new PLE deals are really decent for todays market, I can’t imagine it go any lower than this before Christmas.

  • Phoenix is baaaad
    That’s bad meaning bad not bad meaning good

  • +2

    Thanks, I pulled the trigger on an RTX 3070.

    I'd been undecided about a 6700 XT from PCCG, and I can pick this up locally from PLE.

  • +2

    Now I start to feel my purchase of a 3080 at $1699 was not a bad decision…

  • I will be honest, I don't know what is a good price and what isn't for a current GPU but are these prices not ridiculous?
    3 years ago I bought a brand new 1080ti for $975 and on UserBenchmark it rates similarly/better than an RTX 3060 that is being sold here for $759.
    Isn't performance meant to go up and price meant to go down or not creep up this high? Is everyone just conditioned to the ridiculous prices now and accepts it.
    What the hell is going on in the GPU market right now, please someone help me make sense of these prices.

    • People rationalise the higher prices as opportunity cost.

    • +5

      I will also be honest…

      What the hell is going on in the GPU market right now

      Have you been living under a rock?

      • I believe the 20 series were also stupidly priced and present very poor value across the range. I guess this is the norm now….

    • GPUs can be used to mine crypto currencies.

      As such, they're money machines for people who focus on that, and that's driven prices up far beyond the manufacturer's RRP.

      I've been looking for a card for 1440p gaming to replace a GTX 1060, and this is a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than RTX 3070s I've seen recently.

  • This isn't going to be 2020 preorder waiting all over again, isn't it?

    • still waiting for my 2020 pre-order

    • They've really raised the prices of these since last month.

      • yea, still the cheapest option given the price others charge, 2300 for the ftw3 was a decent price when you consider it's a flagship card

        • Agreed. good on PLE for at least holding out for as long as possible on discounts. Could have easily joined in with the rest of market at $2600-$2800.

        • +1

          I purchased the 3080 ti XC3 (other cards don't seem to fit my case) a couple weeks ago from PLE when it was 2299. Its gone up by an extra $100. Its still the cheapest around.

          • @atomnaya: Honestly I wouldn't bother with the FTW anyway, just stick to the cheapest which is the XC3. Doesn't seem like the FTW has any elevated build quality. You get more power for potentially some overclock but that stuff adds so little.

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    can somebody wake me when this nightmare is over please?

  • Woohoo my order is shipped!

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