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Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD 2TB $340 Delivered @ HT via Amazon AU | $335 Delivered @ Computer Alliance via Amazon AU



Computer Alliance Via Amazon AU Store is $5 cheaper at $335. https://www.amazon.com.au/Samsung-970-EVO-Plus-SSD/dp/B07MFZ...

Not sure if purchase of SSD through Amazon are valid for Samsung Free game Promo.

Black Friday will most likely have lower prices also if you can hold out!

First deal post…. As you were.

Pretty nice price on the Samsung Evo Plus 2TB.
Local stock from HT so delivery should be fairly quick.

Gen 3 SSD incase anyone wants to know. I paid $40 more this on special this time last year for the same capacity.


Note: Not eligible for MAX10 coupon

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • This is a really good price, but I think Black Friday deals would be better.

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    This is just normal price. I'd recommend getting it from Computer Alliance anyway, since it's $5 cheaper and eligible for the Far Cry 6 promo.

    • what do you mean? its $369+$9 delivery? maybe if you wanted far cry it would be worth it but this is still cheaper

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        No, Computer Alliance through Amazon.

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      Can anyone confirm they were able to redeem when buying through amazon? I know ebay give an invoice with the sellers ABN which will work, not sure about amazon though.

    • Thanks Void, have updated description! Next deal will be more thorough as I’ll be on desktop and not on mobile lol

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/660565

      Are they Not Cheaper Here ?

      • A lot happened in those 15 days.

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    im holding out for a big ebay sale or black friday at this point :O

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    Why would you still buy Samsung after the part swap? You’re about 3 years late if you wanted the top of the line gen3 SSD. There are so many other better alternatives out there. I would personally wait till Black Friday sales since these aren’t much of a deal.

    If you’re looking for better alternatives I would recommend the following
    There’s Kingston KC2500 2TB (SM2262EN) available for $339 https://www.amazon.com.au/Kingston-KC2500-2TB-NVMe-PCIe/dp/B...
    There’s Gen4 MP600 Core (Phison E16 QLC) for $350 + Shipping
    There’s also Gen4 SP US70 (Phison E16 TLC) for $370

    • Any suggestions in the 1TB range?

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        I can't find many decent sales at the moment, I would wait until Black Friday if you can since we'll likely see quite a few 1TB models go on sale.
        Though if you can't wait here's a few recommendations,

        Gen3 High End - Kingston KC2500 for $149 + Shipping

        Gen4 High End - WD Black SN850 for $238.23 + Free shipping with Prime

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          If your doing any kind of video editing or creative stuff definatlly get the gen 4 drives.

          if its just gaming then you old ssd will do you could even use a sata one lol games don't demand much.

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          Thanks, I think I will wait for the Black Friday and see the prices on those above :)

    • Fair enough, nice price on the MP600

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      I read that the part swap for the 970 EP was actually better for most users, since it improved burst performance but reduced long write performance.

      I have one of these myself and no complaints, except that the controller runs hot without a heatsink.

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        Yep, it's better at transferring smaller files but if you're transferring large files (About 40gb+) you'll experience a significant performance hit of about 47%. So it does depend on use case

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    Great drives
    Purchased 2 from Amazon US deal November 2020 for about 390 each but ended up costing me $0 as i was asking amazon on shipping updates as it took longer than expected, amazon rep thought i wanted to cancel the order and refunded me, i told them i dont want a refund just a shipping update, back and forth with different reps until finally a manger picked up on the email trail and worked out what was going on so he said drives are already on the way and i have already gotten a refund, but i can keep the drives and the refund and ignore the follow up email to return the drives.
    Got them both in my Lenovo Legion 5 Pro no complaints at all

    • 2020 was so good to you! That’s awesome!

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    Finally no one will ask "Is there a deal on 2TB"

    • Haha! I wish that were the case, but unfortunately this isn’t a Gen 4 SSD, so PlayStation 5 owners will still be hollering!

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        i still trying to get a PS5~

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      Is there a deal on 4TB?

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    Anyone know when Black Friday is happening this year, cheers 👍😁

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      Friday, 26 November

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