LG C1 77" OLED TV $5695 + Delivery ($0 to Select Cities) @ Appliance Central


Wonder how much lower it'll get? I pulled the trigger on the LG website %15 of deal, came to $5589 but they're out of stock now. Happy buying

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  • There's a 77" W9 available on clearance for $5,399 with coupon if you're in the market as well (last year's model, but may suit if looking for something extra slim).

    The seller is Harvey Norman Commercial (having bought multiple items from them) seems like a way for them to quietly offload end of life stock.

    • Nice! Any idea if buying from them comes with a receipt/invoice? Just curious if there are any implications regarding warranty.

      • I've been able to request a receipt in the past for tax purposes so it shouldn't be an issue - it came through as a Harvey Norman Commercial tax invoice.

    • seems it does not deliver to major metro cities

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    The Good Guys in Hoppers Crossing Melbourne sold it to me for $5600 + $55 just this Monday. Called them and quoted the $5595 price from their July sale and she immediately said I can do that for you. Received the TV the very next day and its been amazing!

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      Also have to add, I tried JB hifi and also emailed appliance central to get the $5600ish price and they were not biting. TGG at this particular location was too easy. Probably could have asked for lower? haha. But I'm happy with what I paid!

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    Wow! I just got the 65” C1, I didn’t realise the jump to the next size up was so much more!
    The OLED panel is amazing though, if you got the space and the coin, you will not be disappointed. Put on a David Attenborough documentary and shed a tear of amazement.

    Also, I have found The Good Guys are much more willing to price match promotions like the 15% LG one. I tried at JB but they weren’t having any of it. The Good Guys were more than happy to sort something out. 10/10 will be going back there for my next tech purchase, JB weren’t interested in being competitive at all.

    • JB weren’t interested in being competitive at all.

      JB owns TGG. Pointless to compete against yourself.

      • +3

        My point was JB never want to touch legit promotions like that. Good Guys always seem to at least sort something out for you. Don’t think that is a reflection of who they’re owned by, but I didn’t know JB owned them so thanks for that!

        • +3

          I know what you mean, throughout the last year or two I've found TGG to be more willing to drop prices or price match far more than JB. Even though JB has owned them for the last few years for whatever reason TGG seem to do a bit better with those things

          • +2

            @Monstalova: Yeah it could be because TGG are meant to be like a “warehouse” I think. I have a guy at my local who I’m almost friends with now and he always looks after me. TGG also have a ‘competitors price’ built into their system so price matching I’ve found to be much easier.
            Funnily enough, they gave me a better price than I was trying to get. I tried to price match something for $1300, they said “yeah but it’s actually $1250 at XX” and did that for me instead. JB would never do that.

    • +1 for The Good Guys. They are happy to do deals. I got my 77” Sony A9G for 5k a couple of weeks ago. Slightly older model, but great picture and I’m very pleased with it.

  • Waiting for a special price on the 83" and then I'll probably jump.

    • How much you expecting it to drop? I'd love it to but its a lotta $$

    • Best price you have seen thus far?

      • I am dreaming but love to get it sub $7k……around $7.5k is the cheapest I've seen it.

        • Which 83" model you are looking at? I want to buy one in 83-85" size range.

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            @amsaini15: There's only 1 LG OLED larger than 77", that's the 83" C1.

            I'm waiting and will pull the trigger at around $6.5k. Even $6.5k is Silly money for a TV lol

        • If you're willing to wait a year or two, with increased competition in the OLED space and Samsung pushing their new lineups starting next year to compete with OLEDs, it's very likely they'll be ~7K for the 83" in a couple of years on release. Things were looking good pre-Covid as prices were dropping year on year and specials were much better then they have been in 2020 and 2021.

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            @Fyrelor: and if we wait another 20-30 years OLED screens will be given away for free we'll probably all have retinal implants then!

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    I'm waiting to pay $5500

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      It's pretty close, I'd nab one before they go out of stock and the c2 or next year's starts getting advertised

      • Well maybe next year is my time to go 77 oled. It be around $5000

      • next year's starts getting advertised

        allegedly, LG’s Chinese factories are being re-outfitted, so, all next year models will have Evo panel. A free brightness boost bonus for the patient consumer.

        • +2

          Unless you have a C8 or C9 where its still not as bright. Kind of worked like 1984 where they tell you its brighter than last year but fail to mention a couple years back the older model was brighter than that too.

          • @Monstalova: I think everyone can agree that, overall, every year LG has improved their OLED panels.

        • Don't understand the brightness issue people talk about, unless the evo panel has further upgrades than brightness its pretty pointless. My c1 gets really bright, more than enough, if you're argument is you have a bright room then oled isn't the best option, the reflection is pretty bad

          • +1

            @Adamdavies1986: Evo improved brightness refers to peak HDR brightness, not whole screen or SDR. Extreme but practical example: sun’s reflection on a lake - if you’d wince seeing it then you’d want same watching it.

            • @AlexF:

              Evo improved brightness refers to peak HDR brightness, not whole screen or SDR.

              Not correct, the EVO panels are 20% more efficient, thus can be driven harder in all picture modes. While it is 20% brighter, you won't really notice it in specular highlights, but you will in overall (including full screen) brightness. SDR doesn't matter as content is mastered to 100nits, and everything goes well past that anyway.

              • @snuke: RTINGS: LG C1 OLED and the LG G1 OLED … have similar features and picture quality, except the G1 uses LG's new evo panel. It allows it to get brighter in HDR, making small highlights pop.

                • @AlexF: Exactly, brighter in HDR, making small highlights pop, but not pop more.
                  20% isn't big enough a difference to really notice on a small surface area (specular highlights), that's how our eyes work.

                  Rtings C1 was an odd duck, it had some real big issues out fo the box, hence you will see notes about them re-testing after many more hours of use to see if that helped, which it did in some tests.

                  HDTV Test talks about brightness between C1 & G1 here, that it's really only noticeable in full field - 5:22 - https://youtu.be/ljHREA5Ip2M?t=321
                  SDR brighter (full screen) at 7:22

                  • @snuke: Thats very noticeably just a better picutre. You just put me off the C1.. I have seen a live comparison and could def notice a slightly better picture with the G1, but wasn't entirely sure it wasn't psycholigical with the additional price…

                    EVO panel def looks better overall, will wait for next year's C1 successor or equivalent, unless theres some big deals before then of course…

                    • @autolux: The picture quality itself should be no different between the C1 and G1, only brightness. If you're comparing two tvs in a retail store, you have zero knowledge what has been done to the settings, so never use a store as reference, always better to use trusted reviews like HDTV Test.

              • @snuke: SDR has no peak brightness. As it can't be tone mapped unless you have software to limit it. So you can have it reach huge numbers if the TV is capable, that's why the overall picture appears brighter in SDR with higher APL.

          • @Adamdavies1986: Doesn't matter if its a bright room or not. I've got a 2000 nit TV and going from that to OLED was a huge hit in any condition. Most people have no idea what they're missing because they haven't seen very high brightness. Yes the blacks are better but that doesn't always matter for a lot of content

            • @Monstalova: What do you mean? I said oleds aren't the best for bright rooms, I still have my qled it's a really good one 100hz and it gets extremely bright even with the sun shining on it you could still get an amazing picture. But in terms of quality, colour, depth and everything else it doesn't even come close to the oled, brightness won't compensate for a better panel

              • @Adamdavies1986: You said brightness only matters in a bright room compared to OLED. Depth of picture yes is better when you have a black background, colours are not by quite a margin. OLEDs have a white sub pixel (WRGB) and they can only reach 300 nits which makes them have even poorer colour volume, especially against something like a high brightness QLED. The white sub pixel dilutes the colour to white to get any brighter which makes it lose in accuracy and colour itself when pushed. OLED also cannot do pure white because of the overpowered blue pixels. In a darker picture where colours don't need to shine you may get similar to an LCD but OLED doesn't have better colour. This is why Samsung are bringing out their OLED with regular RGB to solve the problem. I've got all the different types of TVs including Sony LCD, LG OLED and dual cell and OLED wins for me about a third of the time. Mainly with horror movies or content which has mainly black backgrounds, otherwise the Sony is the clear winner

                • @Monstalova:

                  You said brightness only matters in a bright room compared to OLED

                  Have you ever tried to watch an oled TV in a bright room? It's basically pointless it's just glare. In terms of the colour you're completely wrong or colour blind, the true blacks make the colours extremely realistic like hyper realistic 3d it's amazing, I have it on the bright film maker mode which is the most realistic setting, no overblown/washed out colours and it couldn't be closer to if you were there in reality. So in summary, the true blacks of an OLED is much more beneficial than the brightness of a qled in terms of quality and true colours, like I said I have both TV's and the difference is night and day, the qled still puts out an amazing picture in very bright rooms but the oled is on a different level

                  • +1


                    In terms of the colour you're completely wrong or colour blind,

                    No they are not, it's simple factual science, and they explained it to you clearly. WRGB can NEVER have the colour volume of LCD. The "W" part will always prevent it as Monstalova explained.
                    Have a look here as an example, and the Samsung is not special in anyway for LCD in this aspect - https://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/compare/samsung-qn90a-qled-v...

                    DCI P3 - LCD 59.8%, OLED 47.1%
                    REC 2020 - LCD 46.4%, OLED, 34.2%

                    true blacks make the colours extremely realistic like hyper realistic 3d it's amazing

                    the true blacks of an OLED is much more beneficial than the brightness of a qled in terms of quality and true colours,

                    You're referencing contrast here more than colour, and yes, OLED has far superior contrast, which many will call the most important aspect of picture quality, and one fo the major reason I went OLED.

                • @Monstalova:

                  This is why Samsung are bringing out their OLED with regular RGB to solve the problem

                  It will solve that problem, but it looks like they are going to be far too dim at a peak of approx 400nits, so 65% of PQ. Comparatively LGs WRGB is about 73% of PQ.

                  • @snuke: Not sure if its going to be 400 but other reports have said similar to OLED or maybe just a bit dimmer. This is first gen so like OLED it may need some time to develop. We won't know until its released. Sony have also said they're going to do QD OLED so with a heatsink it could be much brighter.

  • +2

    I got a entry level 75" Samsung TV already. How to convince the CFO/Minister of Finance to approve the purchase of this tv

    • My trick is to work out realistically how much you could sell the old one for, and then potentially exaggerate that number.

      Whenever I tell my fiance I'm buying something, I'll always say "X I'm buying is this much, BUT I can sell the old one for this much, so really I'm only paying this much.

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      Start by reducing your soy milk intake and work your way up from there

      • +1

        How does soy milk come into the picture?

        • Phytoestrogens are present in certain edible plants being most abundant in soy; they are structurally and functionally analogous to the estrogens. Phytoestrogens have been applied for compensation of hormone deficiency in the menopause. At the same time, soy products are used in infant food and other foodstuffs. Furthermore, soy is applied as animal fodder, so that residual phytoestrogens and their active metabolites such as equol can remain in meat and influence the hormonal balance of the consumers. There have been only singular reports on modified gender-related behavior or feminization in humans in consequence of soy consumption. In animals, the intake of phytoestrogens was reported to impact fertility, sexual development and behavior. Feminizing effects in humans can be subtle and identifiable only statistically in large populations.


  • Nice price. I'm gonna wait a bit longer though. :p

  • Isn't CX more popular ?

    • The CX was 2020's version of this TV. I think you may struggle to even find one available anymore.

      • Oh ok. It should have been named CX1 or something like this. Seems LG is following Lenovo's footsteps.

        • +1

          Yeah it's a bit strange. They switched to Roman numerals so that CX actually represented C-10…and now they've gone back to the beginning with C1

          • @ringooo: Its weird. Whats when they start overlapping again. I think its like c6 ?

  • Can't understand why a single 77" is expensive compared to TWO 55"

    • I don't see how that is a comparison, but with the prices in the 5k range it's not that far of the US price so I can't complain. I wouldn't pay 6 or more though

    • The surface area of a 77" is just slightly under the surface area of two 55" screens. At around $5.5K for a 77 the price isn't far off on that ratio. The rest of the answer would be economies of scale I would think.

    • +10

      It's about how many screens you can make from one mother glass.
      These are not made as a production of 55" and 77" screens, they are all made from one large mother glass 2200mm x 2500mm, and cut down to size.
      They can make 6 x 55" screens from one mother glass, and only 2 x 77" screens. Let's use round numbers to make it easy, say the mother glass cost $6000, then that is $1000 per 55" and $3000 per 77"

      • Great. Thats how they make spectacles from a mother glass.

      • Thanks for the explanation

      • Thanks for that. I just thought that they made the panels individually, probably like most people.

    • It's because of the manufacturing process and yield they get from the large panels they 'cut out' the TV sizes from. I can't remember the specifics, but they get more 55" and 65", which therefore makes the 77" and 83" far more costly.

    • I'm more annoyed the 70" has been abandoned… Was kind of a sweet spot for my living sitch, where a 65 is not the end of the world, but reduction is noticeable… but a 75-80 is just an extreme closeup..

  • For us plebs who cannot for 75" OLED, what model should we be looking at close to LG's Olead(at 75") and will be happy with the PQ..

    • Sony or Samsung depending on your needs, not LG LED, they are crap.

      • good picture quality, something that come close to olead but at a cheaper price.

        Been a whle since looking for tv's , not sure if the TCL's and Hisense have picked up in quality?

    • -1
  • What is the ideal sitting distance for this size OLED? My room is 4.9m so trying to see if we go 77" or something bigger say 85" LCD

    • I'd go bigger, I'm sitting bout 3m away, the 83 in this would be insane

  • Is oled really better than qled? I mean blacks on qled are really good. Planning to upgrade my 55" soon. I can get a qled for $4000 for an 85" from samsung epp. So not sure if this will be a worth spending extra

    • Go see in-store.

    • Unless the QLED is a Q90A, then it's no comparison. If it's a large bright room where you can't control the amount of light during daytime, the QLED might be the better choice. But when it comes to picture quality, OLED is king

    • +1

      it is but have a look in store if you like the difference for the price jump.

      I can't stand the artificial colours of any recent samsung TVs so I couldn't buy one for that reason alone, if I was not getting OLED I would reccomend a Sony 9500 range, built-in android TV is a good bonus.

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