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Samsung 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher DW60M6055FG/SA (Black Only) $499.50 Delivered @ Samsung Education Store


14 Place settings* 7 Wash programs* 5 Wash options* Height-adjustable shelving* 3.5 Star energy rating* 4.5 Star WELS rating, 12.7 Litres per wash

Previously posted here


But now it's back in stock but slightly more expensive than previous post.

The same dishwasher is selling at Good Guys for $999


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    why is the dishwasher on the education store

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      Note 7 Fire Containment System

    • +3

      Students need their dishes washed too…

    • -1

      students need to wash their 2 minute noodle bowls

  • +1

    Aimed at single students who consume 2 minutes noodles fitting a few bowls and one pan…

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    Many 1 star reviews on ProductReview. My mate who used to work at Samsung also said not to buy a samsung dishwasher lol

    • I wouldn't recommend for anyone to buy Samsung Kitchen appliances either. I had a bad experience with their fridge and their stupid Samsung Technician who wasted my time trying to get me to pay parts that didn't actually fix the problem. If you want to buy Samsung products, get their TVs or Phones, not their kitchen appliances.

      • Was it their washing machine get recalled because of burning?

  • Do you need to login with an edu account to see the $499.50?

    • Yes

      • will having a friend with an edu account work or do they have measures against that

        • Your EDU friend can use your details as delivery contact.

        • +2

          Only works if you have a friend’s cousin with an edu account.

          • @unco: How distant a cousin do they have to be? Asking for my mate Jerry Lee…

  • Does this stack with 50 dollar sign up bonus?

    And is this thing any good?

    • Yes it does stack, I got mine for $399

  • Purchased a similar looking Samsung dishwasher 6 years ago. Problems: Water started leaking inside dishwasher - the drain tube underneath the washer was clogged. With a bit of DIY knowledge I was able to fix these things without any problems. I think with all dishwashers you will have some issues. Depends on how you maintain them - clean cycle with Finish every month - remove food deposits from plates before chucking them in dishwasher.

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